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God of Money - Chapter 114

Published at 26th of March 2019 11:44:00 PM

Chapter 114
Yoo Sona stood outside Woosung's room in shock . What . Just . Happened? The only answer was rejection . She was rejected . Yoo Sona was one of the most popular actresses in the country with countless male fans . She couldn't believe this situation . "I feel like he is lying to me…But then, he seems serious…" After shaking her head in confusion, Yoo Sona walked towards the elevator . She stopped when she saw Lee Ari who was frowning at her . Lee Ari thought distastefully . 'So the rumor was true . ' "Yoo Sona's popularity is because of her secret sponsor . " "She does sexual favors for many powerful men to keep her fame . " Lee Ari didn't want to believe Woosung was involved in this unsavory rumor, so she came to his floor to check it . What she saw was Yoo Sona coming out of his room . 'Whore . ' Lee Ari looked at her in fury . Yoo Sona understood what Lee Ari felt toward her . She had seen similar looks from other members of her idol group . Instead of cowering, Yoo Sona stood straight and walked confidently . Lee Ari murmured quietly, "Without talent, you will end up losing everything eventually . " Yoo Sona heard it, but she walked away silently . If she reacted now, it would have been like she was confirming the rumors . She entered the elevator and her eyes met Lee Ari's . Before the door closed, Yoo Sona said the line from her famous TV drama out loud . "You were given everything, but I had to fight for every single thing I have . If you truly are a good person like everyone thinks then couldn't you let me have this for once?" Lee Ari remembered this line well . This was the line from the TV drama that made Yoo Sona famous . Before Lee Ari could respond, the door closed . *** The city of Yushu . Chalong, who was the owner of the fruit stall, wasn't feeling well today . "Why is this broken?" The photograph of his family placed on top of a shelf was on the floor in pieces . "Is today going to be an unlucky day?" He didn't want to go to work today, but he had no choice . "I'm off to work, honey . " He said to his wife, who was busy with their 4-year-old son . "Here is your lunch box . " She made his lunch from scratch every day . She was a good cook . He grabbed the fruit wagon and started walking . He quickly began sweating as he pulled it up the hill . When he finally arrived at the market and started arranging the fruits, he heard a loud noise . It was indeed an unlucky day for him . The building in front of him suddenly started collapsing to the ground . "Dammit…" He swore and started running towards his house . *** Woosung was visiting the Chinese companies he invested in . Woosung knew these companies would be successful in the future . It was nice to see so many talented people working hard . He talked to them earnestly and gave helpful pieces of advice . They looked at him in awe . DJI . VIPshop . Xiami . Suddenly, Woosung's smartphone rang loudly . "Hello, sir . Yes . Alright . I will get to it . Yes . " Woosung hung up and called his secretary . "Get the Red Angel Team involved right away and offer our building near the City of Yushu for use . Make a donation of 10 million dollars under the name of KND . " "Yes, sir . " His secretary bowed and disappeared . The others asked Woosung, "What happened?" "There has been an earthquake in Yushu city . It was in a 7 . 1 level . I am expecting many deaths, unfortunately…Probably thousands…" Everyone looked at him in shock . Hong Soobum asked, "How do you know that?" "You can get environmental data from the UN and NASA . It contains a lot of information about what is happening on earth . " No one seemed to understand what he was saying . Woosung continued, "I analyzed the data on past big earthquakes and was able to predict Yushu will be devastated by an earthquake . I expected it to happen sometime soon, and apparently, it was today . I told this to Mahwacin yesterday so he hadn't had the chance to get prepared for it, unfortunately . " "S…so?" "So I ordered my building and supplies to be donated to help . I also ordered a large donation . We may have to cancel our opening ceremony tomorrow . " Jang Gwangchul was getting goosebumps . Hong Soobum kept starting at Woosung in surprise . Park Byungki still could not understand the situation . "You are saying you predicted the earthquake based on the data?" Before Woosung could answer, a car approached them quickly . It was a custom vehicle from the Chinese government . "Please come with me . Mahwacin has requested your presence . " The driver opened the door for Woosung as he explained . *** The city of Yushu . Overa hundred disaster relief agents from Korea sat around in a hotel room and chatted . "This is awesome . Nothing is happening right now and we will still get paid 5000 dollars for this trip . He must be a very rich man . " "Haha, I know . We got here on a private jet and get to tour China for free . This is an awesome job . " "I agree . " The room was filled with expensive equipment including helmets and first-aid kits . "Our monthly salary is 4000 dollars plus we get paid 5000 dollars for every international trip . Kang Woosung must be a super rich guy . " "Haven't you heard of KND? It's the company that sells the popular cell phone . I guess he wants to do good deeds with all his money . " "Well, good for him . " Suddenly, one man's eyes widened . "W…wait . Did you hear that?" Their radios started to blink red as the order came in . "Red Angel, Red Angel . Everyone needs to get ready for Protocol One . " "Red Angel, Red Angel . Everyone needs to get ready for Protocol One . " Over a hundred agents in red fire suit ran out of the hotel . *** Woosung arrived at the government building in record time . Every car on the street recognized the government vehicle and moved aside for it to pass . Mahwacin was standing outside the building waiting for Woosung . "What is happening with the disaster relief team?" Woosung replied, "I have ordered them to get to it right away . It's happening as we speak . The emergency supplies and donations will arrive soon too . " "Thank you so much . The government will show you our gratitude very soon . " "Haha, of course, we should help each other . " As they spoke, their phones rang nonstop . The TV nearby was reporting live about the disaster site . Many men wearing red fire suits were seen helping people in need . However, no Chinese agents were seen yet .
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