God of Fishing - Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

Han Fei frowned . The first idea coming to his mind was that he was followed, but he didn’t stop cultivating .

 Well, if I stop cultivating at this time, the sea would go violent .

 It was for this reason that he asked Fang Ze for this high-end fishing boat, but to his dismay, there was always someone trying to disturb him .

 Li Lang, one of the founders of the Tigers, a very strong man, was about to break through to be an intermediate fishing master . He was in the top five of the Tigers in strength .

 When he was assigned this task, he was full of disdain and even assured Li Hu that he would slash Han Fei’s head off within two hours . He felt that it was a little insulting to ask him to kill an insignificant fisher . However, he knew that this guy almost had Leader and Young Master killed, so he was very eager to kill this guy to get the credit .

 At this moment, Li Lang was only 500 metres away from Han Fei’s fishing boat . He figured that he was too busy cultivating and didn’t notice him .

 “Eh! The spiritual energy here seems to be more intense than other places . Is that guy getting a chance to cultivate?”

 When Li Lang was 300 metres away from Han Fei, he heard a flapping sound under the ship, and he took a look at it only to find that many Yellow Fish and White Fish were bumping against the ship .

 “A school of fish? This guy is lucky to meet a school of fish at night . ”

 When Li Lang was only less than 100 metres away from Han Fei’s white fishing boat, he felt something was wrong .

 No, it’s not a school of fish . The spiritual energy here is exceptionally rich . This guy must have won a treasure . No wonder he dare go to sea at night . But l’m afraid your treasure will be mine . I can give your head to Young Master, but your treasure, Hoho…


 Just when Li Lang was about to reach Han Fei, he pulled out his fishing rod, planning to hook Han Fei’s white fishing boat with his fish hook so as not to let him escape .

 But before he cast out the fish hook, he saw the white fishing boat darting towards him .

 “Damn it, do you want to die?”

 Li Lang certainly wouldn’t think his fishing boat was stronger than the one Fang Ze gave Han Fei . If the two boats collided, the one destroyed must be his fishing boat .

 “Roar! Do you think you can kill me by destroying my boat? You wish!”

 Li Lang retracted the fishing rod, carried it behind his back, and picked up a long rod . This was an Iron Rod made of Iron Trees on the seabed, which was at the same level as He Xiaoyu’s Bamboo Rod and Han Fei’s Purple Bamboo Rod that was not yet refined .


 Li Lang was about to jump onto Han Fei’s ship, but what did he see in the next second? The sea was roaring and rolling and hundreds of thousands of fish were flying out of the sea . He saw countless Snakebelts, Blade Fish, Green Turtles, and even two Tentacle Lobsters .

 Li Lang’s face changed dramatically .  Damn it . Is this a small fish tide?

 A fishing master as he was, he was not invincible . He might be very strong in a one-on-one fight, not a single fish here could beat him, but there were too many of them!

 The fishes flopped violently and jumped out of the water in succession . Han Fei hid into the cabin as soon as he saw the fishes jumping up, leaving his boat drifting by itself .


 The bow of Li Lang’s fishing boat was knocked askew and sawdust flew around . The fishes couldn’t find Han Fei, so they all swarmed up at Li Lang . At this time, Li Lang had no time to deal with Han Fei and could only clench the rod in his hands .

 Han Fei steered the fishing boat a bit away as he watched .

 Huh? This man is so strong… Is he a fishing master?

 Han Fei saw Li Lang waving his hand and he easily broke a Green Turtle, which flew away with a ruckus . Five or six big Blade Fish darted their fin blades at him but Li Lang immediately blocked their attacks and hit two of them hard with his Rod .

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 Li Lang suddenly groaned . He was hit by a Blade Fish that had lost its fin . This would not have hurt him, but a Tentacle Lobster climbed up behind him and whipped him hard on the back with its tentacle at the same time .

 “Go to hell…”

 The long rod in Li Liang’s hand flashed and he dented the lobster’s head with a blow of his rod .

 Wow! He is really a worthy fishing master . Look how observant and alert he is in the fight . But how many fishes can he beat alone? Han Fei wondered .

 Li Lang was in trouble at the moment . If the fishes that jumped up were all Swordfish and Tentacle Lobsters, he was confident that he could easily kill them . But what he faced up with was hundreds of thousands of White Fish and Yellow Fish who madly darted at him . It didn’t make sense to beat these fishes because they couldn’t wound him anyway . But if he didn’t get rid of them, his sight was completely blocked . He couldn’t see anything but White Fish and Yellow Fish . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been whipped by a Tentacle Lobster!

 Li Lang yelled angrily, “Han Fei, you insidious coward! Did you use your treasure to cause this fish tide? Do you know how many people will chase after you if I escape?”

 “Then escape! Show me how you can escape with the bow of your boat wrecked!”

 “You coward, just keep hiding in your cabin . ”

 As Li Lang’s Iron Rod whistled through the air, countless White Fish, Yellow Fish, and Green Turtles were sent flying .


 A fin blade flew across Li Lang’s chest and his chest was immediately dripping with blood . When he finally jumped from his ship to Han Fei’s, he had four blades in his body, and the wound on his back was still burning . In addition, his face was also swollen from bumping into a Green Turtle .

 “Little Black, bite him . ”

 The moment Li Lang set foot on Han Fei’s fishing boat, Han Fei immediately ordered Little Black to attack Li Lang .

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 Caught off guard, Li Lang felt that his calf was bitten by something that ripped a bloody piece of flesh off his leg . He tried to find the thing that bit him, but there were only White Fish and Yellow Fish under his feet .

 He thought it was a coincidence, but when he took a step forward, he felt that his forearm was bitten too, and a piece of flesh was bitten off .

 “What the hell is that?”

 Li Lang hurriedly refilled his body with spiritual energy, and at the moment when his body was flooded with spiritual energy, with a thought from Han Fei, Little Black quickly came back to his owner .

 Han Fei sneered . “Now it’s time . ”

 The fish cabin was knocked open instantly . Han Fei struck Li Lang with his Purple Bamboo Rod . With a flash from Purple Bamboo Rod, Han Fei shouted, “Explode!”


 A turbulent airwave erupted between them, throwing hundreds of fish away .

 Li Lang was knocked back three paces by the attack . His arms were numb and he was shocked .  That’s not right . Han Fei’s strength is not right . Isn’t Han Fei only a level-seven fisher? Liar! He is clearly already a fishing master .


 Li Lang had hardly stabilized his body when Han Fei hit him with the rod again .


 Li Lang felt that as his shoulders were hit hard, his blood was rolling and the spiritual energy in his body finally exploded . After taking two consecutive spiritual energy explosion attacks, he could hardly stand .

 Han Fei sneered . “You want to kill me? I will drain your spiritual energy first . ”

 Although Li Jue was seriously wounded, he still clenched his fishing rod and he lashed at Han Fei with it .

 Han Fei was sent flying through the air and bumped into a passing Green Turtle .

 Fortunately, he was not wounded and in the blink of an eye, he filled his body with spiritual energy again .

 Han Fei grinned . “Brother, come and kill me!”

 Li Lang stared at him ferociously, then quickly grabbed a Spirit Refilling Pill and swallowed it . However, as soon as he threw the Spirit Refilling Pill into his mouth, his belly was suddenly bitten by something twice and a bloody hunk of flesh was bitten off .

 Damn, what the f*ck was that?

 Li Lang hurriedly refilled his body with spiritual energy again and tightly covered the wound on his belly with his clothes to stop the blood from flowing out .  What the heck is that? He didn’t even know what bit him .

 However, when he had just dressed his wound, he saw Han Fei sneering and his rod flash again . Is he going to give him another spiritual energy explosion attack?

 “Fuse . ”

 Just when Han Fei’s rod was about to hit Li Lang again, Li Lang roared, and instantly, a shadow covered Li Lang’s body .

 No sooner than Purple Bamboo Rod hit Li Lang again, Han Fei’s shoulder had a sharp pain and seemed to be pierced by something .


 Li Lang spurted blood . Even if he had fused with his spiritual beast, half of his body still went numb and his shoulders were dented when he was hit by Han Fei .

 Han Fei was knocked back and quickly looked to his left shoulder, only to find that blood was streaming out of his shoulder as if penetrated by a sword . Li Lang seems to have become stronger .

 “Bastard, do you know that my spiritual beast is a Swordfish, the most aggressive fish from level-one fisheries? I’m gonna kill you . ”