God of Fishing - Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Digging the Ground

Han Fei only had a moment’s thought before he had an idea about how to transfer spiritual energy into other people’s bodies .

Since fishers could transmit spiritual energy to the fishing line, make it expand and contract and thus set the fishing hook in motion, he could learn from this method . He had been practicing Hook Kiss for so long and certainly knew how to do it .

So Han Fei got up and looked at the old man . As he pointed a finger at him, a light entered into the old man’s body .

Eh! There’s someone next to him!

Han Fei didn’t notice who this person was, but an idea soon occurred to him . What if I convey spiritual energy to more than one person at the same time?

So Han Fei held up his left hand and in an instant, with a flash on his fingertips, a light also entered Jiang Qin’s body .


The liquor jar in the old man’s hand fell to the ground . Jiang Qin widened her eyes and a curious look appeared on her serious face .


Suddenly, the spiritual energy disappeared abruptly and Han Fei laughed wildly . He pointed to the old man and said, “Grandpa, did you see that? I told you I was a genius! I made it . I made it! Hahaha…”

Han Fei waited for the old man to praise him . After quite a while, however, the old man remained silent . Then he noticed that there was a person standing next to the old man .

“Hi! Sister Qin . ”

Jiang Qin nodded slightly . “Han Fei, how did you just do that?”

Han Fei was confused . “Huh? What?”

Jiang Qin wanted to understand what had happened . “The last step, the step where you transfered spiritual energy to our bodies . ”

Han Fei replied, “I did it just like fishing! Don’t you just throw the fishing line out with a whoosh in fishing?”

The old man: “…”

Jiang Qin: “…”

After a long time, Jiang Qin muttered, “He’s a genius, undoubtedly . ”

The old man swallowed . “Don’t show off . I learned all this in a day when I was young . How long did it take you? Six days! How do you have a face to show off?”

Han Fei scratched his head and Jiang Qin rolled her eyes as she thought, Fine, I won’t debunk you . Just keep on bragging!

Han Fei asked, “Sister Qin, why are you here?”

Jiang Qin smiled . “Because my home is here!”


Han Fei was startled, clutching his chest and pointing at the old man, saying, “You, you… Grandpa, is Sister Qin your wife?!”


A prawn was thrown at Han Fei’s face and the old man scolded, “What are you talking about?! She is my granddaughter . ”

Seeing Jiang Qin’s face darkened, Han Fei hurriedly ran to the fields . “Oh, I see! Sorry… I’m going to find a place to sleep . ”

The old man scrunched his face . “Sleep? Which cultivator have you seen sleeping?”

“Then I, I… I’m going to cultivate in seclusion . ”

The old man scolded, “F*ck off . Why do you, an insignificant fisher, need to cultivate in seclusion?”

After Han Fei slipped away, Jiang Qin said with a smile, “Grandpa, you seem to get along well with this guy!”

The old man said grumpily, “Get along well with him? He is so much younger than me! If it weren’t for the liquor and delicious barbecue he brings me, I would have thrown him out . ”

Jiang Qin smiled . “If you don’t want him, why not give him to me? I think he might also be talented in becoming a soul warrior . ”

“No way! How can I let a born spirit gatherer become a soul warrior? Do you think I’m an idiot? Don’t even think about it . ”

Jiang Qin chuckled . “Then you’ve gotta be careful . The village head is already arranging some students to study in the town . Han Fei offended the Tigers . Although Tang Ge left the Tigers to Han Fei as a whetstone, the village leader doesn’t know it . He still believes that Han Fei is just relying on Tang Ge, so you must be careful . Otherwise, the village leader will bring him into town . ”

The old man waved his hand . “Yeah, yeah, I see…”

The next day, when the old man got up, he suddenly found Han Fei squatting beside his bed .

“Cough, cough… You little brat, what are you doing here? Don’t you know you will scare me squatting beside me while I’m sleeping?”

“Didn’t you say that cultivators don’t need to sleep?”

“… How dare you talk back! Just stand here!”

It didn’t take long for the old man to come out of the house and throw a jade slip to Han Fei . “Take it… I will give you half a month to learn the contents in this jade slip by heart . ”

Han Fei didn’t know what was in the jade slip . When he took it out and read it over, his face turned purple .  What the hell! This jade slip has recorded hundreds of thousands of different plants . It will take me half a lifetime to learn them by heart!

Seeing Han Fei’s expression, the old man laughed smugly . “Haha, do you know how long it took me to memorize these contents? Only ten days! I’ve given you more than enough time . ”

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Just then, Jiang Qin happened to walk past to go to work . When she heard the old man’s words, she rolled her eyes and walked away . She still remembered when the old man gave this book to her, he said he wanted her to learn its contents by heart in three years and emphasized that he only used one year to memorize them . Now one year was changed to ten days? She really didn’t want to admit this childish old man was her grandfather .

Han Fei felt like he was going crazy . He wondered if it was too late for him to run away . He came here just because he had long guessed that this old man might be a recluse big shot, so he came here to see if he could ride on his coattails, but look what he was required to do! Why do I have to hit the books even in this world?

Watching Han Fei walk away desperately with the jade slip, the old man was cheerful .  Haha, well aren’t you a genius? Just hit the books!

In a corner, Han Fei opened the jade slip reluctantly, and then he was stunned .


: “A Complete Collection of Spiritual Plants in the Infinite Ocean”

: A complete collection of spiritual plants handed down from ancient times . Since time has gone by, it is now incomplete and takes 1,000 points of spiritual energy to get the completed version .

Han Fei widened his eyes .  Are you kidding me? Can this book also be upgraded?

Haha, it only needs 1,000 points of spiritual energy! Oh, right, it’s not a cultivation technique, so it doesn’t require as much spiritual energy . Well… I shouldn’t perform too well . Since the old man memorized this book in ten days, maybe I should do it in half a day?

Han Fei shook his head .  No, no, that’s too cruel for the old man . What about one day? Yes, one day is long enough, or else I’ll have to find ways to kill time . Ok, I’ll memorize it in one day .

The next morning, dawn was just breaking .

Jiang Qin went out to go to work as usual .

The old man was sleeping as usual .

Han Fei squatted beside the old man’s bed as usual .

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When the old man woke up, he scolded, “You damn brat, I told you not to do this again! Were you deaf?”

“Grandpa, I’ve memorized the contents of this book!”

“What? What do you mean… Do… Do you mean you’ve memorized the contents of the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants?”

Jiang Qin retracted her foot that had just stepped out of the door and looked stunned .  Are you serious? Are you a monster?

The old man shouted, “Don’t lie to me . It’s only been a day . ”

“I’m not lying . I’m gifted with an extraordinary memory . ”

The old man just wanted to slap him .  Damn you! Damn your extraordinary memory! I said ten days . Why did you do it in a single day? I would have felt better if you could accomplish it in nine days!

But on the surface, the old man just said calmly, “Well, let me test you!”

“Triple-Leaf Purple Night Flower, tell me about it . ”

Han Fei answered fluently, “Three-Leaf Purple Night Flower, a spiritual plant that is good at ensnaring prey and grows on the bottom of the sea . It usually coexists with Triple-Head Purple Night Fish . But when any fish wants to eat it, Triple-Head Purple Night Fish will swallow it in one bite . Triple-Leaf Purple Night Flower can ingest the essence from the heads of Triple-Head Purple Night Fish, so if it’s used to refine medicine, it can attract spiritual energy of the outside world and increase the success rate by 30% when a fishing master makes the breakthrough to become a great fishing master . ”

Jiang Qin was dumbfounded and the old man was still struggling . “Then tell me about Qianqiao Fruit . ”

Han Fei recited, “Qianqiao Fruit is usually born in sea anemone bushes in the fisheries above level two . When anemones eat too much, the indigestible substances produced by them will be excreted in one place, and as time goes by, Qianqiao Fruit will be produced there, but this plant contains highly toxic substances, and ordinary people may vomit blood and die if touching it . However, if it’s taken together with Coral Fruit, its toxicity will be assimilated . It can be used to build up a body immunity to poison . ”

The old man asked seven or eight questions in a row and Han Fei answered fluently at a stretch, which almost drove the old man crazy . Both he and Jiang Qin were thinking, Shouldn’t this guy be taken to the city? Why did the stupid Fang Ze fail to find out about this boy’s talents?

Jiang Qin left with shining eyes .

The old man didn’t continue with the test . He had a feeling that if he went on, he might die in shock and he didn’t want to die that way .

So the old man simply said to Han Fei, “Go dig the ground . ”