God Of Lust - Chapter 58

Published at 29th of June 2019 03:16:59 PM

Chapter 58

"Stop! Do not hurt my Onni-san!"

The sudden change made everyone's eyes focus on the little girl .

The robust young man opened his eyes surprised by the arrival of the little girl, but immediately became alarmed;

"Hai! Get away! Go back home! "Shouted the robust young man with alarm, seeing that his little sister had come .

But the little girl ignored the screams of her older brother and continued to approach . As she stopped in front of her older brother and opened her arms in front of her brother to avoid being him hurt again;

"Do not hurt my Onii-san any more!" The girl screamed with teary but brave eyes to protect her older brother .

The Internal Disciple was a little surprised to see the apparition of the little girl, but immediately burst out laughing;

"Hahaha, what cute girl! I should take her to warm my bed hahaha!"

Hearing the words of the Internal Disciple, the robust young man became alarmed, as he howled with fury;

"I will not let you touch my younger sister even if I have to give my life!"

Gritting his teeth furiously, the robust young man began to rise slowly against the pressure, while his feet trembled constantly!

"Oh hahaha, so garbage like you still have guts to try to stand before me!" The Internal Disciple shouted with arrogance while boasting of seeing the weak ones being subdued before him .

Lifting his head high, the Internal Disciple spoke with arrogance;

"You must know that nobody has the guts to dare to go against my hahaha!"

"Oh, do you really think that nobody dares to go against you? Are not you being too arrogant?"


Suddenly, everyone was surprised to hear someone contradicting the Internal Disciple, and immediately turned their eyes towards a young man who approached slowly, with light steps towards the center of the square and stopped in front of the robust young man and the little girl . protecting them behind him!

He was Bao Zhang!

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The look of the Internal Disciple changed completely when he saw the Internal Disciple tunic, which Bao Zhang wore;

"Who are you?" He asked with some caution in his eyes .

"Bao Zhang" Bao Zhang replied lightly, while still showing a smile to the Internal Disciple who frowned at his appearance in this conflict .

"You would do me the favor of leaving . this is a conflict between him and me, you are not involved and I do not want to have a conflict with a fellow Internal Disciple" The Internal Disciple said with a certain arrogance . But no longer so arrogant, like when I deal with the robust young man .

Bao Zhang only smiled when he heard him;

"And what happens if I do not step aside?"

These words surprised the Internal Disciple, and immediately he sharpened his eyes, while his Xuan energy began to be released in its entirety from his body and began to envelop Bao Zhang's body .

Surprisingly, this Internal Disciple was in the Initial Elemental Realm!

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But, how could Bao Zhang have fear of a simple Initial Elemental Realm?

Bao Zhang remained unperturbed against the pressure, while still smiling at the Internal Disciple .

This caused the Internal Disciple's caution to increase when he saw that his pressure did not affect Bao Zhang;

'Who is this guy? Why have I never seen it in the internal section?'

The Internal Disciple asked himself .

The internal disciple was called Qian Qin and he was a recognized internal disciple because of his reputation for caution and arrogance .

Qian Qin did not expect him to meet with an internal disciple within the external section . so he was cautious against Bao Zhang since, while none of the external disciples could be against him, that did not apply to the inner disciples .

Seeing that Bao Zhang was not affected by his pressure, a small trace of fear grew inside Qian Qin's eyes, while the idea that Bao Zhang could be stronger than him was increasing .

'I must not risk it!'

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Immediately, Qian Qin stopped releasing his pressure, and frowning he while turned to the robust young man;

"You're lucky, trash! Today I'm not in the mood to kill you! But the next time you try to attack me, I'll kill you and break your legs like to your younger brother!"

Leaving a snort of contempt towards the robust young man, Qian Qin turned around and walked away from the place!

The young elegant follower who was there surprised to see his young master Qian Qin leave, he immediately flipped and ran after his young master .

Bao Zhang only remained smiling when he saw the departure of Qian Qin and your servant .

. . .

after leaving, Qian Qin turned to his servant;

"Hey, when we get back, make sure you look for information about that Bao Zhang, I want all the information about who he is, who he lives with, what his status is in the sect and his cultivation level, all the information!"

"Yes young Master!" The elegant young man who seemed to be his servant, nodded hastily, implying that he had received the order .

Qian Qin continued to frown at not being able to remember seeing Bao Zhang . Qian Qin was enrolled for the next Central Disciple admission tournament, which would it take within shortly . So before he started, he had done a rigorous investigation of all the Internal Disciples that might be a threat to him, but from 'Bao Zhang' he did not remember anything, nor did he remember ever seeing him .

Who is he? How come I never saw it? Damn! Once I know about you . I will make sure to teach you a lesson that you do not forget!