God of Fishing - Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

Han Fei smiled .  Do you want to exhaust my spiritual energy? Are you kidding me?


 Li Jue’s eyes were cold and when Han Fei launched a spiritual energy explosion attack, he did the same at the same time .

 Han Fei was sent flying through the air again, but once again, he flew back and fought Li Jue .

 In just a few minutes, Han Fei was sent flying seven or eight times, but he was still shouting .

 “Li Jue, the leader of the Tigers, is this all you can do? Aren’t you a peak-leveled fishing master? Aren’t you going to be a Great Fishing Master? Come on! Hit me! Kill me!”

 Li Jue almost vomited blood in anger .  What kind of chance did Han Fei get? How did he suddenly become so strong? Was his spiritual energy really endless? If he didn’t kill him today, how could he beat him in the future?


 Suddenly, Li Jue punched Han Fei away and took the chance to put some Spirit Refilling Pills into his own mouth . When Han Fei pounced at him again, he frowned .  There must be something wrong!

 In an instant, Han Fei’s toe-tips touched the ground and he flew back . At the same time, Li Jue split his rod into two pieces, exposing two thin knives, and he thrust them at Han Fei .

 Han Fei hurriedly changed his posture and narrowly ducked the two knives .

 Han Fei’s face changed slightly .  What a tricky angle! Did he learn it from me? But that’s a knife, not a rod . No matter how sturdy my body is, you can’t stab it with a knife!

 “Ho! Li Jue, you really let me down! Is that all you’ve got?”

 Li Jue stood still and coldly stared at Han Fei . “I have to say, you may be the most talented person in the Heavenly Water Village in this past century except Tang Ge, but so what? I slaughtered my way through and got where I’m today from being a nobody! You’re no match for me! Since you want to die, let me help you . ”

 “Tiger-Head, fuse with me!”

 Han Fei’s eyes narrowed . He had been waiting for this moment . Although they seemed to tie, Li Jue did not exert his full strength . Even if he used the Crazy Devil’s Rod, he still couldn’t beat him . It could be seen that although the Crazy Devil’s Rod was powerful, it couldn’t help him win . Its creator must have only killed two junior fishing masters .

 “Little Black, bite him . ”


 Li Jue glanced around but found nothing at all, but at the next moment, there was a pain in his thigh . When he looked down, a piece of flesh had been bitten off .

 Li Jue’s look changed greatly .  What is it?

 Before Li Jue had the time to react, the same place on his thigh was bitten again .


 Li Jue immediately filled his body with spiritual energy .

 “What is this? What hex do you use?”

 Han Fei chuckled . “I’ll tell you when you die . ”

 Han Fei also filled his body with spiritual energy and attacked him again . This time, he felt completely different . Li Jue’s attacks were so swift and fierce that he even defused his spiritual energy explosion with his knives . When Han Fei didn’t pay attention, he was cut in the chest . Although he wasn’t seriously wounded, he had to fill his body with spiritual energy again .

 “Interesting . Your strength was improved by a level after fusing with your Tiger-Head Fish, but so what? You’re still a peak-leveled fishing master . You’re still not my match!”

 Han Fei evaded Li Jue’s double knives and jumped in the air, shouting, “Fuse!”

 The next moment, a yin-yang pattern instantly covered up his body, and one of Han Fei’s eyes became black and one white while his momentum soared .

 Li Jue was shocked . “It’s impossible! How can a Spirit Swallowing Fish bring such a strong fusion effect?”


 In Han Fei’s eyes, blood was circulating in Li Jue’s body and spiritual energy was rolling in his meridian, which was as plain as daylight to him .


 When their fists collided, the corner of Li Jue’s mouth twitched . Just a moment ago, he saw a cold flash, and then his spiritual energy explosion attack was defused!

 He turned around, only to see that two knives appeared in Han Fei’s hand and his Purple Bamboo Rod was gone .

 “Do you use knives too?”


 A sudden thirst for blood seized Han Fei . Having this feeling once again, he was still terrified, and at the moment of fusion, he felt that his strength should surpass that of a junior fishing master . Li Jue ‘s movements were not as fast or powerful as before .


 They were both using double knives and fighting fiercely . Only in ten minutes, Li Jue had more than a dozen wounds on his body, and his spiritual energy explosion attacks had been defused three times .

 Li Jue was confused . “How is it possible?! How can you be so strong? Your spiritual beast can’t be a Spirit Swallowing Fish!”

 Han Fei’s face was grim and his voice was hoarse, “My… spiritual beast is… Twin… Yin-Yang… Spirit Swallowing Fish” .

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 Li Jue was astounded . It turned out that his spiritual beast was not an ordinary Spirit Swallowing Fish but a very powerful exotic fish . No wonder his strength became so terrifying after the fusion . Every time he almost cut him, he would narrowly dodge it . Although he came this close to killing him, he failed in the end .

 Li Jue would not give up . “No, I won’t lose! Blade Fish, fuse with me . ”

 The next moment, a Blade Fish rushed into Li Jue’s body from the void .

 Few people knew that Li Jue used knives, and even fewer people knew that Li Jue had a spiritual beast . Everyone knew that Li Jue had a Tiger-Head Fish as his contractual spiritual fish and thought that he had no spiritual beast or his spiritual beast had already died, but who knew that Li Jue’s spiritual beast was the most common, a Blade Fish!

 Obviously, Blade Fish were too common and could be seen everywhere in the Heavenly Water Village, but with such a spiritual beast Li Jue still became the leader of the Tigers, which demonstrated his ability .

 With one eye black and one white eye, Han Fei looked very calm . No one knew what he was thinking .

 In fact, Han Fei was thinking about how to kill Li Jue at this moment . Once again, he dashed at Li Jue again carrying the knives . The double knives in his hand danced like flying butterflies and looked gorgeous . But this time, he failed to defuse Li Jue’s spiritual energy explosion attack . From time to time, Han Fei saw a transparent knife shoot from Li Jue’s body . Although it was almost invisible, it could not escape his eyes .


 Han Fei looked down at the wound on his right shoulder that was left by the knife . He had seen the knife coming just now but couldn’t dodge it .

 Li Jue sneered, “You have many means, but so what? Your real strength just equals to that of a junior fishing master . How long can you keep this special fighting state?”

 Han Fei clenched his knives and said lightly, “Fury . ”

 In an instant, Han Fei got close to him . He waved the knives so fast that only shadows could be seen . Li Jue had just barely blocked the first ten attacks but failed to block his attack again . In a blink of an eye, a dozen wounds appeared on his body and he was drenched with blood . This brutal battle continued .

 “Impossible . ”

 Li Jue let out a desperate roar . Why did this guy suddenly become even stronger? He shot seven or eight knives simultaneously, but Han Fei twisted his body in strange postures and dodged them all . No ordinary people could twist their bodies like that!

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Swish… Swish…

 After only several minutes, Li Jue was covered with blood and his hands had turned to bones!

 Li Jue looked incredulously at his hands that had become bones and then at the two knives respectively in his left and right chest .

 Han Fei looked calm and the gleam in his black and white eyes seemed about to go out, but in the end, they didn’t .

 Han Fei grinned eerily and his twisted face was all bloody . He pulled Li Jue over, opened his mouth, and bit his neck .


 After dozens of minutes, Han Fei terminated the fusion with difficulty . At the moment he terminated the fusion, he threw up .

 “Shit! I bit a human again! I don’t want to do it! Little Black, why didn’t you tell me that human flesh is so gross?!”


 Of course, Han Fei hadn’t really eaten any human flesh: he just killed Li Jue by biting off all the flesh of his neck . Perhaps he subconsciously resisted eating human flesh, so he spat the flesh out . But even so, the strong bloody smell almost made him faint .


 Han Fei ate a Spirit Refilling Pill and lay on the fishing boat, exhausted .

 Little White swam over and kissed Han Fei’s cheek, and then swam to Han Fei’s mouth, giving Han Fei a mouthful of pure spiritual energy .


 Han Fei wanted to faint again .  I not only ate human flesh, but also ate spiritual energy spat out by a fish . Although this spiritual energy is very pure, it is still from a fish’s mouth!