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God Of Lust - Chapter 1

Published at 29th of June 2019 03:18:04 PM

Chapter 1

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"You are a misfortune like God! You do not deserve to be a god like us!"

"Damned fallen god!"

"You deserve to be executed and send your soul to burn in hell!"

"You will be punished!"

Hundreds of curses echoed in an old man with a long beard and long hair, which had blood on his body, and his clothes were falling apart by simply covering him from the waist down . But what stood out was not the blood or the clothes, but the strong and rigid muscles that surrounded his body, showing him as an old man with iron arms and the appearance of a hero that was rarely seen .

"Hahaj, the fools who can not satisfy their women and now seek revenge for their own disability," laughed the old man ridiculing the fierce looks that pointed to him .

He was the "God of lust" and, as the name implies, he was the best god in sex, and during his stay in the world of the gods he had slept with innumerable beauties and even some women who were married to other gods , and this was what caused the current situation . Now he was being condemned by the "punishment room" for the accusations of the other male gods .

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The god of lust rejoiced when he looked at the countless male gods who looked at him with fierce stares of blood, as if they wanted to eat him alive and destroy him completely to satisfy his anger . These were the male gods that the god of lust had made cuckolded by sleeping with their women and wives .

The curses of the gods were still raining on the god of lust, but he did not bother with them and continued to pay attention to the dictators of punishments that were in the great court that rose in the heavens .

"God of the luguria, his sentence has been decided," said the dictator of the opposite sentence, with a deep voice that resounds in the gigantic Chamber of Punishment, causing the other gods to break their curses and wait for the sentence .

The god of lust swallowed some saliva and mentally prepared himself, while inside his mind he began to chant the level spell: unknown to salvation, which was the last card of his game . depending on what his sentence was, he would use his last letter, which he himself did not know the possible result of using it .

The silence remains for a few seconds, until the Sentence Dictator got up and shouted the final sentence .

"You will be imprisoned for eternity in the prison of infinity!"

"Deep breathing"

The male gods who witnessed the prayer breathed deeply when they heard the prayer with some fear in their eyes, but after a few seconds their eyes showed pleasure and happiness and their lips rose in a great cruel smile of happiness as they began to praise the "Dictators of sentence" .

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"Well, hahaha is a fair sentence for a goddamn fallen god!" A god laughed with a laugh of happiness .

"Well, it is worthy of the lords of the dictators! I, the god of the sea, will be an eternal friend of the dictators of the judgments!" Another god says with a nice smile .

"I will also give a greeting and I will owe a favor to the dictators of respectable and just judgments for their just and respectable sentence . " Another god says, while making a slight bow to the "Dictators of sentence", grateful for the sentence will give the God of lust .

The god of lust clenched his fists tightly with the blood running through him .

It is known that the Prison of Infinity is the most cruel sentence that can be given to any person, any god who is condemned to the prison of the infinite is condemned to spend the eternity locked in it, with his soul suffering for all eternity !

This verdict was a thousand times worse than death itself!

Gritting his teeth, the eyes of the god of lust filled with determination and he began the spell of salvation of unknown level .

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Suddenly, a huge magic circle appeared under the god of lust and in less than a second it completely provoked and enveloped the god of lust, hiding behind the innumerable magic circles .


"Shit, he's trying to escape!"


The other gods in an instant realized the situation and launched to attack the god of lust with fierce looks and murderous intentions, but after arriving in front of the huge magic circles and throwing strong blows in succession with the intention of destroying the magic circle . They were surprised to realize that their attacks did not even manage to shake the magic circles of the unknown spell .

"What the hell is this? What is this spell ?!"

"This is impossible!"


Everyone exclaimed in amazement, but they did not have time to think many when the spell ended its activation and shine with an incredible light that lit up the whole place . After a few seconds, the light faded, leaving a lifeless body on the ground .


Everyone was surprised again when they saw the body of the god of lifeless lust on the ground . They thought that the god of luguria had activated an unknown spell to escape, but they did not expect him to be found dead later .

"Was that spell for this? To commit suicide?"

"Has the spell failed?"

"Shit, committed suicide!"

"We should have made him suffer more!, damn it!"

The gods cursed dissatisfied with the result . Some even asercaron and began to hit the body of the god of lust, in an attempt to discharge their anger .

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