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God Of Lust - Chapter 40

Published at 29th of June 2019 03:17:19 PM

Chapter 40

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Bao Zhang reclines on the bed . While watching his mother milf Qiuyue standing naked in front of him;

"Mother, now move alone," Bao Zhang said while exposing his erect cock upwards .

* Gulp *

Qiuyue swallowed saliva when she saw her son's erect cock .

She slowly stood on the bed and positioned herself on the cock, slowly she sat up until her son's cock touched her pussy .


She moaned at the faint touch between her pussy and the cock . Slowly, she settled down and took with her hands the cock of her son, placing it in the opening of her pussy .

Bao Zhang smiled when he saw how his mother sat astride him .

"Nyaa ~ !!" Qiuyue let out a loud lascivious moan when under her hips and the cock of her son began to enter inside her .

"Ahh! Nn ~ ah, it's inside ~ "

"Good, mother!"

Qiuyue moaned as she looked down, and saw how her hips had come down completely, with her pussy swallowing her son's cock completely .

She began to move her hips, while her large breasts swayed .

. . .

Sometime later…

"Ngiiiii iii i! Co, cock! Ah! my pussy feels gooood!!"

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"Mother, your ruined face is beautiful, the face you make when you cum also I like it!"

"Nhoooooo Nn ~ do not see me! Nyaa ~ something, looming! "

After a while of having been having sex, the pleasure was increasing reaching what is now . His cock is still moving inside Qiuyue's juicy and messy pussy .

"Nnnnnnn~ ah ah!"

His mother Qiuyue moans crazily with pleasure while moving her waist desperately over him . Her tongue comes out of her mouth as she gasps, and her lascivious eyes always look intoxicated with pleasure at her son, as if she does not want to look away from her beloved son .

"Cumming !! Baoo, I'm about to cum again !!! "

"Nnn . . . wait, mother! Hold on! "

"Y-yes~ "

While Qiuyue obeys her son and endures her cumming, Bao Zhang fiercely grabs Qiuyue's ass with his hands and begins to move .

Starting an intense piston-shaped waist motion!

"Mother, I want you to be my sex slave!"

"Nyaa ~ slave, sexual slave! Ah ah! "

"Say it mother, say you're going to be my sex slave, and wait for me to ejaculate first, otherwise I'll stop!"

"Ah! . . . Yes, yes, Um!! I will become Bao's sex slave, I will become an exclusive hole for my son !!! That's why, give me your cock, I want your cock always inside me !! "Qiuyue exclaimed as she continued to move her waist lasciviously over Bao Zhang .

Qiuyue's obscene body had become sweaty and sticky, while she moving her body, panting and rubbing her large breasts against her son Bao Zhang .

"Nn ~ Bao! My son Bao!! My Master!"

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Seeing this Milf . Mother of 3 daughters and his own mother acting in that lascivious way, incite the bestial side of Bao Zhang .

Bao Zhang's cock got bigger inside his mother's pussy .

"Nyaa ~ it got bigger ah! ah "

Bao Zhang took his mother and placed her under him!

She was happy to be dominated by her son, while crying and drooling saliva, her female juice overflowing completely from her juicy pussy .

"My Bao, come to me !! My master, your Qiuyue belongs to you, you can use it as you wish ~ !! "Qiuyue exclaimed while opens her legs inviting Bao Zhang and extended her arms in an attempt to embrace him .

"Nn ~ I want, I want to have more sex with my Bao, with my master! Kiss my womb more with your cock! Nyaaa ~ "

Bao Zhang pounced on Qiuyue, fiercely insert his cock with all his might causing him to go deep inside his mother and slammed against the door of her uterus!

"Nyaaa! My inside! My uterus!"


"AHhh !!!"

Bao Zhang's response to his mother's frantic screams and lascivious invitations is a slap in the fleshy ass .

"What do you want me to use? Is not that so, please, use me, master ?! "



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"Let's go! Ask for it correctly !! "


The slaps to the white and fleshy big ass of his mother Qiuyue made the ass shudder and tremble like a flan .

But it seems that these slaps increased the pleasure that Qiuyue felt!

"Come on mother! Remember that now you are my sex slave, and I am your Master! Your pussy is only for me to put my cock and ejaculate inside!"

"Aaah! Nn ~ yes, yes, Master !! "

* Slap * * slap *

Every time he hits her ass, the voice that his mother was panting was sweeter and full of pleasure, and it was increasing with each slap he gave her .

"Nyaaaa ~ I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Master, Ah! I did not realize ~ !! "

"Then say it!"

"Nn ~ yes, Master, Master, please! Ah! ah use me, please, fill my pussy with your cock Master ~~! "

"Well said, mother!"

Bao Zhang began to swing his waist harder, repeatedly banging on the door of Qiuyue's womb in an attempt to open that door and introduce his cock inside .


Little by little, he opened with his glans a small hole in the door of his mother's womb;

"Mother, do you feel that?! I'm opening the door of your womb! I'm opening your door for babies!!"

"Nn ~ Ah ?! Ah ah Nyaa! that place, that place is for the babies ~! "

* Slap *

"I'm going to cum !! Mother, I'm going to cum inside your womb!!"

"Ahh! Nn ~, inside! release everything inside of me! I want to get pregnant~ !! "

Bao Zhang clenches his teeth at the intense pleasure, he gives one last blow with his cock, hitting the tip of his glans against the door of the womb, opening a small hole and introducing his glans inside and ejaculating!

(Duo cultivation technique, activate!)

While he begins to ejaculate all his cum inside the womb, he at the same time activates his Duo cultivation technique .

"Aaaaaahhh ~~ Nn inside! Everything is inside, it feels hot! it feels hot inside me !! Nyaa~!"

Qiuyue closes her eyes and faints from the immense pleasure she felt .

Bao Zhang finishes his ejaculate inside his mother and leans to his side, wrapping her and hugging his sleeping mother .

Seeing the beautiful sleeping face of his mother, he kisses her while he thinks;

(Sorry mother, But for now I will not get you pregnant, but do not worry mother . . . ) Bao Zhang smiles, while he rubs with his hands the soft belly of his mother; (Because in the future, I will cause you to give birth to many of my children inside your womb)

. . .

"Nnn ~~~~"

Umi moans in silence, while her hand that was inside her crotch is soaked with juice of love . she had cumming watching her older brother and her mother having sex .

* panting * * panting *

Umi's face was full of pleasure at her first time experiencing masturbation, her eyes full of lusts looked at her naked older brother who hugged her mother in his arms, or rather . . .

Little Umi, she had her look full of lust and desire fixed on the cock of her big brother .

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