God of Fishing - Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

The cottage where Han Fei was living had become a forbidden area and even the village leader couldn’t be within a kilometer of it .

 Seven days later .

 The sunset had almost set .

 In Han Fei’s small courtyard, Tang Ge was panting and sweating with his hands on his knees .

 Tang Ge was soaked with sweat but laughed . “I’ve finally completed the 108 stances at once . ”

 He Xiaoyu was still practicing the 96th stance and her hair was muddled by sweat, but she still asked persistently, “Tang Ge, how much has your upper limit increased?”

 Tang Ge felt it and said, “I’m not sure, but now it seems to stop at 299 points and can’t be increased anymore . ”

 He Xiaoyu immediately exclaimed, “Wow, 299 points? That’s so high! Is a level-nine fisher’s affordability for spiritual energy so high? Mine seems to be only 199 points, but I feel it can still be increased as long as I complete all the 108 stances at once . Han Fei, how about you?”

 Han Fei looked at his data .

 : Han Fei

 : Seven (Advanced Fisher)

 : 42892(299)

 : Level Two, Low Quality (Upgradable)

 : Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

 : Purple Bamboo Rod

 : Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)


 Han Fei wondered if 299 points was the threshold, but Tang Ge was already a level-nine fisher . Was his upper limit of spiritual energy only 299 points?

 On the surface, Han Fei just grinned . “What a coincidence . Mine is also 199 points!”

 He Xiaoyu’s eyes lit up . “I will soon surpass you!”

 In the past few days, Han Fei didn’t dare to cultivate or upgrade his spiritual heritage but rather practice the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing with Tang Ge and other companions . In fact, his upper limit had early reached 299 points . He knew his upper limit probably wouldn’t increase if he didn’t make a breakthrough . But his breakthrough would make a pretty big racket . He’d better not let Fang Ze, an outsider, see it, so he just practiced the 108 stances over and over again . Of course, besides that, he would also go to the plantation and barbecue stalls .

 But most of the barbecue he brought back was eaten by Fang Ze . This guy thought buying food at barbecue stalls would tarnish his image, so whenever he wanted to eat barbecue, he would gesture to Han Fei with his eyes and then Han Fei had to do the legwork for him .

 The only person who was allowed to come to this cottage these days was Li Gang who was terrified every time he came . He, a street hooligan, almost peed the first time he saw a big shot like an angel . Fortunately, Fang Ze knew that this guy was here to send material for making distilled spirits . Otherwise, he would have killed him with a slap .

 At this moment .

 Fang Ze was amazed . Tang Ge was already a level-nine fisher with an upper limit of 299 points for spiritual energy . How many people in the city could reach this level? And he still hadn’t reached the peak . If he had, wouldn’t his upper limit even exceed 300 points? It seemed that only a fishing master could do this! What was my upper limit when I became a level-nine fisher? But now, only by practicing the Incomplete Monograph of Top Battle Technique, even small potatoes like He Xiaoyu and Han Fei have had their upper limit reach 199 points, which was really astonishing .

 If Fang Ze learned that Han Fei’s upper limit of spiritual energy was actually 299 points, he would be dumbfounded . No matter how poor Han Fei’s spiritual heritage was, he would take him to the city .

 Fang Ze came down from the roof and glanced at Tang Ge . “It’s almost time . You can decide what to do tonight yourself!”

 Hearing his words, Tang Ge fell silent . Was it almost time for him to leave?

 He Xiaoyu’s eyes turned red as soon as she heard this . Was Tang Ge leaving? She had just felt as though she were making another good friend and he was about to leave?

 Han Fei patted Tang Ge on the shoulder and said, “I’ll ask Li Gang to suspend his business and specifically cook barbecue for us tonight . ”

 Tang Ge reminded him, “And also liquor . ”

 Han Fei said, “As much as you want . ”

 Both of them grinned . As good brothers, they connected with one another .

 In the evening .

 Li Gang quickly came over . When he reached Han Fei’s cottage, he didn’t even dare to look around . He was so careful that he didn’t even dare to walk fast, whereas his wife Little Red looked around and seemed to be curious as to why Young Master Han Fei lived in such a shabby place .

 Li Gang said, “Red, please, don’t look around . You’ll offend the angel . ”

 Little Red agreed, “Oh, OK!”

 At this time, Han Fei laughed . “A-Gang, don’t worry! The angel is not here . You’ll be responsible for the barbecue tonight . Make as much as you can . ”

 Li Gang was relieved to hear that Fang Ze was away and immediately smiled . “No problem, Young Master . ”

 Then they began to drink and eat barbecue and fish .

 Tang Ge said, “In fact, Brother Fang Ze once told me that even if I went up above, I could come down and when I become stronger, I would be able to do it again . ”

 Han Fei said, “It’s okay . Even if you can’t come down, I can go to the above to hang out with you . Makes no difference . ”

 Tang Ge smiled . “I know you can do it . Everyone thinks you are relying on me, but I know you are not . You can become a level-seven fisher within a month, which proves that your talent is anything but ordinary . ”

 He Xiaoyu glanced at Han Fei and didn’t quite believe Tang Ge’s words, so she just silently ate her barbecue .

 Han Fei suddenly asked, “Don’t people in the city go fishing? If they don’t, how can they become stronger?”

 Tang Ge answered, “Yes, they do, but they don’t have to fly up and down every day . There seems to be a portal matrix or something like that, through which they can directly go to the sea . And it is said that they’ll be sent to at least a level-two fishery . ”

 Han Fei said, “That’s great . Level-two fisheries, maybe I will be able to go there soon . ”

 Tang Ge shook his head . “It is said that there are many level-two fisheries in the city . ”

 Han Fei nodded . “Yes, there are many villages and towns under a city, so there are certainly many level-two fisheries as well . ”


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That night, they drank and ate barbecue until they were so full that they almost threw up . With a flushed face, Han Fei was drunk, but he still shouted, “You go up first and I’ll be there sooner or later . My goal is the infinite ocean . As a … Belch… a gold hunter, there is no place in the world that I dare not go . ”

 He Xiaoyu shook her head . “He is drunk . ”

 Tang Ge agreed, “This liquor is really strong . ”

 With that, Tang Ge got up and bowed to He Xiaoyu . “He Xiaoyu, Han Fei has no friends . Maybe you’re his only friend . Please help me take good care of him . ”

 He Xiaoyu pouted . “But he’ll bully me . ”

 Tang Ge grinned . “No, he won’t . ”

 “Okay! I’ll take care of him for the sake of him teaching me the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing,” He Xiaoyu agreed .

 Tang Ge got up . “Then I’m leaving . ”

 He Xiaoyu asked, “Are you leaving now?”

 “Yes…” he replied before leaving .

 Tang Ge left with nothing left . Even the finest feast must break up at last, but he believed they would meet again .

 Han Fei lay on the ground muttering, “My goal is the infinite ocean, and… And the endless … Treasure . ”


 The Tigers .


Li Jue was gloomy recently because he was so scared .

 Li Hu was disabled by Han Fei and the Tigers were almost destroyed . Fortunately, his spiritual fish survived, although it almost faced death . He was very angry and eager to kill Han Fei, but he did not dare make a move . As long as Tang Ge and Fang Ze were still here, he didn’t dare to act rashly .

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 “Li Ju, come out . ”

 Li Jue’s heart trembled . Did they come? Then he smiled bitterly . This day had finally come . He knew this would happen when Li Hu robbed Han Fei . No matter how powerful he was, he was nothing but an ant in Fang Ze’s eyes, something to be crushed with one finger .

 At the gate of the tigers .

 Li Jue said, “Welcome, Young Master Tang Ge . ”

 Tang Ge didn’t bother to hide the murderous intention in his eyes . “Let’s not waste our time . I know what kind of person you are . You are very angry now and you want to kill my brother . ”

 Li Jue said, “I dare not . ”

 Tang Ge smiled . “I had planned to kill you myself, but when I saw Han Fei today, I thought it was unnecessary . You, Li Jue, only deserve to be my brother’s stepping stone . ”

 Li Jue remained silent but his clenched fists revealed his inner rage .

Tang Ge sneered, “No matter how angry you are, you and your men tried to kill my brother more than once . You’re exempt from the death penalty but hardly from punishment . I’ll give you another chance . Wound yourself and make sure you won’t recover within half a year . ”

 A cold gleam flickered in Li Jue’s eyes .  Does Tang Ge really want to keep me as a stepping stone for Han Fei? But does Han Fei deserve this?

 Li Jue bit his mouth in resentment till it bled but he said without hesitation, “Thank you for sparing my life, Young Master Tang Ge . ”


 Li Jue’s body was covered with dozens of wounds . As blood flowed out from his wounds, he also vomited a large mouthful of blood .

 Fang Ze appeared beside Tang Ge silently at this moment, watching the scene indifferently .

 Tang Ge looked at Fang Ze, who nodded, signaling that Li Jue had done as he was asked to .

 On the way back, Fang Ze asked, “Are you sure that Han Fei really can break that stepping stone?”

 Tang Ge nodded . “Yes, he is no longer the former Han Fei . I’m pretty sure of this . The former Han Fei wouldn’t have had a chance, but the current Han Fei can definitely make it . ”