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God of Fishing - Chapter 86

Published at 12th of June 2020 05:48:58 PM

Chapter 86

Mantis Shrimp Cub



  111 points

  Its flesh is exceptionally delicious . Eating its flesh for a long time can build up your body . And eating Mantis Shrimp Beads can quickly strengthen your physical strength .

  Mantis Shrimp Beads


 Han Fei was relieved to see that the shrimp was only at level ten . Although a level-ten shrimp was the strongest in ordinary fisheries, it wouldn’t be able to hurt him, but was this only a cub? A cub with such a gigantic body? Then how big was an adult Mantis Shrimp?

 As he expected, the Mantis Shrimp began to chase him . His front claws were as long as two metres when they were fully opened .


 He swung the Purple Bamboo Rod at the shrimp and hit the forearm of the Mantis Shrimp that attacked him at the same time . He struck first because only people who had gone to sea knew how strong a Mantis Shrimp’s attack power was . His instantaneous explosive power could enable him to break a crab’s claw with one blow . At the moment a Mantis Shrimp attacked, its speed, explosive power, and attack power would instantly reach their peak state .

 To Han Fei’s surprise, however, this Mantis Shrimp only backed away a few metres and then shook its head . His two oval eyes stood up and stared at Han Fei .

 What strong defensive power! But I don’t think I will lose to him .

 Han Fei smiled . At least this shrimp was not as strong as he imagined .

 Han Fei drew out a dagger and when the Mantis Shrimp punched at him, he leaned forward obliquely, narrowly dodging its attack, and at the same time thrust the dagger from his hand into the shrimp’s neck, almost cutting the shrimp’s head off .

 He kicked the Mantis Shrimp to the bottom of the sea and his heart was pounding fast . If he hadn’t initiated the Wandering Dragon Art instantly just now, his head would have been hit by the shrimp’s claws . At this time, a group of Mantis Shrimps had gathered around . Han Fei frowned . How could he pass with so many Mantis Shrimps in his way?

 Wait a minute… Although this creature loves to fight, I don’t have to fight them myself!

 Han Fei immediately swam up . At this moment, a group of large Green Crabs was still watching with their eyes up . When they saw Han Fei rushing out, they lifted their claws one after another .

 Han Fei glanced around, found a large Green Turtle, and rushed straight over .


 The Green Turtle was knocked to death by Han Fei before he had any time to react . Han Fei took out his dagger, cut a dozen wounds on the Green Turtle, and then dragged it to the crabs .

 Lured by food, more and more big Green Crabs gathered up . Han Fei hit the claws of the big Green Crabs with his Purple Bamboo Rod from a distance and then swam away quickly .

 Soon, hundreds of big Green Crabs began to chase after him . If they could talk, they would have shouted, “You are dead meat! How dare you tempt us with food and hit us! We’re gonna crush your head with our claws!”

 When they reached the trench, they didn’t stop but they kept swimming in . Hundreds of Green Crabs had entered in only a short while .

 Han Fei thought, Great! Cannon fodders, come on!

 Han Fei threw the Green Turtle into the trench and quickly swam away like a big fish .

 From a distance, Han Fei saw that the first big Green Crab that entered the trench was punched to pieces by the Mantis Shrimp in the blink of an eye . Oh, that’s sad!

 Why were Mantis Shrimp’s attacks described as punches? Because when Mantis Shrimp attack their enemies, they punch with their front claws just like a boxer . Only if they caught fish would they use their tongs .

 Now Han Fei probably understood why Li Jue went back with so many injuries . When a level-ten Mantis Shrimp was angered, no fish in the entire ordinary fisheries could resist him . Han Fei even suspected that even a big Meat Turtle wouldn’t survive the attacks of a group of Mantis Shrimp .

 Of course, this Mantis Shrimp he saw wouldn’t be able to hurt an advanced fishing master, so Han Fei guessed that there should be one or even a few more powerful Mantis Shrimp inside . He thought to himself, If those Mantis Shrimp don’t come out, I won’t get in .

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 Perhaps the smells of blood and crab roe attracted the attention of fish . From time to time, Green Turtles, Blade Fish, White Fish, and other fishes swam in along the trench .

 At this moment, there was a fierce battle in the trench . Han Fei saw that a Green Turtle sank to the bottom and his head was gone .


 Han Fei was not in a hurry now . He began to absorb spiritual energy on the side . As the battle grew fiercer, spiritual energy was continuously supplied . Staying too long undersea, Han Fei had to return to the sea surface to get some fresh air .

 The battle lasted for almost an hour and Han Fei had absorbed at least 10,000 points of spiritual energy . When he was happily absorbing spiritual energy, the water below suddenly became cloudy, and a Blade Fish tried to escape only to be crushed by a punch .


 When the water became clear again, Han Fei saw another Mantis Shrimp and a string of data appeared in front of his eyes .

  Mantis Shrimp King


  Rare (exotic)

  500 points

  Its flesh is exceptionally delicious . Eating its flesh can build up your body . And eating Exotic Mantis Shrimp Beads can greatly strengthen your physical strength .

  Mantis Shrimp Beads


 Han Fei was silent . A level-19 Mantis Shrimp King, this was the real reason that Li Jue came back with serious injuries . Although the data showed that the shrimp was only at level 19, Han Fei felt that the Sea Dragon he fought last time was a piece of cake in front of this Mantis Shrimp King . The latter would be able to crush the former’s head with a single punch .

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 Damn! This thing is too big! I can’t beat him!

 Han Fei’s eyes were shining . The fight between big Green Crabs and the Mantis Shrimp had almost finished, and body parts were scattered everywhere . The fish nearby had almost been killed off by the shrimp . Now the gigantic Mantis Shrimp King was chewing a Blade Fish .

 What a pity! If only I hadn’t eaten the spiritual fruits stolen from the Tigers . If I take them out, they will definitely attract a lot of large Green Crabs and fishes .

 Huh? Spiritual energy… If I cultivate here… No, the Mantis Shrimp King will kill me… Or, should I attract some more fish to come here?

 Han Fei hadn’t tried to cultivate in the sea before, neither had anyone else in the Heavenly Water Village . He forcibly took Little Black back and swam a few kilometres away before stopping .

 Han Fei asked the fish, “Where did you go? Guard my side and allow no creatures to come near me . ”

 When he initiated Void Fishing, he was shocked . The spiritual energy didn’t come from the sky but from all directions .

 Soon, countless large Green Crabs, Sea Snails, Rotating Starfish, and Blade Fish swarmed one after another .

 Han Fei felt something bump into him and then bump again .

 He opened his eyes . “Didn’t I tell you not to allow any creatures to come near me? Shit!”

 Seeing countless fish and crabs coming from all directions, Han Fei immediately stopped cultivating and ran away .

 Little Black was stunned too .  There’s too many! I can’t eat them all! Sorry, Master .

 Just as Han Fei left, a large school of fish swarmed in, as well as countless large Green Crabs . They all dashed at him fiercely as if going to cut him to pieces with their claws .

 Oh, are the fishes crazy… Huh? My spiritual energy has increased by more than 400 points in such a short time?

 Han Fei took a deep breath . He had cultivated several times more spiritual energy on the seabed than on a fishing boat at night . No wonder it caused such a stir .

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“Little Black, when you get a chance, get into the shell of that big Mantis Shrimp and eat it from inside . ”

 Little Black kept circling around Han Fei as if protesting, “The shrimp’s shell is too tough for me!”

 Han Fei patted his own chest . “I’ll help you . I will open a hole in the back of his head . Remember to slip into his shell from the hole and eat quickly . If you can’t eat him, I’ll be eaten by him . ”

 Boat Burying Pit, in the trench .

 Han Fei rushed directly into the trench . Now he didn’t have time to keep an eye on the Mantis Shrimp King in front . What was behind him was even more terrifying .

 When he was about to reach the bottom of the trench, he saw that the big Mantis Shrimp King had retracted his two claws, exposing half of his body, ready to attack at any time .


However, Han Fei suddenly condensed a column of spiritual energy in his hand and shot it directly at the Mantis Shrimp King .

 The Mantis Shrimp King was stunned . What is this strange fish doing? Why is he sending me spiritual energy?

 Han Fei kept grabbing one mass of spiritual energy after another from the void and stuffed them into the body of the Mantis Shrimp King . Seeing this scene, the fishes and crabs behind were all in an uproar! Wow, spiritual energy! So much spiritual energy!


 The fishes rushed up and rammed the Mantis Shrimp, turning the seabed dusty and sand and stones flew all over . With continuous clangs and clanks, crabs were hitting the shell of the Mantis Shrimp with their claws . But undoubtedly, they couldn’t hurt him at all . It was like a group of four or five-year-olds trying to beat an 18-year-old youth . The odds of success were slim . Quantity didn’t make any difference .


Han Fei hid aside, no longer transmitting spiritual energy to the shrimp . Instead, he held a knife in his hand and swam tens of metres away from the Mantis Shrimp King, waiting for a chance to make a move .