God of Fishing - Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Spirit Awakening (PART II)

Looking at the source of the cheer, everybody saw Xia Wushuang, who should’ve been a top ten but was now seated among the audience . Ignoring the others, he cheered for Han Fei again .

It was quite a weird moment when Xia Wushuang was the only one who cheered for Han Fei .

“Good for you!”

Han Fei waved his hand at the auditorium and shouted back .

Everybody: “???”

He Xiaoyu, Wang Baiyu, and the rest of them were stunned next to Han Fei . Could it be more embarrassing?

Xia Wushuang clenched his fists . He knew that everybody underestimated Han Fei, whose power was much more terrifying than what a student who took part in the Fishing Trial should have .

Han Fei said, “Look, there are always people whose eyes are keen . ”

He Xiaoyu said, “Are there? Why is nobody cheering for me?”

Han Fei said, “They’re all planning to introduce their sons to you . Cheering for you now will make them an enemy for everybody else . ”

He Xiaoyu said, “You are the worst . ”

Tang Ge said, “It feels awful to be cheered by someone you don’t know . ”

Han Fei said, “That’s because you’re popular! You’re a role model . ”

Tang Ge said, “I think you can be a role model, too . ”

He Xiaoyu said, “I could be a role model for girls . I’m the only female among the top ten . ”

Wang Baiyu was speechless overhearing their conversation . Are you not nervous at all? This ritual will influence the rest of your life!

Wang Baiyu said, “Han Fei, Tang Ge, remember to walk to the center later . It will benefit you . ”

Han Fei asked, “What’s the hole at the center for?”

Wang Baiyu explained, “It’s where the Spirit Awakening Water springs out . ”


Han Fei nearly choked . He did not know this at all .

Han Fei asked, “But wouldn’t there be too much Spirit Awakening Water? Such a pool is enough for thousands of people!”

Wang Baiyu said, “The Spirit Awakening Water has been diluted . Have you never watched the previous rituals?”

Han Fei immediately said, “Of course I have, but I never tried it in person . How I wish I could bathe here every day!”

Everyone: “…”

After a moment, the top thousand of the trial were in position .

The village leader announced before everyone, “Please keep your voices down… The awakening ritual for this year is about to begin with exactly the same rules as in the past . The top ten will go to the pool first . An hour later, the top hundred will join . After two hours, the rest of you will follow . You must get out of the pool the moment your naturally-endowed spiritual beast is awakened…”

The village leader read the list . “Now, Han Fei, Tang Ge, Wang Baiyu… He Xiaoyu, Jia Tong, Li Yuanyuan, Chen Qing will go to the pool…”

Excitedly, they walked down the stairs while the other students watched them enviously . This was the privilege for the top places because they were presumably the most talented . The rest of the students could only come later .

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The Spirit Awakening Water was not filled in the pool yet . Han Fei and his companions scattered around the hole at the center and sat down .

He Xiaoyu and Tang Ge were seated at Han Fei’s sides, five meters away from each other .

He Xiaoyu asked, “Han Fei, what do you think my spiritual beast is? I’m so excited!”

Han Fei thought for a moment . He had only seen Wang Jie’s giant crab since he came to this world . Li Hu’s tiger-head fish was probably not a spiritual beast .

So, Han Fei said, “Probably a crab . ”

“That’s hideous . I don’t want a crab! The spiritual beasts might not be from the general fishery . Many people’s spiritual beasts are unseen . Some even had corals . ”

“What? Corals are a beast?”

“I don’t know, probably not . However, those who are awakened with corals have remarkable defense abilities . I don’t know what will come to me . ”

Han Fei was rendered speechless . He felt that it was good enough to have any spiritual beast . He wondered if it was a lottery where the treasure from the ocean was completely random .

Wang Baiyu said, “Most people’s spiritual beasts are familiar to us . However, the strange spiritual beasts are always exceptional . ”


Hardly had Wang Baiyu finished speaking when a pillar of water rose .

Tang Ge said, “Calm down and focus . ”

The water surged up fast . Very soon, everyone’s chests had been submerged . At this moment, green fluids flowed out of the hole and dyed the whole pool green . Then, the water reached their chins .

Tang Ge said, “Hold your breath . ”

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Han Fei took a deep breath . Soon, his head was already drowned, and everyone was fixed under the water . Han Fei looked at Tang Ge and He Xiaoyu, only to discover that they both kept their eyes closed .

So, Han Fei closed his eyes, too .

The moment he closed his eyes, Han Fei entered a marvelous state . He felt that he was in a magnificent ocean where the waves were brushing his body like gentle hands . It was very comfortable .

Inside his head was a world of darkness . Around him and far away were countless glittering stars that were surging into his body crazily .

After a long time, when the sparkling stars were gone, Han Fei found himself in a complicated channel . His body traveled like a streak of light until he saw an ocean .

Han Fei could not see what was inside the ocean . It was very clear, but there seemed to be a film between him and the water that he could not pass .

Suddenly, Han Fei saw a small calabash . He was shocked . Why are you everywhere? You’re attending my awakening ritual, too? However, the Demon Purification Pot ignored him and started spinning, attracting tremendous fish . But those fish could not pass the film, either . So, new fish arrived and charged at the film…

Almost an hour had passed in the outside world .

Suddenly, the water was boiling . Someone exclaimed, “It’s here! Chen Qing is the first person to be awakened . ”


Chen Qing trembled . A fish in the shape of a sword appeared next to him and swam around him .

Someone sighed . “It’s a swordfish . That’s the most aggressive fish in the level-one fishery, but it’s too common . ”

Someone argued, “What do you know? It’s from the level-one fishery anyway . You should know that most people’s spiritual beasts are from the general fishery . ”

The village leader looked at the swordfish and shook his head . That was not good enough! Swordfish were too common in the town!

Then, there was another anomaly in the water . This time, it was Li Yuanyuan . A giant meat tortoise showed up next to him . Everybody exclaimed .

Someone shouted, “A meat tortoise! There’s a meat tortoise this year!”

Li Yuanyuan’s father rose in excitement . The meat tortoise meant extraordinary defensive abilities . With such a spiritual beast, his son would never perish in the fisheries .

The village leader secretly nodded . This Li Yuanyuan was definitely more promising .

Then, Jia Tong had a giant crab like Wang Jie did . However, his crab was not as good as Wang Jie’s . Wang Jie’s spiritual beast was a green jade crab that could only be found in the level-one fishery, but Jia Tong’s was only a common crab from the general fishery . The gap was obvious .

The audience, however, did not care about that . Someone even said enviously, “Crabs can be used in both offense and defense . It’s not bad at all . ”

He Mingtang was the most anxious of all . Normally, the longer the participants persisted, the stronger their spiritual beasts would be . He wondered what his daughter would get .

To He Mingtang’s surprise, Zhang Qiang, the sixth place, got an iron-head fish first . He Mingtang was delighted . He felt that his daughter must be more talented than them . That was why she had to wait longer .

The iron-head fish raised exclamations . People often joked with the iron-head fish, but such fish were highly sturdy and were not much weaker than the meat tortoise .

The fifth place got a swordfish .

Xiang Nan, the fourth place, got the first strange fish, a ball fish . It meant that Xiang Nan would have high attack abilities in the future . Few young men could get a ball fish even in the town .


Suddenly, noises came from He Xiaoyu’s side in the water .