God Of Lust - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

In the middle of the night .

Within the Sect of the Golden Sword, with the fall of night, many disciples went to sleep, other workers were left cultivating or training, and others stayed in the library of the Sect .

And in the distance, on the eleventh mountain, there was a great old-looking tower, and inside, on the upper floor, there was a room .

There were faint moans inside the room .

"Aah . . ah Nn ~ n . . . "

In a large bed, there were two bodies lying with their clothes disheveled .

He was a young teenager with black hair and green eyes, holding in his arms a beautiful older woman with large breasts, which was Qiuyue, the mother of the young him teenager, who cuddle her from behind .

"Nn ~ . . . ah! Aah . . . nn . . . "

But him young teenager was not just hugging the beautiful older woman from behind . Bao Zhang with her right hand was massaging Qiuyue's large breasts .

Massaging the chest over the clothes, and then ingresing inside the clothes .

Massaging her breasts directly underneath the clothes, and rubbing with her fingers the small tips of the nipples, which caused a nice moan to escape from her mother Qiuyue, who tried to contain her moans to the fullest . But due to the skillful hands of Bao Zhang massaging her breasts and playing with the tips of her nipples, her moans escaped slightly, while her breathing became irregular due to pleasure .


A few hours before .

After a while, Bao Zhang along with his mother had returned to Qiuyue's room . where Bao had previously had sex with his mother Qiuyue .

After entering, Bao had sat in the living room and started cultivating until nightfall . Collecting the greatest amount of energy xuan and making it travel through the inside of his body, running through your bones and veins, repeating this process for a long time .

Time passed . . .

Bao Zhang woke up from his cultivation state and, looking out the window, saw that it was already night . Then he concentrated again, entering with his spiritual sense into his body to see how much progress he had made during these few hours he was cultivating . But the next moment he sighed with disappointment, almost had not progressed .

During all the hours that he continued to cultivate, he had obtained almost no progress compared to the previous time, when during sex with his mother he had used the Duo cultivation to cultivate . At that time, he had achieved in a short time to advance two complete Realm . Compared to the previous cultivation progress, the progress he had made now was garbage .

[If I continue to cultivate in this way it will take me a whole month to enter the middle realm of soul]

[At this rate I will never have the level I had in my previous life, I must find more effective ways of cultivation]

While Bao Zhang was thinking, trying to find among his old memories of his previous life, fast and effective ways to advance his cultivation faster .

While searching and searching among his memories, I end up going back to the same conclusion .

[* Sigh * I can only cultivation faster through cultivation in Duo, or through precious crop resources and high-grade]

While Bao sighed helplessly at how difficult it would be to return to his former kingdom of cultivation, the realm of god, which is where he was in his previous life .

"Sound of the shower"

Bao Zhang raised his ears a little, listening to the sound of the shower in the next room . Her mother Qiuyue was bathing in the bathroom on the other side of the room .

By imagining his beautiful mother Qiuyue completely naked while showering . The sexual desire began to grow a little inside Bao Zhang, but then he shook her head, pushing away those ideas, and went to the big bed, lying on it .

"Sound of the shower"

The sound of the shower continued for a while before it stopped, and then Qiuyue came out wearing a light white dress, with wet hair, shiny skin and reddened cheeks .

Qiuyue looked at the sleeping Bao Zhang for a few moments and then walked lightly to the bed, lying next to her son Bao, with her back to him .

The silence was made in the room, Qiuyue remained nervous for a while and after a while without anything happening * sigh * Qiuyue sigh relieved .

Time passed . . .

Qiuyue was with her eyes closed, and with her mind about to fall into the sweet dream when suddenly warm arms wrapped her in a hug from behind .


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Qiuyue was alarmed, but she stood firm pretending to be asleep .

Arms wrapped gently around Qiuyue's delicate body, and a presence approached Qiuyue's ears .

" . . . mother, are you awake? . . . "

Qiuyue trembled at the sudden voice that sounded right next to her ear, so close that she could feel the breath over her ear .

It was her son Bao Zhang, who had cuddle her from behind!

Bao Zhang kept waiting for a reply from Qiuyue, but she remained silent .

" . . . "

"Hmm?" Bao Zhang was a little surprised, and then a slight smile rose between his lips . He had realized long ago that his mother Qiuyue was awake .

The silence stretched for a few seconds until . . . "Zzz . . . " began to sound the faint breathing of someone asleep .

Qiuyue was pretending to be asleep .

The smile on his face grew larger and then turned into a villain smile, as if he were about to make a mischief .

[Ho pretending to be asleep eh . . . let's see how long you can pretend that you sleep]

His hands slowly advanced and reached to the breast of his mother Qiuyue, beginning to rub him .

"Zzz . . . "

Qiuyue's breathing was not altered by the touch of Bao Zhang .

Bao nodded, and then continued . His hands began to knead stronger the breasts feeling them on the clothes . Because the fabric of the clothes her mother Qiuyue wore was thin . When his right hand increased the strength of his massage, he felt the softness of the chest that was distorted in his hands and the small lump that was on the tip of his chest .

"ah . . . Zzz . . . nn Zzz …"

Qiuyue's breathing faded slightly, but she continued to pretend to sleep .

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Seeing this, Bao advanced and began to massage the breasts with more intensity .

"ah Nnn Zzz … nn-ah … zzz . . . "

Qiuyue's breathing became a little irregular, letting out small moans, almost inaudible .

[Then, how about this?]

Bao extended her hand to the light dress of her mother Qiuyue, and entered the dress moving towards the large breasts, beginning to knead them directly under the clothes .

" ¡! Nnnn~ ah Zzz-ah! Zzz…"

The moans of pleasure escaped from Qiuyue, as she desperately wanted to regulate her breathing again to pretend that she did not feel the pleasure that was growing when her son was massaging her breasts .

While massaging the juicy breasts, He grabbed it from the base and then advanced rubbing it to the tip of the nipple, as if you were trying to milk them .

" Nnn~ Ah! Niya~ Zzz…ah Zzz…"

Then, Bao with the tips of his fingers began to play with the small nipple, rubbing them continuously .

" Nhaah~ A, a, aa!~"

The pleasure given by her played nipples, made that Qiuyue could no longer contain the moans of pleasure, and these escaped from his lips .

But Bao Zhang did not stop there . With his free left hand, he began to swim towards the crotch of his mother Qiuyue!

When reaching the crotch of Quiyue's pussy, Bao felt with his hand that his mother's pussy was already soaked .

Juice with the juice of love between your fingers for a second, and then move forward with your left hand, beginning to rub the lips of Qiuyue's pussy .

" ¡¡Nhaa!! Ah! Nnn~"

When Qiuyue felt the touch of Bao's hands, in her private parts, she let out a loud moan of pleasure .

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After rubbing for a moment the delicate lips of the private part of her mother Qiuyue, he began to feel the glide of her hand, as it had been soaked by the intense juice of love that escaped from the vagina making his hands slide .

Causing to increase the pleasure that his mother Qiuyue felt .

"Nya ~ !! . . Ah! Nn ~ n! ah S-something comes ~ nn ~ "

A tide began to grow inside Qiuyue's pussy .

"--Nnn~Nhaa!! C-~cumming~ "

Bao felt, as the rising tide of his mother's pussy exploded, soaking her hand from the * cumming * of his mother .

* ahh . . . ah, aa . . . * Qiuyue breathed heavily after having * cumming *, but she did not have much time to rest when she felt like her son's fingers that had been rubbing the lips of her pussy, suddenly changed places, and started to enter inside her pussy .

" ¡¡Nnn~!! N-no d-~dentro~ah, Nnn~! "

After his fingers entered the juicy pussy, he began to dig the walls in search of increasing the pleasure of his mother .

" ¡¡¡Nyaaa!!!~~"

The body of his mother Qiuyue convulsed * bikubiku * while leaning back . With her son Bao Zhang holding her, and kissing her beautiful neck from behind .

" Nn~~C-cumming~!!"

Another tide exploded inside Qiuyue's pussy, while she was * Cumming * .

Bao Zhang watched his mother who had already * Cumming * twice, did not stop and now began to rub the small clitoris with his right hand, and with the other hand, put his finger in her mother's pussy and rubbed the juicy walls .

" ¡Nyaaa! Noo~ C-cumming~~¡! "

Quiyue returned to * cumming * with her son's fingers, and then, she felt that after 3 times * cumming * it seemed as if the force of her body had come over her, and her conscience fell asleep in a pleasant dream .

Bao Zhang pulled his hands soaked from the game of love and then looked back at his mother Qiuyue, who had fallen asleep after experiencing the pleasure of his fingers .

Bao Zhang had the intention to go ahead and use his cock against the juicy pussy of his mother, but he also started to feel somnolent, so he lay back and fell asleep next to his mother .