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God of Money - Chapter 148

Published at 27th of March 2019 11:24:27 PM

Chapter 148: 148
The day was hectic for Woosung's company . Every available developer worked non-stop to protect the system from the hackers Julia hired . Hong Soobum reported to Woosung, "Thankfully, DDos is being protected . Other areas seemed to have calmed down for now . We are changing the password every hour and analyzing what has happened . " Woosung nodded and turned to Julia . "What are the hackers saying?" "They are saying they can go further if they tried . " "Get them to try their best . " Julia made a quick call, and the hacking attempt began again at full force, but soon, it was clear that the hackers couldn't get into the Coconut system . Julia said in disappointment, "I guess you have a pretty secure system . " "I will admit though, your idea was indeed creative . " Afterward, Woosung went around with Julia to introduce her to everyone . "This is Julia White and she will be leading the Coconut Bank and Pay systems . " "Nice to meet you . I'm Hong Soobum . " "Nice to meet you . I'm Jang Gwangchul . " "I'm Julia White . I used to work at JP Morgan until your boss hired me . " After the introduction, Woosung said to everyone, "As you all know, our company is now world-famous . We have grown so much . Some think our growth rate will slow down . They say we have reached our limit . " Woosung now only had 8 years of future knowledge left, but he wanted his empire to go on forever . "But I disagree . " Woosung paused for a dramatic effect . Everyone looked up to this man who created a business empire only in a year . Woosung continued, "Chat, bank, pay, and online store all need to grow further if we want to achieve global success . We are not there yet . Please continue working hard so we can reach that dream . " *** It was a hard road for Woosung so far, and all this time, he never forgot his parents, especially his mother . Woosung visited his parents . It has been a while . When he arrived, he saw that his mother has prepared a feast for him . "Wow, I think you made way too much food . " "You are a businessman, so you need to eat well . I assume you always eat out, right? You should be eating home-cooked meal . " Woosung was a grown man with a successful business, yet in front of his mother, he still felt like a little boy . "I must say, you are the best cook I know, mom . " "So you should live with me then . " "Haha, but then no girl would want to marry me . " "What are you talking about? Do you know what people say to me?" "What?" "So many women with daughters have asked me to introduce you to them . I get many calls every day asking for you . " "How did they know your phone number?" Suddenly, someone grabbed Woosung from behind . It was his father . "You're here! I've been watching you on TV!" Kim Eunjung grinned . "Your father has been watching every channel that shows your face . He even recorded them so he can watch them again later . " "Haha, really?" "Of course! You are the proud son of the Kang family!" Woosung was happy to be with his family . His father asked him, "So when will get married?" "I want to know too!" Kim Eunjung added . "Soon . I need to focus on my work a little while longer . You know how many employees depend on me . " 120,000 people . "I…I suppose . " "Besides, I need to be very careful of who I marry now . Many women will approach me only for my money . " His parents looked concerned . His mother said to him, "Well, I trust you will find a good woman . Now, let's eat . " But his father wasn't done . "We need grandchildren…" Kim Eunjung glared at her husband and said quietly, "Honey . " And that was the end of the conversation . After dinner, Woosung and his parents sat in front of the TV with a plate of fruits . A program titled "Generation Success" started . The host announced . "Today's successful company we want to talk about is Coconut . How did Coconut become bigger than Facebook? Why did Rick Warren, who is known not to invest in tech companies, bet on Coconut?" The program showed clips of Woosung's headquarter and the people working . The host explained . "The first reason is because the President of this company provides freedom to his employees when it comes to working schedule . " Woosung felt embarrassed at such a corny comment . He closed his eyes, but his father clapped in excitement . "That's right! That's how you get people to work efficiently . My son is the best!" His mother agreed, "Woosung has always been such a free spirit even as a child . " The show continued with short interviews of the employees . "Our CEO always emphasizes our freedom to choose . That is why we are the first company that doesn't have a set work hour . We can come and leave whenever we choose . " Woosung's father clapped again . "Wow, that's my son alright! What an innovative idea!" Woosung continued to feel mortified, but his mother agreed again . "I know! Woosung is a genius!" His parents were happy to see their son being praised on TV . Woosung felt proud . The TV host continued . "The second reason is because President Kang Woosung learns from his mistakes . " Woosung's father exclaimed again, "Of course! A man needs to experience failure to succeed!" His mother agreed again . "Our son is like no other, right?" "Of course!" *** After the show, Woosung returned home . He showered, and as usual, he sat in front of his computer . He checked his bitcoin status . "4,581,401 . 4563 BTC . " Thanks to the mining system developed in China, he could get 200,000 bitcoins every month . In a few years, Woosung knew he would reach ten million coins . He continued to collect more bitcoins from different online forums . Things were going well, but Woosung continued to worry . What if the original creator, Satoshi, hacks into his system? Would keeping a large number of coins in one wallet be a problem in the future? What if the future changes and the price won't go up? Woosung had over 1000 wallets and the more coins he collected, the more worries he had . He also owned Bitmain . If things happened as he expected, he would be beyond rich . "If I sell 4 . 5 million coins at ten thousand dollars, I will make 45 billion dollars . " If he sold it at twenty thousand dollars, he would make 90 billion dollars . If he included everything, such as Coconut, KND, and DNK stocks, and buildings, Woosung couldn't even figure out how much money he would have at that time . Suddenly, Woosung's phone vibrated . "Tomorrow at 11 am . " "The fourth mobile carrier business selection process will be announced . " It was finally happening .
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