God of Fishing - Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Beating the Village Leader

Han Fei’s face turned purple .  I can cheat in reciting books but how can I cheat in digging?

Of course, ‘digging the ground’ wasn’t its literal meaning . Han Fei needed to weed the thousands of acres of land in the plantation first, which was a ponderous job . Although he was a cultivator, it still took him three days to do this job and another three days to turn the soil for arable land .

Seven days later .

Han Fei asked, “Grandpa, so I should start tilling the land now?”

The old man replied, “No, it’s not time yet . Since you’ve learned the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants by heart, trim all the spiritual plants in the plantation first .


Han Fei almost cried . “Grandpa, you can’t bully me like this! Will trimming the spiritual plants help my cultivation?”

The old man smiled . “Sure . You need to feel the natural beauty of spiritual plants intuitively so that you’ll have a good mood for tilling the land . ”

Han Fei, “Uhhhh”

Han Fei thought to himself, I don’t know if spiritual plants are beautiful or not . What I know is that I’m in a bad mood . Do you know how much spare time I sacrificed to till the land? Now you want me to prune flowers and plants? Are you kidding me?

Ten days after Han Fei learned Spirit Concentration Art, he finally started to till the land . It didn’t matter what kinds of spiritual plants grew . What mattered was the effect of Spirit Concentration Art on the growth of plants after they were planted .

Han Fei planted a field of roses, a field of garlic, and a field of strawberries as a test . He had planned to grow wheat or rice but he didn’t find them, so he had to give up .

Han Fei could apply Spirit Gathering Art very well now . After sending spiritual points drifting outside into the land, he was faced with another problem: how to apply Spirit Gathering Art over all the fields .

The old man didn’t give him any hints . Han Fei’s first idea was to send a cloud of spiritual energy over the land, but the spiritual energy exploded and blew a big hole in the ground .

But this time, the old man didn’t laugh . In fact, Han Fei’s logic was correct and even very precise, which showed that he was really a genius . Han Fei also found that although a hole was blown up in the ground, there were spiritual plants sprouting in places that hadn’t been bombarded .

“I’ve got it! The spiritual energy explosion originated from the non-dead-corner explosion from a central point . If I can control the spiritual energy to spread only laterally, it won’t explode!”

After dozens of experiments and explosions, Han Fei finally managed to control the spiritual energy, so tilling land could actually improve his ability to control spiritual energy, which was really a useful experience for him .

One day, Han Fei had gained some experience with spiritual energy explosions and was about to try it again when the village leader suddenly came to the plantation .

As soon as the village leader came in, he saw the old man drinking and eating barbecue . He sniffed and ignored the old man, calling straight to Han Fei standing in the ground . “Han Fei, come here . ”

Han Fei ran over covered with mud . “Leader, what can I do for you?”

The village leader is the leader of the Heavenly Water Village . If it weren’t for the Fishing Trial, he wouldn’t have even remembered me . Why has he come to me here?

The village leader said, “Han Fei, our village wants to select some outstanding students to study in the town where there are better schools . Although the selected student can only be auditors temporarily, it’s still a great chance . I specially reserved a place for you . Hurry up, go back home to pack and get ready for setting off!”


Han Fei scratched his head, glanced back at the land he hadn’t finished tilling and thought about it . “What can auditors learn?”

The village leader laughed . “The schools in the town are not the same as those in the village . That’s where elites stay . You just have to stay there for three years and then you can learn about the five major professions or even get started . Do you know what the five major professions are? Let me tell you…”

Han Fei looked blank . He pointed a finger at the village leader and a string of spiritual energy was sent into his body . “Like this?”


The village leader:”???”

The village leader looked at Han Fei stunned and then looked at the old man whose mouth was slightly curved in a smile . He stuttered, “Spirit… Spirit gatherer?”

Han Fei said seriously, “Leader, if I have to be in the town for three years just to learn about the five major professions, then I’d rather not go . Recently, I find farming particularly interesting and I plan to continue to study in the Heavenly Water Village . When I go to the town one day, I’ll startle them with what I’m capable of . ”

The village leader: “???”

“Study? Do you mean farming?”

The old man on the side suddenly pounded the table and jumped to his feet, throwing a prawn at the face of the village leader . “What’s wrong with farming? Do you have a problem with farming?”

The village head frowned . “Old Jiang, you gotta show me some respect . The chance to go to town is something that many young people are desperate for . Han Fei has a great gift for being a spirit gatherer . How can you just keep him here farming? What else can your spiritual fruits be used for, besides being able to make some barbecue? ”

The old man’s face darkened . “Do you despise planting spiritual fruits? Big-Headed Zhao, you ignorant idiot! The Dao of spiritual fruits planting will bring you life-long benefits . That’ll be a waste of his time to be an auditor in the town for three years! Was your head hit by an Iron-Head Fish?”

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The village leader yelled, “Don’t call me idiot, you idiot! The Dao of spiritual fruits planting? Why didn’t I see you grow a single piece of spirit fruit? If it weren’t for the fact that every hanging island needs someone to study spiritual fruit, I would have flattened your plantation . ”

The old man immediately threw a Small White Fish at him . “Flatten my plantation? Yes, in your dreams! I’d like to see how you can flatten my plantation! Dare you shovel a piece of soil?”

“Let me show you whether I dare or not . Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

Han Fei couldn’t get a word in as the two old men were too irritable . The quarrel between them soon escalated into a fight .

They were getting angrier and angrier . As the village leader burst into a roar, his body suddenly bulged with muscles and he threw a punch at the old man .

Han Fei was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe what he saw . “Leader, didn’t you always tell us to be kind and get along with others?!”

The old man didn’t flinch at all . Casting a sardonic glance at the village leader, he reached out and grabbed in the air, and then a water shield appeared in front of him .


The water shield exploded and the two old men were both sprinkled with water all over . The village leader kept punching, forming a dragon shadow in the air . A fierce battle was imminent . The old man stood still, summoning a lot of water from the void, which turned into a chain and then into a whip .

Han Fei was dumbfounded .  That’s awesome . The old man looks so cool! He can actually grab anything out of the air as he wants, how eye-opening!

Han Fei squatted on the ground not far away, watching the two of them fight .

The village leader roared, “Old Jiang, do you really think you can beat me?”

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Buzz! A cloud of spiritual energy appeared on the village leader’s fist . Han Fei shivered when he saw the village leader initiate a spiritual energy explosion, which was an extremely terrifying force .

But the old man just sneered, “You wanna play spiritual energy with me? Are you still in your dream?”

He reached out and grabbed at the mass of spiritual energy, which immediately diffused and broke into spiritual points .

After dozens of seconds, with a whoosh, the village leader was thrown out of the plantation .

The old man pointed at the village leader and cursed, “Big-Headed Zhao, who do you think you are?! If you dare to set your foot on my plantation again, I’ll beat the hell out of you!”

The village leader was very angry . “You damn farmer! I can’t even communicate with you… Han Fei, I’ve asked you to go to town for your own good . Since you have already started as a spiritual gatherer, you don’t have to be an auditor . Besides, although Li Jue was almost disabled, it is possible for him to recover in advance . Think it over for yourself . ”

Han Fei waved his hand in embarrassment .  Li Jue? It’s only been half a month and Li Jue has shown signs of recovery? He had thought that there was still a lot of time left for him . Now being reminded by the village leader, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to spend all his time and effort on farming .

Just now, Old Jiang showed great power in the battle when he grabbed water from the void and transformed it into any weapon he wanted . Was it a different skill of a spirit gatherer? If this was the case, a spirit gatherer was powerful indeed . He wanted to learn this skill .

Old Jiang turned his head, watching Han Fei’s expression changing, and asked grumpily, “Did you change your mind?”

Han Fei shook his head . “No, but I think I have to take a few days off, Grandpa . ”

“Oh? For what?”

“I’ve felt signs of a breakthrough recently and I want to prepare for my breakthrough . ”

“Cough, cough…”

Old Jiang was speechless .  Didn’t you just make a breakthrough not long ago? Why are you going to make another breakthrough so soon? Is a breakthrough as simple as eating and drinking for you?