God of Fishing - Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

Han Fei launched a spiritual energy explosion attack at them, but everyone here had acquired this simple combat skill, so at the moment he launched this attack, the three level-nine fishers on the opposite side shouted and also launched spiritual energy explosion attacks at him .


 Han Fei was smashed out of the fishing boat by their attacks, and the three people were also shaken off the boat one after the other . The huge collision force of the spiritual energy explosions caused a gust of wind .

 In mid-air, Han Fei saw that the Marching Sea Leeches were only less than a hundred metres away . If he fell into the water, he would be turned into a mummy soon .


 With a twinkle, he exercised the Hook Kiss Technique and hung onto Li Hu’s fishing boat . Yanking the fishing boat, Han Fei flew towards Li Hu’s fishing boat .

 “Young Master, watch out!”

 “Protect Young Master . ”

 On Li Hu’s ship, there were as many as five people protecting him, all of whom were level-nine fishers . Before Han Fei boarded the ship, the five people had all stood on the bow, shielding Li Hu behind them .


 Han Fei wasn’t afraid of the five people . None of them were fishing masters . If he fought them on the flat ground, he could surely beat them . After all, although he was also a level-nine fisher, he could kill a fishing master . But now suspended in the air, he couldn’t play to his full strength . If the five of them launched spiritual energy attacks at him like before, he would be hit down into the sea .

 “Li Hu, you little maggot . I swear, I’ll kill you if I survive . ”

 With a shout, Han Fei withdrew the fishing rod and threw the fishhook at the fishing boat with the fewest people on it .

 But there were still three people on that fishing boat and one of them was steering the boat .

 Li Hu shouted, “Han Fei, you’re dead meat . Although you won’t be killed by me, I’ll still be very happy to see you killed by the Marching Sea Leeches, hahaha…”

 Han Fei said nothing . Two fishing boats that hadn’t taken off yet were already crawling with Marching Sea Leeches .

 The Purple Bamboo Rod flashed in Han Fei’s hands and he was ready to launch another spiritual energy-explosion attack .

 “Little Black, bite him . ”

 The two people who were going to intercept Han Fei were wondering . Who is Little Black?

 Suddenly, one of them felt that something had bitten their thigh . He thought that the Marching Sea Leeches had got on the boat and quickly looked down in fright .

 Han Fei gave a cold smile and threw a flying knife at him .


 Before the person looked up, Han Fei had launched a spiritual energy explosion attack, and the two of them flew upside down by the blow, blood spurting out of their bodies . The flying knife had inserted itself into the eye of the person who was bitten by Little Black .

 “Hey! You shouldn’t have let me get on board!”



 The man who was steering the fishing boat panicked .  Is this guy the ‘waste’ Young Master spoke of? Bullshit! Can a ‘waste’ beat two level-nine fishers with one blow? Can a ‘waste’ continuously launch such powerful spiritual energy explosion attacks?

 Han Fei launched another attack and one of the level-nine fishers was sent flying through the air, falling heavily into the sea with a bang .

 “Help… me…”

 Before he finished speaking, he had been covered with leeches, and in the blink of an eye, his face quickly shriveled .

 Another person was also seriously injured and both arms were broken .

 Han Fei casually poked him into the sea with his rod, not even looking at him .

 The only person left widened his eyes and shouted at Han Fei, “If you dare to come over, I will destroy this fishing boat . ”

 Han Fei frowned and just wanted to kill the guy but he still said calmly, “I can spare your life . You can go to another fishing boat . What do you think?”

 The man glanced around in panic and frowned . There were only five fishing boats that managed to take off . Among them, Li Hu’s boat flew the highest and furthest away . The remaining three fishing boats were all at least 100 metres away from him . He would fall into the water if he was not careful . How could he go to another boat?

So the man said, “Even if I escape to another boat, the Tigers won’t let me off! Rather than this, I might as well die with you . Maybe Leader will take care of my family for me . ”

 Han Fei said coldly, “Are you a fool? Are you sure Li Jue will treat your family kindly if you die? From what I know of the Tigers, if you die, your wife will be given to another man as a gift and your child will have to call another man ‘father . ’ Who knows how they’ll be treated…”

 “You’ll kill me anyway . What can I do?”

 The man roared and his eyes turned bloodshot .

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 Han Fei shook his head . “Who said I will kill you? Do you know Li Gang? He tried to kill me twice but failed . I gave him the opportunity to follow me . Now he is in charge of the Most Delicious Barbecue Stall In The World in the port, making tons of money . And I believe it won’t be long before he becomes even richer… Since I can take him under my wing, why can’t I take you?”

 This man froze and seemed to have an inner struggle . Obviously he knew Li Gang and knew that Li Gang was doing well now, so he was moved by Han Fei’s words .

 Han Fei quickly added, “Look, Li Jue is now seriously wounded and has lost half of his strength . Li Hu is a waste . I can easily kill him . I was a level-two fisher a month and a half ago, but now I can kill a level-nine fisher as easily as killing a Yellow Fish . I will wipe out the Tigers soon . If you don’t yield to me now, you will die . I think you know what to choose, right?”

 At this time, Li Hu was looking here in his fishing boat that was a few hundred metres away . He seemed to be shouting something at this man . His voice came with the wind and it could be vaguely heard that he was telling this man to kill Han Fei .

 Han Fei laughed . “See? This is your Young Master? He just wants you to kill me and doesn’t care about your life at all . But why doesn’t he come by himself? Because he doesn’t dare . Once I board his ship, he will be dead meat… Now, tell me, what’s your choice?”

 The man seemed to be having a fierce struggle inside . He looked at the black, dense mass of leeches under the boat, took a deep breath, and looked back at Han Fei . “Can you promise not to kill me?”

 Han Fei smiled . “Do you believe my promise? You have no choice, but I’m not a bloodthirsty person . Otherwise, I would have killed Li Hu in that Fishing Trial . Then I wouldn’t have been in this trouble . ”

 The man asked, “Did you kill the fishing master, Li Lang?”

 “Li Lang? The fishing master who tried to assassinate me last night? Yes, I killed him . ”

 “Okay, I’m on your side now… The Marching Sea Leeches will soon pass . There are thirteen level-nine fishers with Young Master… On Li Hu’s side, including himself . How can we escape?”

 Han Fei instructed, “Steer the boat over there . The fishing boat that the angel, Fang Ze, gave me is over there . Once we get on my fishing boat, nobody can catch up to us . ”


 The man immediately steered the fishing boat to fly towards Han Fei’s white fishing boat . From this moment on, he had betrayed the Tigers . The only thing he could do was to count on this man .  He can kill a fishing master! What horrible potential he has! Even though he is only a level-nine fisher now .

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 The middle-aged man remembered what Li Hu said before coming, who said that Han Fei was just a level-seven fisher . Now he just wanted to give Li Hu two slaps . Idiot! Do you have any idea what kind of enemy you have made?!

 Han Fei asked the man, “What’s your name?”

 “Li Qing, Master . ”

 Han Fei waved his hand . “You don’t have to call me master . I won’t treat you as a subordinate . When we’re done here, you can go to manage the barbecue stall with Li Gang and you can keep ten percent of the profits . ”


 The middle-aged man couldn’t believe his ears . He could keep ten percent of the profits? He knew how rich Li Gang was now, who could earn ten mid-quality pearls a day . Many members of the Tigers envied him and everyone said that the fatty had changed from a pheasant into a phoenix .

 Suddenly, Li Qing’s face changed . “Not good, they are coming at us . ”

 Han Fei just smiled . “Don’t worry . Even if they come over, so what? There are all level-nine fishers . We don’t have to be afraid of them . ”

 Soon, Han Fei saw his white fishing boat . At this moment, the Marching Sea Leeches had come over and the white fishing boat was also covered with a layer of leeches .

 Han Fei said, “Let’s rush over . There are only a few worms . We can easily deal with them . ”

 Li Qing nodded .

 The two instantly jumped into the white fishing boat . Han Fei released spiritual energy to shake the leeches off the boat before steering the fishing boat to quickly leave .

 A hundred metres behind him, Li Hu was roaring angrily .

 “Li Qing, you bastard! How dare you betray the Tigers? I’m gonna kill you . I’m gonna kill your entire f*cking family!”

 Seeing Li Qing’s face turn gloomy, Han Fei smiled . “He can do nothing but yell at you, or, can we leave them here forever, can we?”