God of Fishing - Chapter 87

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Chapter 87

If the Mantis Shrimp King could speak, he would have definitely scolded Han Fei . “Where the f*ck did all this food come from? There’s too many of them!”

 The Mantis Shrimp King was attacking wildly with all its legs and killed several large Green Crabs with a single punch .

 However, shrimp power had its limits . Although he was strong, there were too many enemies here, especially creatures like Blade Fish that were really hard to deal with . They kept darting their fin blades at them and now both of his tentacles had been broken .

 Han Fei took out two Spirit Refilling Pills and put them into his mouth, holding the knife in his hand and waiting for the right time .

 When the Mantis Shrimp King punched a large Green Crab, he exposed the part connecting his head and body . A cold gleam flickered in Han Fei’s eyes and he suddenly approached him as fast as he could .


 “Universe Machete!”

 In an instant, Han Fei’s combat power rose to its peak . With a cold flash, he pierced the neck of the Mantis Shrimp with his knife .

 “Little Black, come on . ”

 Han Fei quickly retreated and swallowed two Spirit Refilling Pills . Although spiritual energy quickly returned to his body, he still felt weak all over .

 The Mantis Shrimp King immediately went violent, drilled out of the sand, and exposed his whole body that was as long as ten metres . As his legs twitched and punched, his gigantic body rushed forward while swarms of large Green Crabs were torn into pieces .

 The Mantis Shrimp King was flapping and tumbling for at least five minutes, and in the end, he trembled, reared his claws, and shot out two visible water blades . Wherever the blades cut, all fishes were dismembered .

 When the stirred soil settled, only dismembered corpses, cracked shells, and countless crab claws were scattered around the trench .

 Han Fei took a deep breath . He wondered how Li Jue survived the attack of this huge Mantis Shrimp . Even a fishing master might not be able to beat him!

 At this time, Little Black stuck his head out of the shell of the Mantis Shrimp and looked around . When he spotted Han Fei, he quickly slipped out and swam to him .

 Han Fei glanced at it and said, “Well done! I’ll award you when we go back . ”

 Han Fei didn’t leave the trench . There were too many fish bodies here and spiritual energy was everywhere . The Demon Purification Pot on his wrist began to absorb spiritual energy . As spiritual energy flowed in, Han Fei’s spiritual energy was rocketing at a speed visible to the naked eye .

 Haha! I should have gone to sea earlier . I’ve absorbed more spiritual energy in just one hour here than I could in a month in the village .

 His spiritual energy value no longer rose after reaching 86,211 points as the spiritual energy here had all been absorbed by him .

 Han Fei was looking at the data in a daze when Little White tugged at his arm .


 Seeing Little White try to swim into the cave, Han Fei patted his own head .  Yes! I’m here to hunt for treasure! I haven’t found any treasures yet . What am I happy about?

 The cave was very deep . Han Fei swam as far as two kilometres, only to find that the road had come to an end .

 Huh? Did I reach the end?

 Han Fei swam upward .


 Han Fei was shocked when he rose to the surface . This was an underwater cave with an area of about 100 square metres .

 When he came out of the water, he saw a stone tablet with the words, “Any Trespassing Fishing Master or above will Die . ”

 The smile on Han Fei’s face disappeared when he saw these words . There seemed to be a great threat in this cave .

 Han Fei swallowed .  I am not a fishing master yet! It should be fine if I go in!

 He climbed ashore, looked around, and was at once certain that someone used to cultivate here . There were a bed, a table and stools, and a large pool of five or six square metres in the cave .

 Han Fei’s gaze followed the Mantis Shrimp’s footprints, which was leading to the pool . He walked over and immediately felt a rush of spiritual energy . There was an abundance of spiritual energy here and there was a milky liquid dripping into the pool from above .

 Wow! The spiritual energy here is really rich! Is this pool full of liquefied spiritual energy?

 It was a pity that there was not much white liquid left in the pool, probably only enough to be ankle-deep . It must have been sucked away by the Mantis Shrimp King .

 Han Fei planned to explore the entire cave, but Little Black and Little White were already bathing cheerfully in the milky pool .

 Han Fei’s face immediately changed . Just now, the two fishes flashed, which he had seen five or six times this month . This meant that Little Black and Little White had upgraded .

 Upon seeing this, Han Fei immediately sat into the pool and began to cultivate .  Shit, I finally found a treasure . How can I let the two fishes take it from me? That’s unacceptable!

 As soon as he sat into the pool, even before he began to cultivate, he felt that spiritual energy was pouring into his body . Overjoyed, he immediately initiated Void Fishing Art .

 Soon, his face turned red and he felt spiritual energy rolling throughout his body . The spiritual energy flowing in the meridians was so enriched that they were burning .


 As Han Fei shouted, the spiritual energy in his body instantly permeated into his bones and muscles, and at the same time, the white liquid in the pool drilled into his body which was visible to the naked eye .

 After four or five minutes, Han Fei felt resistance .

 “Is it the last obstacle before becoming a fishing master? Break…”

 After hitting dozens of times in a row, something seemed to break . Han Fei felt the jammed spiritual energy in his body instantly begin to flow smoothly . As trickles were converging and spiritual energy was gathering up like rivers flowing into the sea, his meridians became tougher, his bones clicked and his muscles bulged . There seemed to be an explosive force in his body .

 Han Fei knew that the breakthrough had not yet finished, and the spiritual energy was rapidly strengthening his physique .

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 After about half an hour, Han Fei felt that his body had been rebuilt and he had reached the peak of a junior fishing master . If he was willing, he would even be able to make the next breakthrough to be an intermediate fishing master .

 At this moment, his face suddenly changed . He tried to stand up . If he made another breakthrough before he adapted himself to the breakthrough just now, his cultivation foundation would be undermined .

 “Why can’t I stop?!”

 Han Fei was a bit helpless . Void Fishing was still running automatically and oppressing him .

 “Hey! Calabash, calabash, help me… Calabash… My dear calabash…”

 “Little Black, drink, drink this pool dry…”

 Little did he know that at this moment, Little Black and Little White were lying in the pool motionlessly and their bellies were bulging . They were too full to move .

 Han Fei was surprised .  Why is spiritual energy still pouring into my body even though I’m not cultivating? Is it because I am sitting in this pool to cultivate?

 “No, my body will explode if I don’t continue to make the next breakthrough . ”

 Just when Han Fei was anxious, he suddenly remembered the Forge the Universe he had that was only as large as a few square feet . Could it be expanded?

 Without hesitation, Han Fei kept transmitting the spiritual energy that was running in his body into Forge the Universe . To his surprise, it was expanding bit by bit and had expanded by more than 1 metre in under a minute .

 When the space in Forge the Universe was expanded to 10 square metres, the expansion speed immediately dropped . The garlic, peppers, and other plants he planted in it began to grow, catalyzed by the spiritual energy and soon matured .

 Half a day or perhaps one day later, Han Fei’s Forge the Universe had expanded to nearly 50 square metres .

 Han Fei suddenly remembered his white fishing boat and wondered where it had drifted . After all, it had been so long and the boat should have drifted away by now . If only Forge the Universe became a rectangle! Then he could throw the ship into it .

 As soon as this idea popped up in his mind, he was surprised to see Forge the Universe suddenly change from a circular space into a rectangular one .

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 “Wow, am I seeing this right?”

 Han Fei froze . Could he change the shape of this space at will?

 With a thought from Han Fei, a pool appeared in Forge the Universe . And as he thought again, this space changed into a square .

 This… This is awesome! Can I conjure something up in it?

 Han Fei thought for a while and decided to conjure up a pig . He hadn’t eaten pork for a long time . Unfortunately, nothing had changed in this space this time .

 Han Fei tried many times . It turned out that he could only change the terrain of the space, but not any flower, tree, bird, or beast inside or outside the space . But this made sense . If he could conjure living beings, wouldn’t he be the creator?

 In the end, the area of Forge the Universe stopped at about 60 square metres and Han Fei no longer felt massive spiritual energy pounding his body .

 Han Fei opened his eyes, only to find that his body was covered with filth . He had no time to clean himself up but he looked at his data .

 : Han Fei

  13 (Junior Fishing Master)

  156,666 points (559)

  Level-Three, Mid-Quality (Upgradable)

  Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

 : Purple Bamboo Rod

 : Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)


 Huh?… I didn’t upgrade my spiritual heritage! Why was it upgraded? And why is the “Upgradable” part behind it grayed out?

 Han Fei was a bit panicked .  Is it because my spiritual heritage was upgraded too quickly? Or are there conditions that have not been met, so I can’t upgrade it?