God of Fishing - Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

Li Qing was shocked . “How is that possible?! There are fourteen of them, including Li Hu . Even if you have the strength to kill a fishing master, once you’re trapped by them, no one knows what will happen . ”

 Han Fei nodded . “Yes, there are quite a few of them . But we can solve them one boat after another . I guess you have no idea how good a quality my fishing boat is . ”


 As a frantic gleam flicked in Han Fei’s eyes, the white fishing boat suddenly took off and turned around, darting at one of the fishing boats .

 Li Qing was terrified . Is he actually hitting a boat with his own?

 Han Fei said, “Get ready to take over the fishing boat at any time . If they dare to jump into my boat, I’ll beat the hell out of them . ”

 The four fishing boats accompanying Li Hu were chasing the white fishing boat frantically . Seeing the boat running further and further away, they had almost given up . Who would expect the white fishing boat to suddenly turn around and rush straight at them?

 On one of the fishing boats, someone exclaimed, “Not good, he is hitting our boat with his!”

 The three people wondered if Han Fei was crazy . Once the keel of his boat broke from the collision, he could only wander at sea . But immediately they realized that this was not some garbage fishing boat produced in the Heavenly Water Village! It was a fishing boat from the city . That kind of fishing boat was prepared for a journey to unknown places outside of level-three fisheries . How could it be on the same level as their fishing boats?

 Before they had time to think about it, they saw the white fishing boat crashing into their boat like a big bird .


 Han Fei shouted, “Li Qing, take over this boat . ”

 Li Qing immediately took over the white fishing boat . Now he had no turning back . Since he had fled with Han Fei, he had already betrayed the Tigers, and they certainly wouldn’t let him off .

 Fortunately, this white fishing boat was really sturdy . It easily left a big hole in the other party’s fishing boat and bent its keel .

 “Damn! Let’s kill them . ”

 Except for the man who was controlling the fishing boat, who fell to the sea with the boat, the other two jumped into the air and tried to board Han Fei’s fishing boat .

 Han Fei sneered, “How did you treat me just now? Now you want to board my boat? Get down!”


 With a loud bang, spiritual energy scattered and rolled forwards, and the two people fell uncontrollably to the sea .

 “No!” Li Hu roared .

 Li Hu gnashed his teeth in resentment at the sight of this scene . He said to the people on the other two fishing boats, “Let’s trap him and see how he can deal with three fishing boats at the same time . ”

 Han Fei quickly turned around . “Li Qing, pick one boat and hit it . ”

 In fact, before Han Fei issued the order, Li Qing had already steered the white fishing boat to crash towards the furthest fishing boat .

 The three people on that fishing boat became anxious . They were the furthest away but not as fast as the white fishing boat . If the white fishing boat rammed their boat, they would have no chance to survive .


 Han Fei sneered, “Do you think you can get away?”

 A hundred metres away, Li Hu shouted, “Land, land on the sea . Let’s deal with him together . ”

 A cold light flashed across Han Fei’s eyes and he said coldly to Li Qing, “Kill the three men first . ”


 The two fishing boats collided again . This time the white fishing boat precisely hit the place where the driver was located and tore open a big hole, making it fall uncontrollably .

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 The three people had to give up on the fishing boat as they tried to jump into Han Fei’s fishing boat .

 “Little Black, bite them . ”

 One of these people suddenly lost a piece of flesh from his neck . He froze in the air for a moment before dropping to the sea .


 The other two were terrified and greeted by a spiritual energy explosion attack . Unable to resist it at all, they were sent flying and fell into the water .

 Unfortunately, Li Hu and another fishing boat had landed . The two fishing boats joined together and chased down to the place where the other boats fell .

 Han Fei clicked his tongue . “What a pity! If we had moved faster, we could have destroyed one more boat . ”

 Li Qing felt a chill down his spine .  How many ships do you want to destroy? Forty or fifty of us with more than a dozen ships came to kill you, but how many people are left? There were only eight people left on the two fishing boats, including Li Hu . The elite members of the Tigers were almost wiped out . And you think it’s not enough?

 At this time, a person stuck his head up from the water .

 “Wow, he is still alive!”

 Han Fei was surprised . This man was really lucky to survive . But it was not strange . Although he was injured, there weren’t many fishes in the sea at this moment . After all, the Marching Sea Leeches had just passed by .

 But although the man climbed into the boat, he was covered with leeches and had almost been sucked dry . There were still some leeches left in the sea although most of them had left . No one knew how many leeches were hidden in the sea . This man was lucky not to be sucked to death by them .

 Li Qing asked, “What should we do now?”

 “Follow them . Don’t give them a chance to escape . Once the boats separate, hit them separately . ”

 Li Qing fell silent . It seemed that Han Fei was determined to kill Li Hu, but he didn’t object to that . If Li Hu went back, he would definitely take revenge on him . Unlike Li Gang who was expelled out of the Tigers, he betrayed them, which was completely different .

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 “Young Master, now what shall we do? Our fishing boat can’t stand the impact of the white fishing boat . If we separate, I’m afraid that they will destroy us one by one . ”

 Li Hu’s face was gloomy . “What if we take off at the same time and fly back to the village?”

 Someone analyzed, “Young Master, this is not an appropriate move . I think Han Fei’s strength is not weak . I am afraid that he already has the combat power to be at the peak of level nine . If he hits us with his boat, we can’t all jump into his ship in a short time . If so, I’m afraid half of us would die . ”

 “Go to the central fishery . Go to a crowded place and turn to an inspector for help . ”

 Han Fei was standing on the bow of the boat, not worried at all . He was looking at the sun in the sky wondering if he would be burned to death if he drew spiritual energy from the sun .

 He abandoned this idea in a flash .  That’d be too painful . I’m afraid that I’d be roasted within seconds…

 “Little Black, did you see those two ships? Go bite the people on them . Show no mercy to them . ”

 Han Fei thought to himself, Even Li Lang, a fishing master, couldn’t resist Little Black’s sharp teeth . How can these level-nine fishers defend themselves?

 Little Black swam out quickly, and after a while, screams were heard from afar .

 At first, only one person was screaming but soon, they began to scream one after the other . Han Fei sneered, standing on the bow . Just fill your bodies with spiritual energy! Otherwise, you’ll end up being bitten to death!

Sure enough, after a while, someone began to fill their body with spiritual energy . At first, it was only one, then two, and in the end, everyone there had filled their bodies with spiritual energy . Even Li Hu had lost a few pieces of flesh before he filled his body with spiritual energy .



Li Qing ‘s heart trembled . He didn’t know what kind of hex Han Fei had used to attack those people from a few hundred metres away that forced them to exhaust their spiritual energy to protect themselves . He knew that he had discovered Han Fei’s secret, so he must keep his mouth shut . Otherwise, he would be killed .

 Li Hu stood on the bow of the ship and roared, “Han Fei, what demonic trick are you using? You’re really vicious!”

 Han Fei responded, “Wanna know? Beg me . ”

 In less than half an hour, the people on Li Hu’s side had almost run out of spiritual energy and could no longer fill their bodies with spiritual energy, so soon, someone screamed again .

 “What the hell is biting me? Why can’t I see it?”

 A man waved around with his rod like crazy, but the next moment, a piece of flesh was bitten off from his wrist .

 One hour later…

 Two people were bitten to death by Little Black, one was the guy who climbed up after falling into the water, and the other was the only level-eight fisher brought out by Li Hu .

 Han Fei said indifferently, “There are seven people left . With two more dead, you won’t be able to go back . ”

 Hearing Han Fei’s muttering, Li Qing didn’t dare to say a word for fear that Han Fei regretted sparing his life and would turn around to kill him .

 After a moment, Li Qing stuttered, “Han… Young Master Han Fei, I, I’m running out of spiritual energy . ”

 Li Qing was helpless . If this was an ordinary fishing boat, he would have no problem controlling it for such a long time . But this was not an ordinary one and his spiritual energy was consumed fast .

 Han Fei casually waved his hand and a column of spiritual energy was poured into his body . In an instant, Li Qing felt that his spiritual energy was restored quickly .

 Li Qing was shocked .  What is this?

 “A Spirit… Spirit gatherer?”

 Han Fei said coldly, “Don’t tell anyone about this for now . Otherwise, you should know the consequences . ”

 Li Qing hurriedly bowed his head . “Yes, I’ll keep a tight-lip and never ever tell anyone about it, not even my wife and children . ”