God of Fishing - Chapter 85

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Chapter 85

 “Sister Qin, can you do me a favor?”


 Han Fei looked over at her . “Can you lift the ban on me? I haven’t gone to sea in more than a month and I feel suffocated . ”

 Jiang Qin didn’t think this was a good idea just yet . “No way! Li Jue’s strength has been restored . If you go to sea, he may go to kill you . Don’t overestimate your strength . Li Jue is not easy to deal with . You can’t kill him yet . ”

 “I won’t let him know that I’ve gone to sea, and I’ll come back quickly . Don’t forget that I have the fishing boat that Fang Ze gave me! Can Li Jue’s boats catch up with mine?”

 Jiang Qin was not convinced . “Don’t even think of it! What you should do now is cultivation . Make the breakthrough to be a fishing master and I’ll let you go . ”

 Han Fei was upset .  Do you think I don’t want to make a breakthrough? But I can’t do it without enough spiritual energy!

 Han Fei sighed . He was frequently engaged in fights recently, so his spiritual energy was consumed very quickly . He had taken all the Spirit Refilling Pills and spiritual fruits that he got from the Tigers . However, including his own spiritual energy, he only had less than 60,000 points of spiritual energy, which was certainly not enough for him to break through to be a fishing master . According to the law of Void Fishing, he needed at least 50,000 points of spiritual energy to break through the bottleneck, and then he had to rebuild his body and push himself to the peak of a junior fishing master . He would need much more spiritual energy than 50,000 points .

 That night .

 All was quiet .

 Han Fei slipped out and headed for the port . His white fishing boat was still impounded there, hanging in the middle of the cliff of the floating island .

 There was a team of people on duty at the port who were chatting while eating sea melon seeds . All of a sudden, they heard a sound and it seemed that something had been knocked over .

 “Who is it?”

 “Let’s go check it out . ”

 Han Fei walked over quickly from the other side . As soon as he walked through, someone looked at this side and almost found him . Fortunately, at the moment, Han Fei was hanging himself on the edge of the cliff, which most people dared not to do because if he fell, he would definitely die .

 Humph! Ban me from going to sea? For what? This time I’ll stay at the sea… For at least five days and nights .

 Next, Han Fei drove a stolen fishing boat to find his own boat . After a while, Han Fei had gone to sea . He shouted in joy and excitement .

 “Haha! I’m finally free . You want to ban me from going to sea? Impossible!”


 In the plantation .

 Old Jiang questioned, “Why did you let the boy go to sea?”

 “He has secrets . Can’t you see that he hates being cooped up on land,” Jiang Qin speculated .

 “Ha! He’d better pray to God not to be killed on the sea . Isn’t it satisfying just to be a spirit gatherer? Why does he have to get into all this trouble?”

 Of course, Han Fei could not hear them at the moment . He was carrying a treasure map in his hand and was determining which direction to head .

 “Here we are!”

 Half an hour later, Han Fei stopped, nervous and excited .  So does my treasure hunt start again?

 Han Fei was very excited . He had more methods than Li Jue and he was confident that he was also stronger than him . Besides, he had Wandering Dragon Art . Even if there was a danger, he would be able to escape!

 Han Fei was excited, he summoned Little Black and Little White, and they jumped into the sea with a flop . After more than a month of feeding, Little Black and Little White had upgraded to level 6 and could already hunt almost all the fish species in level-one fisheries .

 After a while, Han Fei climbed onto the boat from the sea, scratching his head while gazing at the treasure map .

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 “Huh? There is no shipwreck below . Did I go in the wrong direction? Li Jue, you idiot, why didn’t you mark the directions? What a waste of my time!”

 Half an hour later .

 Han Fei shouted at Little Black, “Are you ready? Let’s advance to the treasure . ”


 It was pitch dark underwater but Han Fei was not afraid at all . He had reached the peak of fisher, so his eyes could already adapt to most of the dark waters .

 Huh? There are still a lot of fishes here . Did I run in the wrong direction again?

 Thirty metres underwater, Han Fei saw a Snakebelt as long as four or five metres . His eyelids twitched .  What a big Snakebelt! I can’t believe my eyes!

 “Little Black, eat him . ”

 Han Fei continued to dive, but the further he went down, the fewer fish he found . For some reason, his heart was pounding .

 Is something staring at me? But I don’t see anything!

 When he continued to dive for 30 metres, he felt a chill down his spine . What caught his eye was a long trench less than 10 metres wide . Its depth was unknown . On both sides of the trench, there were shipwrecks all over the place, so densely packed that they could not be counted .

 At this very moment, Han Fei felt his wrists ache . Did his calabash feel something?


 Han Fei blinked and initiated the Eyes of True Vision . Then he saw that the spiritual energy here was exceptionally rich, especially in the trench, in which the spiritual energy was so abundant that it was about to overflow .

 Wow! Treasure!

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 Han Fei was overjoyed . Yes, he found it!

 At this time, Little Black had already killed the Snakebelt . Han Fei waved, motioning Little Black to go into the trench and explore it . The trench was so narrow . Once an unknown event occurred, it was not easy for him to run away, so he’d better be careful .

 At the same time, Han Fei fell carefully on a sunken ship . Soaking in the water all year round, the hull of the ship had almost been covered by dark green water plants, so it was a bit slippery to step on .

 There were many pieces of human bones near the shipwreck . Obviously, these people had died long ago . Many bones were broken, which seemed to be caused by battering .



 Han Fei quickly turned around, held the Purple Bamboo Rod in his hand, and flew off the shipwreck instantly . The next moment, he saw a two-metre-long crab appear on the shipwreck .

 Damn, an XL Green Crab?


 Something attacked him and Han Fei immediately counterattacked . With a clang, he was beaten back several metres . He turned around, only to see another large Blade Fish three to four metres long .

 Almost instantaneously, Han Fei filled his body with spiritual energy and swiftly approached the fish . Then he thrust a knife into the head of the fish and sent it to hell . At the same time, he quickly left .

 “Strange, the creatures here are all huge…”

 Han Fei stared closely at where the Blade Fish fell . After one or two minutes, a crab claw appeared, followed by several huge Green Crabs . As they gathered and tore open the Blade Fish’s body, many more large Green Crabs crawled out of the wreck nearby .

 Han Fei felt his blood freeze and he tried to comfort himself .  It’s OK . They’re just a little bigger . How about Little Black over there?

 Suddenly, Little White swam to the trench quickly .

 “Little White, come back!”

 Han Fei was anxious .  Is Little Black in danger? But what kind of a creature can find Little Black and kill him?

 Han Fei looked around . Although there were a lot of big Green Crabs out there, very few of them crawled into the trench .

 Let me try my fortune!

 Han Fei was not afraid when entering the trench . He was used to crossing submarine caves without wearing oxygen masks . He knew the characteristics of fish . They might hunt things they were familiar with and only a small part of them that were very aggressive were interested in strange creatures like humans . Of course, he was not sure about the fish here .

 The shallowest part of the trench was not deep and only as deep as about 50 metres . But as Han Fei dove all the way down, he found the deepest part here was close to 300 metres . Han Fei was quite proud . If it were before, how could he directly descend to a water zone 90 metres deep?

 The bottom of the trench was also covered with sunken ships, some of which were upside down . Han Fei stood on the shipwreck and gaped . He actually saw a huge cave at the bottom of the trench .

 From the top, it seemed that the bottom of the trench was as narrow as its opening, but now it didn’t seem to be the case at all . The underwater cave at the bottom of the trench seemed to lead to a distant and unknown place . It seemed that the internal space was not small, but Han Fei didn’t act rashly .

 Little White revolved around Han Fei and went to the cave from time to time as if beckoning Han Fei to go inside .

 “No hurry . Let me check it out . ”

 Han Fei took out the fishing rod behind his back, fastened a dagger to the fish hook with a fishing line, and shot it into the cave . As soon as the dagger went into the cave less than 30 metres, a monster suddenly jumped out of the sand at the bottom and pounced at the dagger .


Han Fei was astounded . Thank God he didn’t act rashly . Otherwise, he would definitely get snipped .

 He quickly withdrew the fishing line and the monster jumped up and chased the dagger . Not only that, Han Fei also noticed the surrounding sand bulge and there seemed to be something about to move .

 “Ha! I’d like to see what it is . ”

 When the thing broke through the sand and revealed its full body, Han Fei ejected himself backwards immediately and floated up . What did he see? The two or three metre long stuff was not a fish at all but an ultra-large Mantis Shrimp!