God of Fishing - Chapter 88

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Chapter 88

Han Fei repeatedly pondered over the information revealed by this string of data .

 First of all, his spiritual heritage might not be able to be upgraded for the time being . It seemed to be limited by some unknown power . He tried upgrading it with spiritual energy, but nothing happened .

 Then he noticed the change in his level . It must have taken him a lot of spiritual energy to upgrade to a fishing master and improve his strength to be at the peak of a junior fishing master . It was precisely this number that reminded him of something…

 In everyone’s eyes, fishing masters had no difference in level only in quality, but the data only showed that he was level 13; it didn’t show his specific quality . This was very important, which meant that there might be a big gap between junior fishing masters . Although the upper limit of his spiritual energy had been increased to 559 points, he felt that he still had a lot of room for improvement . After all, he hadn’t finished practicing the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing and his physique hadn’t reached its peak yet .

 Thinking of this, Han Fei felt that it was necessary for him to solidify his foundation now . More haste, less speed . Although it was good to become stronger, if his strength was increased too fast, there would definitely be problems . This was common sense .

 Of course, Han Fei didn’t plan to practice the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing here because he hadn’t finished exploring the cave yet .

 Han Fei looked down only to see that Little Black and Little White were shining with spiritual energy . The two little guys upgraded fast indeed! Even their bellies bulged .

 Of course, what surprised Han Fei most was the white liquid in this pool . Now, it was completely gone . It must have been used up when he was expanding Forge the Universe . Otherwise, the spiritual energy contained in the white liquid would be enough to burst his body dozens of times .

 Han Fei summoned back Little Black and Little White and they began to explore this space .

 In addition to beds, tables, and stools, there was also a place for cultivation . Seeing it, Han Fei knew that he used the wrong cultivation method just now . Even the owner didn’t sit in the pool to cultivate . He was stupid to do that, but he was mainly affected by the footprints of the Mantis Shrimp King .

 Walking through the place where the owner of the cave cultivated, Han Fei found several pockets on the rock wall, and when he walked past, he found two books .

 Han Fei picked up a book without a name and looked at it . It was the owner’s self-record of his cultivation .

 The record dated back to when this person discovered the underwater cave . The first page stated:

 “I was defeated and fell to this place . I thought that I would die here . However, I found a spiritual spring in this ordinary fishery . Unfortunately, my injuries are too serious and the spiritual spring is too little to make up for my losses . I know that I don’t have much time left, but I can do nothing about it . ”

 Page two:

 “My cultivation foundation has been damaged and I can no longer cultivate . Fine, let this cave be my tomb!”

 Page three:

 “On the seventh day I’m lying here and waiting for death, the spiritual energy in my body has been exhausted and I can’t absorb any spiritual energy from the spiritual spring . I know, I am doomed . ”

 Page four:

 “This sea area is abundant with Mantis Shrimp . They taste good . I am accompanied by Mantis Shrimp every day . ”

 Page five:

 “Why am I still alive? I’ve been waiting for death here for a month . Why am I still alive?”

 Page six:

 “I have had an amazing discovery . Do cultivators only need spiritual energy? Wrong, completely wrong… After consuming Mantis Shrimps for a long time, I found myself full of energy . My mental power and energy are intertwined . Without spiritual energy, I’m even capable of telekinesis… God of the Sea! I found a great secret . Does cultivation only need spiritual energy? No, using spiritual energy is only one of the ways to cultivate . There is still another way . ”

 When Han Fei read this, his heart was pounding hard .  What does the cave owner mean? He no longer had any spiritual energy but he could still cultivate? What does this mean?

 Han Fei continued to read eagerly .

 Page seven:

 “It took me a year to create the physical training method . Now I’m confident that even a Hidden Fisher won’t be able to beat me after I’ve tempered my body with this method . But this art still has a weakness . I know, my mental power is seriously damaged… Haha, wait, wait for me to find a way to restore my mental strength . When I return, I will wipe out the entire Thousand Star City…”

 Han Fei hurriedly turned the page, only to find that there was no more . Did this mean that the owner had left to find a way to restore his mental strength?

 F*ck! It feels like I missed 100 million yuan .

 Han Fei continued to read the other book . Turning the first page, he saw two large words: “Indestructible Body . ”

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 Han Fei was shocked . He just felt that he had missed 100 million yuan and then he found that this guy had left him the physical training method?

 Han Fei excitedly turned another page, but this page was not about the training method . Han Fei’s eyelids twitched when he read its contents:

 “I don’t know who will inherit my “Indestructible Body,” but you can enter here when you’re still a fisher, which shows that you’re quite talented . You have two choices . The first is to give up and leave the “Indestructible Body” art here . The second one is to practice it . Then even if you are a waste, you can be a god as long as you are willing to work hard . However, if you choose to practice the Indestructible Body, you are my disciple . Remember not to tell anyone you’re Ren Tianfei’s disciple when you go to the Thousand Star City . Otherwise, you’ll probably be killed by my enemies . Of course, it’s also possible that you are such a waste that you’ll still die early even if you’ve practiced Indestructible Body . But it doesn’t matter . I’ve left a map for you . If you can set foot in a level-three fishery, you can use the map… If you can’t even go to a level-three fishery or find my treasure trove, then you are basically a waste and don’t deserve to be my disciple…”

 Sure enough, Han Fei did find a fish-skin map at the end of the book . It was a map of a sea area that he had never seen before . The topography was very complicated, and a red dot was circled .

 Han Fei found this guy both funny and annoying . He was so arrogant that he wanted to wipe out a city and even become a god . But Han Fei liked that!

 Han Fei hummed while flipping through the book .  I’m not going to be your disciple . You have so many enemies . I don’t want to get into trouble! But I owe you one .

 He opened the page and it read, “The mysterious human body can be basically divided into five levels: skin, flesh, internal organs, bones, and marrow . If you finish tempering your skin, no weapon can penetrate your skin . If you finish tempering your flesh, your body will become extremely flexible . If you finish tempering your internal organs, any wound you have can heal by itself . If you finish tempering your bones, your fist will be even harder than the best weapon . If you finish tempering your marrow, your body will be indestructible and you’ll be a god…”

 Han Fei’s mouth was almost watering .  That’s the most valuable treasure I’ve ever seen! It’s completely different from those garbage books in the library of the Heavenly Water Village . This is a genuinely magical art! And its author is a real genius!

 Han Fei habitually looked at the data of the Indestructible Body .

 “Indestructible Body” (Venerable Level, Peerless Quality)

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 : The peerless genius of the Thousand Star City created this physical training method “Indestructible Body” at the lowest point of his life, which is only one step away from a divine-quality art .

 : “Indestructible Overlord Body”

 : 100 million points .

 Han Fei was dumbfounded and dazzled as he rubbed his eyes .

 Damn, that’s ridiculous! Are you serious?! 100 million points! You might as well kill me!

 Han Fei didn’t know what to say .  100 million points! Isn’t the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing also of venerable level? Why is this one so special? 100 million points required to deduce it?

 But Han Fei was still very happy to get this Art . After all, a wonderful combat skill like Shadow-less Hand was only of Mortal Level, Divine Quality, whereas this Indestructible Body reached the Venerable Level, which must be a very advanced combat skill .

 Although he was still unclear about the hierarchy of different arts, he had a rough idea of how advanced this art was from the spiritual energy required to deduce it .  If this weren’t a great art, would it require so many spiritual energy points to deduce it?

 Han Fei immediately threw the book into Forge the Universe . He would never leave it to others now that he had got it . If it was taken by someone else, he would cry himself to death!

 Han Fei explored around the rest of the cave and found nothing else . Then he walked out without hesitation .

 When he left, he said to the air, “I’m taking away this treasure but I won’t stop to find the next treasure . The next treasure, wait for me . It won’t take me long!”