God of Fishing - Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Spiritual Heritage Upgraded

When Han Fei woke up the next day, Tang Ge had gone .

He Xiaoyu was still eating barbecue and when she saw that Han Fei had woken up, she shouted, “You’re awake! Wanna have some breakfast?”

Han Fei asked, “He Xiaoyu, have you eaten all night?”

He Xiaoyu replied, “No! I just started eating . ”

Han Fei looked at the pile of skewers in front of her and sighed . “Did I starve you or what? Hurry home . A-Gang needs to go back to work . ”

He Xiaoyu pouted . “Tang Ge asked me to take care of you and not let anyone kill you . ”

Han Fei was a little incredulous . “You? Take care of me? Do you think you can beat those I can’t?”

He Xiaoyu defended herself, “Well, I… I can have Cardinal fight for me . The angel once said that Cardinal could be very strong . ”

“But it’s only level 0 now . Ask your father to help you upgrade your Cardinal at once . Otherwise, he might be bitten to death by someone else’s Yellow Fish!”

He Xiaoyu shouted back, “That’s impossible! A spiritual beast will never be killed by an ordinary demonic fish unless by special means . And even if a spiritual beast is dead, there is a chance to summon it back from the spiritual sea . ”

“Spiritual sea?”

He Xiaoyu explained, “Well, it’s, it’s… An invisible sea! It is said that all spiritual beasts were born in the spiritual sea . ”

Han Fei hadn’t heard of it before, so he simply said to He Xiaoyu, “Now go home . Otherwise, your father will think you were abducted by me . What if he comes here to hold me accountable?”

“Humph, fine! I’m leaving . I’m going to ask my dad to help me upgrade Cardinal . ”

“I’m here to pick you up . ”

He Mingtang’s voice suddenly sounded from a short distance away .

Noticing that his daughter seemed greatly changed and her face glowed with vigor, He Mingtang smiled . “Xiaoyu, come home with me . You’ve just gotten your spiritual beast, and not to mention, an exotic fish . You’ve gotta treat it carefully .

“Dad, can Han Fei come home with us?” He Xiaoyu pleaded .



He Mingtang and Han Fei spoke in unison .

“Cough, cough…”

He Mingtang said, “You can be rest assured . Last night, the leader of the Tigers, Li Jue, was seriously injured and may not be able to engage in any physical fights for at least six months . Now some people have begun to rectify the public security in the eastern port and the development of the Tigers have also been restricted . I am afraid that it will take at least a few months for Li Jue to recover . ”

Han Fei thought to himself, Was Li Jue seriously injured?

He Mingtang took a deep look at Han Fei . Why would he be seriously injured? This was probably done by Tang Ge before he left, who feared Li Jue would hurt Han Fei . But everyone wondered why Tang Ge didn’t kill Li Jue . It stood to reason that even if Tang Ge wiped out the Tigers, no one in Heavenly Water Village would stand up for them .

Han Fei laughed . “That’s great . He Xiaoyu, just go home! Now the Tigers are no longer a threat and I’m going to work as an apprentice in the plantation . You can’t keep following me . ”

He Xiaoyu said, “Humph, then I’m leaving . When you see me next time, my Cardinal will have become very powerful!”

After He Xiaoyu left, Han Fei took a deep breath . Finally, they had all left .

At the door of his cottage, Han Fei summoned the Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fishes . The two little fishes played and swam back and forth . The white one suddenly stopped and seemed to be ‘looking’ at Han Fei, whereas the black one dove straight to the bottom of the tank .


Han Fei was stunned to see that the shell of a large sea clam at the bottom of the water tank was bitten through and the black fish was drilling into the shell . Within a few minutes, the sea clam shell was all that was left .

But this little guy wasn’t full yet and bit through another big sea mussel’s shell .

“Wow, the black fish is so fierce… Little White, I will call you Little White from now on . Little Black is too fierce . Let’s not play with him . ”

Unexpectedly, as Han Fei just finished saying this, and with a whoosh, the black Spirit Swallowing Fish suddenly jumped out of the water and spat at Han Fei .

Han Fei was dumbfounded . “Hey, it’s just a joke . Do you have to be so angry? Fine, we’ll play with you, alright? Little guy, you’re pretty grumpy . ”

Han Fei thought to himself, Sea clams are not very nutritious . Should I go to the sea to catch some better food to feed these two little guys?

Forget it, it’s been a bit painful to suppress this breakthrough these past few days . Let me make the breakthrough first .

Han Fei entered the cave and sat down .

But the first thing he did was not make the breakthrough but upgrade his spiritual heritage . He had waited for half a month and now the people who could detect that something was wrong with his body should have disappeared . He could finally upgrade safely .

Upgrade .

With a thought from Han Fei, in a split second, his body was enshrouded with spiritual energy . He immediately felt his bones numb and then a needling pain . At the same time, impurities began to ooze out of his pores and after a while, he felt his bones become a little stiff but more powerful .

At this time, Han Fei was glad that he didn’t choose to upgrade in front of Fang Ze . Otherwise, such an obvious situation of his tendons washing and marrow cleansing would definitely be noticed and then he wouldn’t even know how to explain it .

About half an hour later, the spiritual energy enshrouding him was mostly absorbed and no impurities oozed out anymore . At this time, Han Fei looked at his own data .

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: Han Fei

: Seven (Advanced Fisher)

: 100 points

: Level Two, Mid-Quality (Upgradable)

: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fishes

: Purple Bamboo Rod

: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)…

Han Fei couldn’t help but twitch his mouth . So he had consumed as much as 10,000 points of spiritual energy and his spiritual heritage just upgraded from level two, low quality, to level two, mid-quality? But to his slight surprise, the upper limit of spiritual energy his body could afford had increased by 10 points, though he had only upgraded his spiritual heritage and hadn’t continued to strengthen his body with the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing yet .

“Can it still be upgraded?”

Han Fei clicked open ‘Upgrade Spiritual Heritage’ again, only to find that the spiritual energy was still 10,000 points . He suddenly understood that the so-called upgrade didn’t mean the upgrade of level but of quality .

But it made sense . If spiritual heritage could be upgraded to level three with merely 10,000 points of spiritual energy, then it wouldn’t take long for him to upgrade his spiritual heritage to level seven . Sure enough, there were still restrictions . Otherwise, it would be upgraded too fast .

Upgrade .

Han Fei chose to upgrade again without hesitation . Then he repeated exactly the same process as before .

: Han Fei

: Seven (Advanced Fisher)

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: 22892 (319)

: Level Two, High Quality (Upgradable)

: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fishes

: Purple Bamboo Rod

: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)…

“Can it be upgraded again?”

Han Fei continued to click it open but frowned . This time, it needed 20,000 points of spiritual energy . Then wouldn’t his spiritual energy be all consumed?

After thinking about it, Han Fei didn’t choose to upgrade immediately . After all, he still needed to make a breakthrough . Once he chose to upgrade his spiritual heritage, he wouldn’t have enough spiritual energy left for the breakthrough .

But he didn’t choose to make a breakthrough either . After all, his spiritual heritage had been upgraded to level two, high quality . Did that mean that his upper limit of spiritual energy had also increased?

So he began to practice the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing .

Three hours later, Han Fei had sweat all over his body and found that his upper limit of spiritual energy had reached 326 points . So it could really continue to increase . Han Fei was overjoyed . It was said that a reserve of 300 points or more was the amount of spiritual energy that only a fishing master could possess .

Two days later, Han Fei walked out of the cave .

Seeing that now he only had 8200 points of spiritual energy left, Han Fei felt his heart ache . The upgrading consumed too much spiritual energy . Upgrading to level-eight fisher had cost him more than 10,000 points of spiritual energy . Then what about upgrading to level nine? Or even to a fishing master? And what about the improvement of spiritual heritage? Han Fei sighed . He would have to work at the barbecue stall again .

Han Fei wasn’t disappointed though . After all, he may have done what others could only do for a few months or even a few years in one night as his upper limit had been raised to 359 points . Others needed to work slowly and attract spiritual energy to strengthen their bodies, whereas he made it straight to the peak of level eight . Although more than 10,000 points of spiritual energy was a lot, it laid a solid foundation for him . Now he just needed to accumulate spiritual energy, secure his foundation, and continue to make a breakthrough when his spiritual energy was sufficient .

Han Fei suddenly remembered that he had promised the old man in the plantation to help him with his work and he would have broken his promise if he didn’t do it now . After all, the Awakening Rituals had passed for several days now .

So Han Fei picked up a jar of liquor and went to the plantation .