God Of Lust - Chapter 66

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Chapter 66

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Feeling that her hand was held, the beautiful receptionist could not help but get nervous;

"Mr. Client, I have a husband and he is currently working with me in this store" She tried to explain hastily to prevent Bao Zhang from continuing to take her hand.

"Oh, your husband is also here, they work together, surely you make a beautiful couple"

"Yes Yes! That's right, Mr. Client, we've been married for five years now!" The beautiful receptionist replied with a cheerful smile, showing that she was happy with her stable marriage.

Bao Zhang looked closely at the receptionist's beautiful eyes as if he were trying to see something through them.

This caused the beautiful receptionist to get a little nervous before the gaze of Bao Zhang and involuntarily turn her face away.

Smiling, he continued;

"Do they have children? Being married for five happy years of marriage, I suppose they must have children already, right?"

Suddenly, the beautiful receptionist stands still as a stone, as if those words had touched a very sensitive issue in her.

Acting surprised, Bo Zhang continued;

"Eh, do not they have children? Even after having been together for five years?"

This made the receptionist tremble, as she lowered her head with faint tears between her eyes showing the deep sadness she felt.

"We... can not have babies ..." She said in a low voice and full of sadness as if she was muttering to herself.

"Can not they have children? Are you infertile?"

This question asked by Bao Zhang could be somewhat daring, but he, by nature, has always been direct when he asks his questions.

The beautiful receptionist sadly shook her head;

"It's not me ... it's my husband ..."

'I see'

Bao Zhang nodded weakly, as he began to listen to the story of the beautiful receptionist who sadly related.

The beautiful receptionist is married to a man eight years older than her, whom she married at a younger age.

They were a fairly stable couple, but over time, a problem occurred between the married couple, which consisted in that the couple had not managed to have a child.

Time passed and the idea that one of the two could not have children was coming to life.

The husband of the beautiful receptionist accused her of being the problem. What eventually made the husband feel increasingly dissatisfied with his wife for not being able to give him a child.

At first, the beautiful receptionist also believed that she was the problem, so in her desperation, she managed to meet a strange woman in white who called herself a great doctor. Pleading, the beautiful receptionist managed to receive a diagnosis of the strange woman dressed in white, where she told her that she was not the problem. But, he who suffered from infertility was her husband!

This caused great stress in the beautiful receptionist. Since she did not know whether to break the news to her husband or not, because this revelation could cause her husband to collapse.

To be a useless man, without ever being able to have a child of his own!

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Bao Zhang could guess the pain that the husband of the beautiful receptionist would feel if he were to find out. Even the husband could get to hang himself.

Apart from that. He could also see how, deep in the eyes of the beautiful receptionist, there was a great desire to have a child. But her husband could not give it to her.

"You never thought about getting pregnant with another man, and lying to your husband telling him that the child is his son?"

The beautiful receptionist in sadness shook her head;

"That... would be treason ..." murmur she.

"But it's not about only your husband, you're also suffering, right?"

The beautiful receptionist raised her head with some astonishment at the words of Bao Zhang.

Smiling softly, Bao Zhang extended his hand and slightly touched the cheek of the beautiful receptionist while delicately wiping her tears;

"I can see it in your eyes, you want to be a mother, but your husband can not give you the son you long for, right?"

"N-no, it's not true!" She tried to deny it, but her eyes revealed the truth.

Being this beautiful receptionist, a mature woman but unable to have a child. And living knowing the truth that she will never be a mother because her husband is useless.

Bao Zhang was sure that in the mind of this beautiful mature woman. More than once the idea of ​​having sex with another man who was not her husband to get pregnant had occurred to her. But she had not yet done so, this clearly showed that this woman was a woman quite faithful to her couple.

'I like this woman'

It was what came to Bao Zhang's mind when he saw her.

While the beautiful receptionist was in a state of confusion due to her own feelings. Since her greatest desire, all this time had been to want to be a mother, but the husband with whom she had married turned out to be infertile and will never fulfill her greatest desire. For what she was in sadness before not knowing what to do.

And while she was in confusion, she suddenly noticed that Bao Zhang's face came up to her and before she could react.


A soft kiss enveloped her tender lips, causing her to open her eyes in surprise.