God of Fishing - Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

In the dark, Han Fei masked a Black Fish skin on his face .

 “Little Black, when you get in, take out anything you see, except those too big for you to carry . Do not leave behind anything you can carry . Understood?”

 Little Black rubbed intimately against Han Fei’s face and flew out .

 Han Fei was surprised .  Was a spiritual beast a fish or a soul? If he was a fish, why could he fly in the air without water? But if he was a soul, he could also swim in the water, eat, and bite people to death .

 Han Fei was lying in the woods in the distance and waiting motionless, turning into the same color as the vegetation .

 After a while, Little Black came out with a small bottle in his mouth . Han Fei opened the bottle and found it was a bottle of Spirit Refilling Pills .

 “Umm, not bad . ”

 Seeing that Little Black didn’t go but remained staring at the Spirit Refilling Pill, Han Fei reluctantly poured a pill out of the bottle and threw it in his mouth . Little Black flew away in satisfaction .

 The second time, Little Black brought back a money bag with nearly a hundred mid-quality pearls in it . Han Fei wasn’t quite satisfied .  My barbecue stall has earned me lots of money . This money is nothing to me . But fine, it’s money anyway!

 Han Fei felt he had to say something when Little Black brought him more than a dozen of these money bags in a row .

 “Little Black, let’s steal something else . This stuff can’t be eaten . The spiritual energy inside is little and not easy to use . Go steal something with spiritual energy or value, such as small bottles and small boxes…”

 Little Black shuttled quickly . Han Fei calculated that it would take him about five minutes to make the round trip . It had only been one hour or so and the guards were still eating sea melon seeds together .

 Five minutes later, Little Black brought him a small box . Han Fei opened it .  Wow! A spiritual fruit! Because it was too fragrant, Han Fei immediately closed the box .

 Han Fei instructed, “Little Black, just steal this . Steal as many as there are . ”

 To Han Fei’s disappointment, however, there were only two such spiritual fruits, which made him very unhappy . Li Qing said that Li Jue had sent a lot of people to find spiritual fruit . How could he only get two?

 Little did Han Fei know that where there were spiritual fruit, there would be a strong guardian beast . The sea dragon he encountered last time was not something ordinary people could deal with . To get the two Spiritual Fruit in his hands, the Tigers had lost dozens of members . If Li Jue knew that his spiritual fruits were stolen, he would have vomited blood in anger .

 The next day .


 “You bunch of wastes! Who robbed my treasure house?”

 Li Jue was going crazy . All the small things inside were gone and there wasn’t even a single jelly bean left . The big ones such as weapons were left, but there were rows of teeth marks on them . Some weapons even disappeared, but who the f*ck would eat weapons?

 Now Han Fei was sitting at home happily turning over the treasure he had got from the Tigers, which filled a whole pocket . The two spiritual fruits alone were worth a lot of money, not to mention there were so many other things .

 “Three bottles of Spirit Refilling Pills and Little Black ate half a bottle . There are still 7,500 points of spiritual energy left . Not bad . ”

 “1,314 mid-quality pearls . The Tigers are really poor . Did they commit so many crimes just to collect such a small amount of money?”

 In fact, unknown to Han Fei, there was a whole trunk of mid-quality pearls in the treasure house, but Little Black was unable to carry it .

 “27 bottles of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid . The Tigers are damn rich to have so much of this fluid! It is priceless, especially when you want to condition your body . ”


 “Wow! A treasure map!”

 Han Fei was stunned and immediately pulled all the other stuff aside . Finding a treasure map in a box, he was beside himself with excitement .

 Han Fei smoothed out the fish skin on the table, and a small map appeared . The central area of the map was the floating island, below which were ordinary fisheries, but what was painted on the map was not the sea surface but the underwater terrain . There were many places marked on the map .

 Coral Reefs, Snake Caves, Undersea Stone Caves, Spirit Absorbing Jellyfish Settlements, and dozens of other places were on the map . Among them, three places were marked as “Dangerous . ”

 One was a Spirit Absorbing Jellyfish Settlement, one was an Undersea Stone Cave, and the other was a Boat Burying Pit .

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 Among these three places, only the name “Boat Burying Pit” was drawn in a circle .

 Han Fei frowned . He hadn’t heard of any of these places, but from these names, he could tell these places were not common ones .  Boat Burying Pit? More than one ship must have sunk there . But why did ships sink to that place? Could it be that there was a magnetic field problem like Bermuda there? No, if there was a problem with the magnetic field, people must have found out about it . Who dared to go to ordinary fisheries then?

 Han Fei thought to himself, Li Jue must have explored this place, but he survived by a fluke . Otherwise, how would he know that there were a lot of fishing boats sinking in that place?

 The next day .

 Han Fei went to Li Qing .

 “Uncle Qing, do you know where the Boat Burying Pit is?”

 Li Qing immediately turned pale and he quickly said, “Young Master, you must not go there! It’s very dangerous!”

 Seeing Li Qing’s reaction, Han Fei had already had a rough idea in his heart and said, “Just tell me, I’m still banned from going to sea for two months . ”

 Li Qing was relieved to hear that but he still looked a little frightened . “Young Master, there are actually a lot of dangers even in ordinary fisheries . People just don’t know about them . The most dangerous place in our fisheries is this Boat Burying Pit . It’s said that dozens of fishing boats disappear there every year . Young Master, do you know where the wounds on Leader… Uh, no, on Li Jue’s body and face came from?”

 Han Fei raised an eyebrow . “He got those scars in this Boat Burying Pit?”

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 Li Qing replied, “Yes, Li Jue was already an Advanced Fishing Master at that time . Although he had not yet reached the peak, he was not far from it . He heard that several of his ships disappeared there, so he started to investigate in person . However, you know what, he returned with serious injuries only fifteen minutes later and none of the people he took with him came back . At that time, he had at least hundreds of wounds on his body . Although he had a narrow escape, the scars on his face and body could never be removed . ”

 Han Fei quickly went on asking, “Did he get his Tiger-Head Fish there?”

 Li Qing paused and then shook his head . “No! He got that Tiger-Head Fish from the Spirit Absorbing Jellyfish Settlement . But you shouldn’t go there either, Young Master . There are not many people fishing in that water . This Spirit Absorbing Jellyfish is also sold in the fair, but very few people bought it . It will absorb the spirit energy of other fishes . People who go to sea will easily have their spiritual energy sucked up by the jellyfish and die in the sea . At that time, Li Jue took more than 20 people to explore that place but only 7 of them came back . Fortunately, he was paid back and got his Tiger-Head Fish . ”

 Han Fei nodded and asked, “Do you know where the Undersea Stone Cave is?”

 Li Qing was puzzled and shook his head . “Is it at the bottom of ordinary fisheries? I have never heard of it!”

 “Okay! I’m afraid that the barbecue stall is going out of business right now . You and A-Gang can take a rest, stay at home, drink and have fun . Don’t go outside . ”

 “Yes, Boss . ”

 On the way back to the plantation, Han Fei thought about it .  There must be an opportunity in the Spirit Absorbing Jellyfish Settlement . It may have been inhabited by a Tiger-Head Fish but that fish was taken away by Li Jue . There can’t be any other opportunities… Otherwise, Li Jue would definitely have returned for the second time .

 But he wasn’t sure whether Li Jue had ever been in the Undersea Stone Cave or not . There were only two possibilities . One was that he hadn’t been there and the other was that he had been there but found no opportunity . If it was the latter, then at least people could return safely from that place . But if it was the former, Li Jue didn’t go there because of something he feared . Then it was worthy of his vigilance .

 But Han Fei was not afraid .  That’s treasure! How can a treasure hunt not be dangerous? But are treasure-hunters afraid? Have I ever been afraid? No, all treasure hunters are full of adventurous spirit in their bones, and they all gamble with their lives .  

Hmm, there must be a great chance in the Boat Burying Pit . I must go to this place .