God Of Lust - Chapter 77

Published at 29th of June 2019 03:16:37 PM

Chapter 77

On a sunny morning inside the external section, in the commercial zone .

Crowds of external disciples were in movement, while several stores began to open their doors for incoming customers .

Among all the noises of the crowd, was an elegant carriage that was lightly ornamented, with the glass windows and curtains that covered it, painted a refined wood color, and with a tall black horse that was neighing from time to time .

The elegant carriage was parked at the side of a carriage rental shop .

"shit, how hot is it today . . . " A young man muttered, who was covering himself with a big hat from the sun .

The young man had black hair, green eyes, and wore the black tunic with the badge of an internal disciple, while wearing the pants slightly rolled up and was sitting in the part of the conduit .

He was Bao Zhang, who was currently sitting in the position of the driver of the elegant carriage .

It had been four days since he had met Kusume .

After that, he managed to arrange for Kusume to continue working as a receptionist until he returned, but to make sure that no problem could happen to his Kusume during his absence .

Bao Zhang managed to meet and talk to several of the store managers where Kusume worked, and there he told them his identity .

He revealed to the managers that he was the only son of one of the 10 most powerful elders of the Sect, of Elder Qiuyue .

This caused a little chaos among the managers, who immediately began to sweat cold sweat while they rushed to try to praise and please Bao Zhang in everything he asked, because of the fear that caused them the idea of offending Elder Qiuyue .

The managers offered him products, medicinal plants, pills and even they offered several times to give him several of the women who work in the store in order to win the favor of Bao Zhang and of Elder Qiuyue at the same time .

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But Bao Zhang refused all offers and told them;

"I have a woman who works here, her name is Kusume and she works in the reception of this store, I will leave the sect for a few weeks, so I hope that during my absence from in the sect nothing will happen to her . Or else I will make sure that all of you and your families suffer pain worse than death"

Leaving behind that warning .

Bao Zhang left, leaving the managers completely terrified of fear .

"With this, Kusume will be fine until I return," Bao Zhang murmured, somewhat relieved, since his biggest concern was that Kusume, who she was a simple store clerk, could be forced will by managers to serve some customers, so that themselves will win favors, just as it had happened, that the managers wanted to offer their employees to Bao Zhang in order to win his favor .

But now with his warning, none of those managers would dare touch his Kusume unless they were wishing the extermination of their families and children .

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After that, Bao Zhang went back to visit his mother Qiuyue and sisters, where he told them he wanted to go meet the Zhang and Wu families .

But he did not receive the positive response he expected .

Since the four women immediately opposed his idea of him leaving the sect .

This caused a discussion between Bao Zhang and the four women, in where Bao Zhang defended himself by claiming that he had spent most of his life locked inside the Sect and that it was time for him to go out to see the world outside the Sect . But the four women still refused to let him out saying that outside was dangerous and that he barely awoke from the coma not so long ago, so he should remain in the Sect for a while longer .

The discussion continued until noon where Bao Zhang finally managed to defeat the four women united and win his passage to leave the Sect, but it was not a complete victory, since his mother Qiuyue was the one who most adamantly refused to let him go single . And finally, it was decided that his mother would accompany him on his trip .

And so Bao Zhang spent three days preparing everything for his trip to the Zung Kingdom, the only kingdom close to the Sect and also the place where the Zhang and Wu families are located .

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. . .

Waving the straps that held the horse, the carriage began its move along the route that crosses the shopping street .

Although Bao Zhang could not help frowning at having his way several times interrupted by external disciples who crossed facing in front of the carriage without any kind of care . This caused that Bao Zhang had to stop the carriage several times before running over them and cursing them for crossing in front of the carriage .

The external disciples who were scolded by Bao Zhang immediately turned furious when they heard a stranger scolding them, but when they saw the tunic of an internal disciple that Bao Zhang wore, they immediately fell silent and fled afraid of being able to offend an internal disciple .

Thus the carriage advanced and after the guards who guarded the great exit door opened the way, finally the carriage left the sect and entered a dirt road surrounded by trees and plants .

Bao Zhang who was sitting in the driver's seat could not help but have an excited smile when he saw the outside world after so long .

Even breathing the refreshing air and listening to the sound of nature caused a great sense of freedom to Bao Zhang .