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God of Fishing - Chapter 73

Published at 12th of June 2020 05:49:27 PM

Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Like A Fish Hopping in the Sea

Han Fei was relieved to see that he still had 1,023 points of spiritual energy left . He had been worried that his spiritual energy was not enough, but now it seemed that it was enough . However, it was certain that the amount of spiritual energy consumed for each breakthrough was increasing . He could be sure that 20,000 points of spiritual energy would not be enough for him to accomplish his next breakthrough, which might require 30,000 or even 40,000 points .

He was struggling in his heart whether he should continue to cultivate or to practice the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing .

He felt that, however, in this breakthrough, the increase of his upper limit of spiritual energy was not as much as he expected . He seemed to encounter a small bottleneck, so he needed to practice the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing to help himself advance .

Well, the Tigers won’t stop unless I die . This amount of spiritual energy may not be enough .

At the same time .

The Tigers .

“Young Master, Li Lang has been gone for three hours . ”

Li Hu waved his hand . “Perhaps he hasn’t found Han Fei . Even an ordinary fishery covers hundreds of kilometres . It is not easy to find a certain person there . I order all people who are not yet fishing masters to go to the ordinary fisheries tomorrow to search for a white fishing boat . ”

“Yes, Young Master . ”

Li Hu sneered, “Han Fei, are you an idiot? You got the white fishing boat from the angel . It’s just like the brightest star in the night sky . We can easily find you with this boat!”

The next morning, dawn came, and as Han Fei’s cultivation came to an abrupt halt, the sea surface immediately stirred .

Although Han Fei had reached level nine, he still hid in the cabin . Come on, even a fishing master like Li Lang could hardly handle the fishes . I don’t think I can do better than him if I go out .

After less than half an hour, Han Fei threw the great amount of dead fish, whose spiritual energy had been absorbed by him, into the sea, and checked his own spiritual energy with a frown . It was only 4,620 points .

Damn! The fishes’ spiritual energy is too low, not even 5,000 points . If I meet a master like Li Lang again, I’ll need at least 2,000 points to beat him . If two of them come, I will be in danger!

“Little Black, go hunting in the sea by yourself . I don’t care what you do, but you must upgrade to level three today . ”

Upon hearing this, Little Black jumped into the seawater .

Now Han Fei was already on the edge of ordinary fisheries where there were very few people . He was now a level-nine fisher and his strength was completely different from before . Perhaps this time, he could give it a try on the seabed?

Suddenly, Han Fei was shocked by his bold idea . A fisher is thinking about going to the seabed to earn spiritual energy? If it were known by fishing masters, they would probably slap me to death!

Anyway, fortune comes from danger . When I was still an ordinary person, I dared to dive into the sea in a diving suit and play with sharks . Why should my courage diminish now?

With a flop, Han Fei jumped into the sea .

As soon as he entered the sea, he exercised the Wandering Dragon Art, and then he saw that Little Black was nibbling a Snakebelt while Little White was circling around him .

“… Wow! Do you guys have any idea that you’re only level two?!”

Seeing Han Fei appear, Little White quickly swam over . He seemed to ask him, “Master, why are you here?” Little Black also swam over reluctantly, “Didn’t you tell me to eat fish here? Are you here to take me back?”

Han Fei carried Purple Bamboo Rod in his right hand with a Blade Fish dagger on his waist and an Iron Fishing Rod hanging on his back as he dove into the seabed .

A Blade Fish wanted to swim over to see what Han Fei was . However, he felt a bite on him before he approached, and he hurriedly struggled and searched in anger for the thing that attacked him, but he found nothing after searching around . Then its tail disappeared, so did its belly .

Han Fei clicked his tongue . It’s really horrible to be attacked by an invisible creature! He still remembered the way Li Lang, dripping with blood from bites, desperately searched for what was biting him .

As Han Fei dove into the sea, there were schools of fish coming over and swimming around him . No matter how powerful Little Black was, he had only one mouth and could not eat this many fish at the same time . It was only when the fish in the schools found that they had a companion who suddenly became bones that they ran away .

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It was not as dangerous as last time for Han Fei . Although Snakebelts swam over occasionally, he was not afraid at all .

It was just that once he killed a fish in the sea, a school of fish would be attracted . This was very troublesome because he had to escape before absorbing enough spiritual energy .

On the seabed .

Han Fei didn’t see coral reefs this time but a gray muddy ground and some jagged stones . As an experienced fisher, Han Fei knew very well how many dangers hid under the mud .

Shit, what the hell is this place? There is no coral reef here . How can I get an opportunity for a breakthrough?

At this moment, Han Fei was suspended five or six metres above the mud and his body was agile like a swimming fish . Little Black and Little White were flanking him .

As two Snakebelts quickly swam over from a distance, Han Fei’s eyes lit up . An opportunity has come!

In the icy waters, Han Fei was a heat source, which quickly attracted the attention of the fishes . At the same time, under the stones, some Green Crabs began to show up .


A Snakebelt frantically darted towards him, and Han Fei dodged in a strange angle, pulling out the Blade Fish dagger from his waist and killed the Snakebelt .

On the other side, Little Black was nibbling a Snakebelt that struggled fiercely and twisted its body in pain, though it didn’t know what was biting it . Without any chance to escape, the Snakebelt was bitten into two pieces and it sank .

As soon as the two Snakebelts died, the mud stirred . For a moment, it seemed as though hundreds of sticks had shot out of the dirt, which startled Han Fei .

“Wow! Sea Snakes . ”

Green Scale Sea Snake

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Drinking snake blood for a long time can supplement your qi and blood and enhance physical fitness .

Green scale snake gall

Han Fei hurriedly drifted up a bit . His blood almost froze . These sea snakes rooted their tails in the soil . Once a prey came in sight, they would swarm out . They looked exactly like sticks . If they hadn’t tilted their heads, ready to attack the enemy at any time, he might have been fooled by their mimicry .

Did I enter a snake pit?

Han Fei’s face was all black . How can I deal with these snakes?! They don’t come out and I dare not go down .

While Han Fei was hesitating, he saw Little Black rush past with a swish and bit a sea snake into two halves .

Yes! How can I forget Little Black! These sea snakes can’t see Little Black . He can just drill into the snake pit and eat them slowly .

Therefore, Han Fei just drifted in the air, occasionally killing one or two Snakebelts and throwing them down to the bottom of the sea after absorbing their spiritual energy . Even the big Green Crabs under the stones came up and ate the bodies of the sea snakes .

Soon, the bloody smell began to thicken .

Han Fei saw Rotating Starfish flying over like darts and Hermit Crabs that seemed to have snail shells on their backs came out of the mud in all directions .

The sea snakes seemed to have been angered . We don’t eat you shelled ones! Why are you attacking us? You’ve gone too far .

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So a fight began . More and more Snakebelts appeared in the distance, as well as Green Turtles, Blade Fish, and Iron-Head Fish .

For a time, cold lights flashed and crashing sounds were heard without end . Han Fei found that the calabash on his wrist was shining and seemed to be swallowing spirit . And not only the calabash, Little White was also absorbing spiritual energy in this bloody scene like an elf in the water .

What! Can Little White absorb spiritual energy from 20 metres away?

Han Fei immediately swam onto a stone, letting the calabash slowly absorb spiritual energy . From time to time, Snakebelts swam over to siege him but were all killed .

The battle had been very fierce and dead fishes were everywhere . Han Fei could occasionally see Little Black shuttle under the water .

Suddenly, Han Fei frowned . The Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants said that Snake Fruit would produce in the gathering place of sea snakes, especially Green Scale Sea Snakes . This snake fruit was a spiritual fruit and was recorded in the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants .

Snake Fruit was a low-level spirit fruit . As snakes wouldn’t move their nests for a long time, their saliva would accumulate and nourish an associated spiritual fruit . Eating this fruit could help restore a small amount of spiritual energy and heal wounds . However, its core value lay in alchemy . The Snake Pill fruit refined from Snake Fruit had a great restoring effect and contained a lot of spiritual energy .

“Little White, Little White…!”

Little White swam to Han Fei while he was absorbing the spiritual energy . Han Fei pointed at the ground and tried communicating with him, “Little White, go see if there is dark green fruit . If there is, bring it to me . Don’t eat it!”

Little White immediately swam away and disappeared in the mud in a blink of an eye .