God of Fishing - Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

Han Fei asked her, “To be an auditor?”

 Han Fei grunted . “I enjoy my life in the Heavenly Water Village . My life here is stress-free and my strength is getting better and better . I even have a feeling that here, I am going to reach the peak of life . I don’t want to go to the town school at all . ”

 He Xiaoyu was shocked . “No! I’m going to be a full-time student, not an auditor!”

 Han Fei: “???”

 Really? So I can only be an auditor, whereas He Xiaoyu will be a full-time student? Village Leader, you old bastard! Fortunately, I didn’t listen to you .

 “Then go . Perhaps you can cover me when I get to the town . ”

 He Xiaoyu chuckled . “Why not go with me? I heard that the students of the town school are the most talented selected from all the villages . Technically, only those with level-two, good quality spiritual heritage or above are eligible to enter the school, but there are exceptions, such as you, who have unusual physical strength!”

 Han Fei shook his head . “I’m not going there . ”

 He Xiaoyu said, “But you can learn something useful! Do you know the five major professions?”

 Han Fei exclaimed in his heart, Oh, not this again! “Did you forget the Spirit Gathering Art Fang Ze gave me? I can cultivate with that too! Maybe you won’t learn as much in school as I self-taught myself!”

 He Xiaoyu pouted . “Bah, you’re bragging! It is said that even the best genius in town has to learn for several years … Well, forget it . Have you heard that Li Hu has recovered and even made a breakthrough?”

 Han Fei replied, “Yes! Your father told me . But it doesn’t matter . Li Hu is like a salted fish . Since he has fallen down, he can no longer get up . ”

 “But there are many strong men in the Tigers! And your spiritual beast has no combat power . Once those people fuse with their spiritual beasts, you will hardly be able to defend against their attacks . ”

 Han Fei was confused . “Fuse with their spiritual beasts?”

 “Don’t tell me that you haven’t started cultivating your spiritual beast yet!” He Xiaoyu was shocked .

 “Is that urgent?”

 He Xiaoyu said anxiously, “Sure . Almost everyone will have their strength rise after they get their spiritual beast . The stronger your spiritual beast is, the stronger you will be after fusing with it . ”

 Han Fei was interested . “Will my cultivating speed increase dramatically after I fuse with my spiritual beast? Doesn’t a Spirit Swallowing Fish like swallowing spirit best? ”

 Then he smiled . “Little girl, when are you going to the town?”

 He Xiaoyu was annoyed and questioned, “Why do you call me that? I’m older than you . ”

 “But you look much younger than me!”

 “But I… Forget it . It’s not bad staying in the Heavenly Village . At least you won’t meet so many geniuses here . Your strength is not weak . Maybe we can meet at the level-one fishery after we become fishing masters . ”

 Han Fei asked, “Are the town and villages using the same level-one fishery?”

 He Xiaoyu nodded . “Yes! All the villages use the same one!”

 At this time, He Xiaoyu’s mother brought fish soup and Han Fei tasted it . In addition to the rich umami taste it had, there was nothing special about the soup .

 He Xiaoyu’s mother joined the conversation . “Lad, you shall work hard . When you become a fishing master, your father will not object to your marrying Xiaoyu . ”

 “Pu… Cough, cough…”

 He Xiaoyu’s face instantly turned red . “Mother, what… what are you talking about?! We’re just friends… I’m going to cultivate . ”

 He Xiaoyu clattered upstairs and Han Fei embarrassedly said to her mother, “Auntie, I think I have to go too . ”

 He Xiaoyu’s mother was warm with her response . “Ok, no rush . Cultivation goes first . Xiaoyu is leaving the village in two days . The village leader will send her to the town . Han Fei! Xiaoyu’s father said that you could actually go too . ”

 “Auntie! Different people have different aspirations . I still have a lot of things to do in the Heavenly Water Village . I’ll go to town one day, but not now . ”


 After leaving He Xiaoyu’s house, Han Fei went straight to his house .

 The white fishing boat Fang Ze gave to him remained tied to the edge of the cliff next to his house . Han Fei jumped onto it and sailed straight to the sea .


 The Tigers- not long after Han Fei left .

 “Young Master, Han Fei has gone to sea . ”

 Li Hu frowned . “Going to the sea at night?”

 He pondered . “Let Uncle Wolf deal with him . A dark night, a killing night . How dare he, a minor fisher, go to the sea at night? He is simply courting death . ”

 “Yes, Young Master . ”


 “Gee! The boat used by city people is really different, so fast and stable . With this boat, I don’t have to go to the port to rent one, which was much more worthwhile than a piece of spiritual fruit . ”

 Coming to the sea again, Han Fei pondered, Spirit Swallowing Fish are from level-one fisheries . If they are put in a common fishery, would there be no fish able to kill them? He Xiaoyu once said that only very special creatures or spiritual beasts could kill spiritual beasts .

 With a thought from Han Fei, Little Black and Little White appeared .

 Seeing the endless sea, even without instruction from Han Fei, Little Black jumped straight into the seawater .

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 Han Fei called to him, “Little Black, why are you in such a hurry? Come out of the sea . ”

 However, Little Black ignored Han Fei, and Little White also jumped into the sea . The two small fishes, one black and one white, jumped out of the sea and then dove back into the water, seeming to be playing .

 Han Fei covered his face helplessly . Most people have their spiritual beasts as fighting pets, whereas mine are two cute pets .

 Something suddenly drew his attention . A Blade Fish jumped out of the sea and rushed straight to Little White .

 “Little White, watch out!”

 With a twinkle and swish, Xiao Bai dove into the seawater, leaving a white flash . In the blink of an eye, he had swum behind the Blade Fish and seemed to be curiously observing this big fish .

 But Little Black was not so curious . He thought to himself, You want to eat Little White? Then I will eat you first!

 Then Han Fei saw something that shocked him . Little Black rushed up and as he kept revolving around the Blade Fish, the latter became a fishbone .

 Wow, so strong?!

 You, a level-one small fish, ate a Blade Fish leaving only the bones?!

 The water glittered like frost and the fin blade of the Blade Fish fell into the water . Han Fei was about to get the blade out of water when he saw Little Black rush up again and bite at the blade .

 Han Fei’s jaw almost dropped . What did he just see? Little Black actually ate a blade?

 “Come here, Xiao Hei . ”

 Little Black jumped out of the water and swam around Han Fei in the air . Han Fei found that this little guy was not hurt at all .

 “That’s a blade, not fish meat! Don’t your teeth hurt when eating it?”

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 However, Xiao Hei didn’t seem to understand what Han Fei was saying, or he didn’t even give a damn . He jumped back into the water .

 Because Little Black was his spiritual beast, Han Fei could sense that Xiao Hei was still eating . What was he eating? He had no idea, but he found that his spiritual energy was increasing .

 Oh? Directly increasing my spiritual energy?

 When Han Fei saw the three moons rising in the sky, he knew it was almost time . He immediately called Little Black and Little White back, only allowing them to wander around him .

 Han Fei sat with his legs crossed and began to cultivate and suddenly, the spiritual energy around him surged . There seemed to be rolling spiritual energy wherever the bright moonlight fell .

 As Han Fei was cultivating, the sea around him violently stirred and a large number of fishes emerged and writhed from time to time . As in the past, the moment when spiritual energy was present, no fish fought one another, not even the cruelest Snakebelt . They were immersed in absorbing the essence of this world as if on a pilgrimage .

 Little Black, who was agitated and wanted to jump into the sea again, was also quiet at this moment . It stayed suspended in the air and slowly revolved around Han Fei . The black and white spots respectively on the two fishes’ heads were shining and seemed to be breathing .

 As time went by, however, Han Fei felt that the spiritual energy he absorbed was getting less and less . He opened his eyes and found that the calabash was flashing, Little Black and Little White were absorbing spiritual energy, so were the fishes in the sea .

 Han Fei gave a wry smile .  So the spiritual energy I attracted in cultivation was mostly absorbed by you guys? But fine, anyway, I still grew stronger .


 After more than an hour, the sea surface gradually began to stir . Some fish began to flop about and a White Fish jumped on board, almost hitting Han Fei . But at the moment the White Fish jumped up, Little Black rushed over and threw it into the sea after a few bites .

 Soon, there were more and more fish starting to flop around, mostly just Yellow Fish and White Fish . Fishes like Blade Fish didn’t jump on board though . Little Black was relatively grumpy . He seemed to realize that his owner was cultivating, so any fish who dared to approach the deck was killed by it .

 As he was busy biting and chewing, suddenly both Little Black and Little White’s body flashed and they actually upgraded .

 All of a sudden, Han Fei felt Xiao Bai bumping on his body . He turned his head, only to see that a ship shadow suddenly appeared in the distance .

 “There are people at sea at this time? Are they coming for me?”