God of Fishing - Chapter 91

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Chapter 91

In the evening, Wang Jie finally found Han Fei .

 The moment Wang Jie boarded the fishing boat, he gaped . There was blood all over the deck, as well as some suspicious pieces of flesh, and Li Jue’s rod was left on the deck .

 “Han Fei, Han Fei…”

 Han Fei knew it was Wang Jie, but he didn’t open his eyes . He was too tired . Although he had just restored some strength, he still didn’t want to move .

 “Mr . Wang, I’m fine . ”

 Wang Jie let out a sigh of relief and immediately asked, “Where is Li Jue…?”

 Han Fei pointed to the deck and said, “I threw him to the sea to feed the fish . ”

 Wang Jie: “…”

 Wang Jie was stunned .  Is Li Jue dead? Li Jue, who had been such a bully for years, is dead? How did Han Fei manage to kill him?

 “How did you kill him?”

 Han Fei stretched out and sat up . “I used the secret weapon Tang Ge gave me . ”

 Wang Jie rolled his eyes .  Do you think I’m a fool? If you did have a secret weapon, why is blood all over on the deck? And why do you look so tired?

 However, Wang Jie was still deeply shocked . No matter how Han Fei made it, he made it, which showed that Han Fei had the strength to kill a peak-leveled fishing master . Everyone knew that Li Jue was only one step from becoming a Great Fishing Master!

 “Have you made a breakthrough?”


 Wang Jie didn’t know what to say .  How old is he? A 12-year-old kid who had just gone through the Fishing Trial was already a fishing master?! A few months ago, he was still a level-two fisher, a weakling that even he could pinch to death .

 Wang Jie asked, “What’s your plan next?”

 Han Fei only muttered, “Hoho…”


 Han Fei returned to the village with Wang Jie and the fishing boat was taken away by the village leader as soon as they hit the port .

 But when the village leader saw Han Fei, he exclaimed, “Are you already a fishing master?”

 1As the village leader exclaimed, many people looked at Han Fei . What? This kid is already a fishing master?

Someone said, “Isn’t this boy Han Fei who was the first place in the Fishing Trial? It’s only been a few days and he’s already a fishing master?”

 Some people shouted, “I have lived in vain for half my life! I have not yet become a level-seven fisher and he, a kid, is already a fishing master! I am really…”

 Someone patted him on the shoulder . “Forget it, buddy . People are different . What kind of spiritual heritage do you have? A level-one, low-quality one, right? So what else do you expect? You should be glad that you’re still alive . ”

 Someone sighed . “My son has a level-one, high-quality spiritual heritage, but now he is only a level-six fisher . What a shame!”

 “Shit! Your son is already a level-6 fisher? My son has a level-two, low-quality spiritual heritage and is also a level-six fisher . ”

 “What?! Your son has already reached level 6? Why is my son only level 5?”

 For a moment, they strayed off-topic . Everyone was in awe of this genius, so no one mentioned how useless Han Fei used to be again .

 Zhang Han was standing stunned among the crowd and all the sea melon seeds in his hands were spilled on the ground .

 He had once blackmailed Han Fei and went to his barbecue stall to make trouble for him . Most importantly, this morning he heard that the leader of the Tigers, Li Jue went after him . Now Han Fei was back . What about Li Ju?

 A terrible thought suddenly occurred to Zhang Han .  Is Li Jue already dead?

 On the port, Li Gang and Li Qing quickly greeted them .

 Li Gang greeted him first . “Young Master, welcome back . I was so worried about you . How could you secretly go to sea? Has Li Jue found you? Forget it, he certainly didn’t find you . Young Master, don’t be so capricious next time!”

 Li Qing’s lips moved but he didn’t speak .  Boss is really lucky to come back alive!

 Han Fei smiled and patted Li Gang’s shoulder . “A-Gang, I have something to tell you . ”

 Li Gang hurriedly put his ears close to him . Although he didn’t know what happened, he believed Han Fei unconditionally .


 Li Gang looked at Han Fei in shock . He almost peed in panic .

 Han Fei assured him, “Don’t be so dramatic . Just do it . ”

 Li Gang’s face suddenly beamed with a smile . “Yes, Young Master . ”

 Watching Li Gang stride away triumphantly, Han Fei said to Li Qing, “Uncle Qing, let’s go to the barbecue stall . We will open the stall today, free of charge . ”


 Before hearing Li Qing’s response, Han Fei shouted out loud to the sky, “Everyone, listen to me, the leader of the Tigers, Li Jue, is dead . The Most Delicious Barbecue Stall in the World reopens today and all food is free of charge…”

 Then he walked away, leaving the crowd stunned and at a loss .

 Someone scratched their head in wonder . “What did he just say?”

 “He seemed to say that Li Jue is dead…”

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 “Li Jue is a peak-leveled fishing master . How could he have died so easily?”

 “I heard that Li Jue went after Han Fei this morning and vowed to kill him . Could Han Fei have beat Li Jue?”

 “Yes, I heard it too! Let’s go to the barbecue stall and check it out . What if it is true?”

 Someone sneered, “If it is true, I’ll thank God . Li Jue is such a bully . I’m glad to see him die . ”

 “Let’s go together . ”

 “Wait for me . I’m coming too…”

 Wang Jie looked at the receding figure of Han Fei and wondered whether what Han Fei said was real . He didn’t find that Han Fei had such a side before, but what was this kid going to do? Whatever, I’m going to the barbecue stall anyway . It’s great to have a free barbecue!


 Half an hour later .

 The Most Delicious Barbecue Stall in the World .

 Li Gang, Little Red, and Li Qing were busy making barbecue . Since Li Qing joined them, the area of the barbecue stall had expanded a bit and a shed was placed above the barbecue stall .

 Han Fei was standing on the shed at the moment . The street in front of him was packed with people who were all attracted by the news Han Fei had just released . From every corner of the village, people came out and gathered to check out whether the news was real or not .

 Just now, Li Gang went to tell the members of the Tigers the news of Li Jue’s death, but they didn’t believe it . Now they were also at the stall, staring warily at Han Fei standing on the roof .

 “Everyone, be quiet…”

 Han Fei took a breath and said, “Everyone, the floating island is our home, but Li Jue and Li Hu threw their weight over everyone . They cheated, bullied, and killed . Everyone hated them! I, Han Fei, have killed Li Jue’s son, Li Hu, on the sea a few months ago . And now, I’ve also killed Li Jue and sent them to reunite under the ground…”

 “Nonsense! Our leader is a peak-leveled fishing master! How could he be killed by you?”

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 Han Fei coldly stared at this man . The latter was scared by his eyes and immediately shut up .

 Han Fei snorted and took out Li Jue’s rod, saying, “This is Li Jue’s rod that can turn into two knives after being split in the middle . It’s quite unique… But no matter how unique it is, it can’t stop me from killing that bully . What I said is true . If you don’t believe it, you can ask Master Wang Jie, an inspector of ordinary fisheries . ”

 Wang Jie was also in the crowd . Seeing many people looking at him, he complained in his heart that he was just there to get free barbecue .  Why do you suddenly draw everyone’s attention to me? What are you going to do?

 But for the sake that Han Fei was his student, Wang Jie said in a deep voice, “When I arrived, Li Jue was already dead . ”



 “Haha, great! Li Jue, that bastard, finally died . ”

 “God of Sea, Li Jue is dead, what great news!”

 The crowd was in an uproar . Obviously, everyone was excited at Li Jue’s death, especially those who were oppressed by the Tigers . They almost jumped for joy .

 And the members of the Tigers were all stunned . Leader is dead? Damn! Then what should they do next?

“Be quiet!”

 When the crowd calmed down, Han Fei said, “As you can see, the Tigers commit all sorts of crimes! Now that Li Jue has died, the Tigers shall no longer exist . Now, I, Han Fei, have an important matter to announce . ”


 “What is it?”

 Some people asked curiously .

 The smile on Han Fei’s face disappeared and he said seriously, “Our village needs a peaceful environment . The Tigers collected protection fees, killed innocent people, and seized their goods . But I, Han Fei, intend to establish a brand-new gang, a gang that can protect the villagers and improve the quality of our life… I, Han Fei, am going to found The Fish Dragons . From now on, no one can bully others in our village . Now, The Fish Dragons officially recruits its members . Only level-8 fishers or above can be admitted . Is anyone willing to join?”