God of Fishing - Chapter 82

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Chapter 82

Han Fei certainly wouldn’t tell her the truth as he began to blab at random .

 “Well! Here is the thing . I tried the Gusty Rod, but it was not very easy to use . Just being fast isn’t enough . Li Gang is also fast but I will defeat him with a single blow . So I innovated a bit, grabbed some spiritual energy from my body, and exploded it, and then it did become easier to use! It became more powerful while maintaining its speed…”

 Jiang Qin and the old man were dumbfounded by his words .  Who do you think you are? Innovated a bit? But to be honest, the combat skills did become much more powerful .

 Jiang Qin asked, “What about Blood Boiling?”

 Han Fei explained, “That stuff is useless! I tried using it, but I felt I was almost roasted . How could I still fight with others in such a state? So I changed it too . I split spiritual energy into bits, covered my internal organs with them, and made them jump with my insides… Well, guess what, I did grow stronger as they jumped with my insides, although I felt a little bit uncomfortable . ”

 Old Jiang wiped the sweat off his face with his sleeve .  Are you kidding me? Wrap internal organs with spiritual energy . I hadn’t even thought of that, but you just went ahead and did it?

 Old Jiang was curious about the next move . “I can guess how you’ll explain your last move… You poured all your spiritual energy into the machete and made the spiritual energy explode as soon as the machete touched your enemy, right? How did you come up with that?”

 Han Fei had no problem explaining this one too . “I just wanted to increase my combat power . Isn’t stronger combat power better in combat?”

 Old Jiang wasn’t sold on this one . “Bullshit, although this trick is not bad, what if you failed to kill your enemy? Or if you had more than one enemy? How many enemies can you kill with one slash?”

 Han Fei wanted to scratch his head, but his arm hurt a little, so he gave up on the idea . But he thought to himself, Although my body can only withstand 400 points of spiritual energy, there is no upper limit! When the spiritual energy in my body is used up, I can replenish it easily . What am I afraid of?

 “You… Take a good rest . Except for Gusty Rod, you can’t rashly use the other combat skills,” Jiang Qin instructed .

 “But what should I do next? I mean the soul warrior thing . ”

 Jiang Qin said, “Wait a few days . ”

 One day later, Han Fei recovered . He wanted to go to sea, but he was banned from going to sea for three months and his boat was also confiscated, so he had to give up this plan .

 The barbecue stall alone could not meet his demands . After more than a month, he only got 80,000 points of spiritual energy from the barbecue stall . After refining knives, deducing combat skills, and training, now he only had 68,000 points or so left .

 Were they many? There seemed to be many, but actually not many at all . There was the peak level above level nine . Only when he broke through to the peak level could he continue to break through to be a fishing master . Now he was ready to break through to the peak level and his spiritual energy had reached the limit of 419 . But what about the next breakthrough? These points of spiritual energy were certainly not enough for him to break through to be a fishing master .

 “Grandpa, I’ll take leave for a few days!”

 Old Jiang was curious as he asked, “Where are you going?”

 “Well, I have serious business to tend to . ”

 Before Old Jiang responded, Han Fei had left and gone to his secret small cave .

 Three days later .

 Han Fei strolled casually to the barbecue stall to absorb spiritual energy, but when he arrived at the barbecue stall, he found that no one was standing in line .

 “A-Gang, where are the customers?”

 When Li Gang saw Han Fei coming, he burst into tears and said, “Young Master, we are gonna go broke! Now no one dares to buy our barbecue . ”

 Li Qing joined the barbecue stall a month ago . He said gloomily, “Young Master, it’s the Tigers . They threatened people, whoever dared to buy our barbecue, they would kill them . ”


 Han Fei burst with anger in an instant .  Cutting off my barbecue-stall business was equivalent to cutting off my source of spiritual energy! Shit, is Li Jue formally declaring war against me?

 Han Fei left without any hesitation carrying his rod .

 Li Gang hurriedly stopped him . “Young Master, what are you going to do?”

 “What else can I do? I’m going to f*ck up Li Jue, that old bastard . ”

 Li Gang: “…”

 Li Qing: “…”

 “Young Master, please don’t do that . I heard that… Li Jue has recovered!” Li Gang begged .

 Li Qing added, “It may be true . After all, the Tigers are very rich . It’s said that Li Jue has bought a lot of supplemental medicines this month and even sent his men to the sea to find spiritual fruits . He seems to have got something . ”

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 Han Fei didn’t care . “Humph! So what? Has he broken through to be a Great Fishing Master? How dare he provoke me like this?”

 “Young Master, although Li Jue is not yet a Great Fishing Master, his strength is already at the peak of a fishing master . I’m afraid his strength is already quite close to that of a Great Fishing Master,” Li Qing warned .

 Han Fei clenched his fist .  He wants to cut off the source of my spiritual energy . How can I bear this?

 Han Fei took a deep breath and calmed down . “How did the Tigers threaten us?”

 Li Gang sighed . “They just stood right in front of our booth and stopped people from buying our barbecue . They even had their men guard the stall . Look, the two guys over there are their men . Once a customer comes, they will threaten him . ”

 Han Fei turned his head and found there were two people staring at him indeed .


 Han Fei went straight to them and pointed Purple Bamboo Rod at the two . “Are you from the Tigers?”

 One of them ignored Han Fei and snorted .

 The other said, “Yes! Do you dare to hit me?”


 The next second, one of them was kicked away, and seeing this scene, the other was about to run away, only to be hit on the head and he fell to the ground . Both of them vomited blood .

 “You, you, how dare you be engaged in a fight on the floating island… Law Enforcement Team, Law Enforcement Team…”

 Han Fei mocked them, “Now you remember the Law Enforcement Team? Weren’t you on your high horse a moment ago?”

 Han Fei wasn’t afraid at all . Anyway, I’m now banned from going to sea . It was not a big deal for me to hit one or two hooligans .


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 Han Fei jumped over and beat the two of them up . Stepping on the head of one, he said, “You’re from the Tigers, aren’t you? Now I’ve kept your faces in mind . Next time I meet you at sea, I’ll kill you . ”

 “Who dares to start a fight at the fair?”

 A group of law enforcement team members came from a distance, led by a fishing master, who shouted to Han Fei coldly .

 Han Fei kicked the person under his feet away and smiled at the fishing master . “It’s me, but these two men threatened my customers . Now no one dares to buy anything from my stall, so I gave them a little punishment . Did I break the law, Sir?”

 The fishing master looked at Han Fei and asked, “Are you Han Fei?”

 “Yes . ”

 The fishing master shook his head slightly . “The floating island will only maintain the order of the floating island . Forgive me for not being able to control their behaviors in fisheries, but fights are forbidden on the floating island . We won’t punish you this time, but don’t do it again!”

 Han Fei immediately smiled . “Sir, is that to say, the Tigers can threaten anyone here and kill those who don’t obey them at fisheries and you won’t do anything about it?”

 The fishing master remained silent, which meant that what he said was right .

 Han Fei turned around and asked Li Qing, “Li Qing, what businesses are the Tigers running on the floating Island?”

 Li Qing answered, “They are running dozens of casinos, fish stalls, and bait shops . ”

 “Take me to their shops one by one . ”

 “Well… Yes, Young Master . ”

 The fishing master frowned and shouted in a low voice, “Han Fei, don’t go too far . ”

 Han Fei turned around and grinned at him . “Sir, I promise I won’t hurt anyone unless someone hurts me first . ”

 With that, his face went cold and he left .

 Behind the fishing master, a member of the team said, “Master Wu, isn’t this Han Fei too arrogant?”

 Wu Chen narrowed his eyes . “Han Fei seems to be confident . He is not a pushover . These two people are both at the peak of level nine but almost had no power to fight back… Did he get some sort of special opportunity?”


Wu Chen believed that Han Fei got this special opportunity because of Tang Ge . Otherwise, how could Han Fei have upgraded to level nine so fast?

 Wu Chen waved his hand . “Follow him . Just make sure that no fight breaks out . The Tigers are a bunch of villains and don’t need our protection at all . Let’s just remain neutral . ”


 A casino of the Tigers .

 Li Qing led Han Fei to one of the casinos owned by the Tigers . “Young Master, here it is . ”

 Someone immediately recognized Li Qing and shouted, “Li Qing, you traitor, how do you have the nerve to come here?”

 Li Qing snorted coldly without speaking .

 Han Fei brushed them off . “Go away, I’m going to bet some money today!”

 The two refused to make way for him . Han Fei’s face went cold . “What? Am I not your guest? If you don’t let me in, shut down this casino . ”

 The two men frowned, and in the end, they let him in . What they thought was that if Han Fei wanted to gamble here, why not let him . Anyway, if he lost money here, he asked for it .

 But less than a minute after Han Fei walked in, they heard a loud noise from inside . It seemed that something was smashed .


Wu Chen’s face changed . “Let’s go inside . ”

 The law enforcement team walked in, only to see that Han Fei had smashed all the gambling tables with the Purple Bamboo Rod . He was surrounded by five or six members of the Tigers who were wary as if facing a formidable enemy .

 Han Fei casually cast a glance at Wu Chen . “Master Wu, I didn’t hit anyone, I just smashed some things . I’ll pay them back . You know, I’m rich… A-Gang, where is the money?”