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God of Money - Chapter 26

Published at 26th of March 2019 11:45:39 PM

Chapter 26

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Jang Gwangchul left in a hurry . It felt like a dream, but the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in front of him was real .

Suddenly, Woosung's cell phone vibrated . It was a text from Jang Gwangchul .

"Little brother, do I now deserve to have lunch with you?"

Jang Gwangchul kept calling Woosung his little brother . Before Woosung could process this situation, Kim Eunjung opened the door and said excitedly .

"Woosung, try it out . It's amazing . That man also said he'll pay for the insurance and maintenance . "


"Come on! When will we ever get the chance to drive a car like this? Look at how much your dad loves it too!"

Kang Gichun couldn't take his eyes off the car . It was the same for his classmates . Both Yoon Chanjong and Cha Yeoreum kept looking at the car and Woosung in shock . Woosung was pleased . Park Jonghyun asked .

"W… who was that? You aren't part of the mob, are you? I heard people get involved in illegal online gambling…"

Woosung scowled at him . Kim Eunjung heard this and asked Woosung worriedly .

"W… Woosung, that's not true, right?"

He had to explain .

"He's one of the company's VIPs and he's just thanking me for my work . Don't listen to my friend . "

Park Jonghyun continued annoyingly .

"He can't be a stock trader . Didn't you see his face? He looked scary and had a gold necklace . He was definitely a mob . "

Kim Eunjung frowned even more . Woosung didn't want to worry his mom . He had to make sure she understood .

'If I had a smartphone, I could just show it to her quickly . '

But then an idea snapped through his mind… Woosung asked Park Jonghyun .

"You have a laptop, right? Give it to me . "

"Why? This is expensive . I can't lend it to you . "

"I'm not asking to borrow it . I just want to look him up . "

Luckily, the school had wireless internet . Woosung opened Jang Gwangchul's Cyworld and showed everyone the man's reports and activities .

Everyone became speechless as they stared at Woosung in shock . However, more than anyone, it surprised Park Jonghyun a whole lot more .

"Why would someone like him be nice to… you…?"

"I guess he appreciates how hard I work . Chanjong, it's all thanks to you . You're the one who told me to apply to Daesan . I will buy you lunch sometime . "

Yoon Chanjong nodded . Woosung also looked at Cha Yeoreum .

"I am thankful to you too . You encouraged me to work hard . Let's get together sometime with Chanjong . We'll meet again, anyway . "

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Cha Yeoreum looked confused .

"What do you mean…?"

Kim Eunjung asked Woosung .

"Son, let's go now . I'm hungry and that man said he made a reservation for us at a restaurant . He said to just let them know his name and they will take care of us . "

Kim Eunjung said it loudly, wanting everyone to hear .

"He said to go to the Baekjae Hotel . "

Park Jonghyun couldn't hide his envy . After taking back his laptop, he murmured quietly .

"S… should I also apply to smaller companies now?"

Woosung got into the car and Kang Gichun filled himself with an obvious hint of happiness as he drove away .


After the meal, Woosung's parents returned home first . Woosung wanted to meet with Jang Gwangchul alone . Sitting at the hotel lounge, Woosung called him . Within a few seconds, Jang Gwangchul showed up waving at Woosung as if he was expecting this .

"Haha, little brother, were you looking for me?"

Woosung was still suspicious about this entire deal .

"What do you think you're doing?"

"You are so different from everyone else . Most people would suck up to me by now . "

"Then you should talk to them . "

"But those people are weak . If you are confident of your skills, then there is no need to bow down to anyone . "

When Woosung remained silent, Jang Gwangchul smiled and guided Woosung to a private room .

"Haha, let's go inside . We have a lot to talk about . "

Woosung followed Jang Gwangchul .

"How about we have some wine? Alcohol is good for relaxing . "

Woosung answered coldly .

"I don't want to drink . "

"Did I do anything to offend you?"

"Not yet . "

"Haha, I guess that's good . "

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"I just don't believe in freebies . "

Woosung remembered the day he died .

Choi Gichul took him to an expensive private club .

Jang Gwangchul probably wasn't like Choi Gichul, but Woosung still had to be on guard .

'Their last syllables are even the same . '

Jang Gwangchul . Choi Gichul . He just didn't like it . When Woosung frowned, Jang Gwangchul continued .

"Haha, that's true . Then I should tell you the reason . "

Jang Gwangchul took out his PDA and connected to his website . He then brought up the posts Woosung uploaded .

"Your nickname is 'God of money,' right?"

Woosung nodded .

"You wrote about the basics of algorithm trading . "

Woosung nodded again . When he registered to become a member of this website, one requirement was to upload a few useful posts .

"After reading these, I called Nuri Finances and asked about you . They had a lot of great things to say . On top of the speed trading, you also did a presentation on changing the development process . They know you for being a talented developer, and you're only . "

"It's true . "

"Hahaha . Your confidence is overwhelming . "

"Because it's true . "

"I agree, and that is why I want to be your friend . "

"For my skills?"

Jang Gwangchul got close to Woosung and sniffed him . Surprised, Woosung stepped back .

"I smell money on you . You will be big, and I can't stay away from you . "

Yoon Gihwan said the similar thing before .

'What's happening? Did I get more attractive or something?'

Woosung wondered if, on top of becoming smarter, he got better looks too, but that wasn't the case .

"Just like you, I am interested in IT . It's the future, but it is hard to find someone talented in this field . It's even harder to find someone who can see the future as well . "

Woosung realized what Jang Gwangchul was talking about .

"Do you think I am that person?"

"They say money makes more money, but what moves money is a person . Someone like you . "

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It was an overwhelming compliment, but Woosung remained unfazed by it . He just nodded .

"I already know that . "

Jang Gwangchul opened his mouth in shock . Woosung agreed with him .

Bitcoin . He had the chance of a lifetime in his hand . There was no doubt Woosung will become rich .

"R… really?"

"Yes . "

He could have thought Woosung was being arrogant, but Jang Gwangchul thought differently .

"Ha, haha . If you already knew, then this conversation will be quick . I would like to offer you a job . "

"Working at Daesan will be the last time I work for someone . "

"Then how about becoming my partner?"

Jang Gwangchul was desperate not to lose Woosung . He licked his lips .

'How could he use him?'

Woosung still couldn't trust Jang Gwangchul, but he wanted to still gain something from this without being bound to him .

There was one way .

"I can make the program for you on the side . "

"Do you even know what I want?"

"My post on algorithm trading got your interest… . So I assume you want something like it . "

"Haha, I knew you would get me . So how much would you charge?"

Woosung didn't care if he would get this job, so he asked high .

"500,000 dollars . "

"I'll give you 700,000 dollars . Make me something good . "

This time, Woosung was the one left dumbfounded .

"… what?"

"My only requirement is that you make me an algorithmic system you can be proud of . "

Jang Gwangchul wasn't shy about giving compliments . He was also very generous . A car and now 700,000 dollars .

He was unexpected .

"Why don't we get a contract today? Maybe after another drink?"

"Well, I guess I can have a glass . "

There was no way someone who just offered him 700,000 dollars would mean him harm . Woosung could finally relax a bit .


Kim Yonggun looked at the new posts on the website "Fire Ant Trading Club . " One of the most viewed was titled, "The basics of algorithm trading . "

The nickname of the author was especially memorable .

"God of money?"

It sounded great, so he clicked it .

"The basics of algorithm trading .

"It is a way to buy and sell stocks following strict guidelines . Even if you don't use an automated computer system, if you have your own rules you follow, that would still be considered an algorithm . "


Kim Yonggun always thought algorithm trading only referred to using an automated system, but according to this member, one could just have a personal rule .

"Having rules, or algorithm, is the basis of trading . If you do not have an algorithm, people would sneer at you and call what you're doing a gamble rather than a trade . Therefore, so many people fail at stock trading . "

It felt like someone just hit him with a hammer .

"Huh? It's going up . I need to buy now . "

"What? It's dropping . Should I sell? Sell??? Oh no . It's too late . Dammit!"

"Shoot! I shouldn't have sold!"

Kim Yonggun has lost a lot in the market . He had no rules; he just bought and sold as he felt . He skimmed pieces of information regarding trading, but it became apparent now that this was not enough .

"You need to make it into a smart investment transaction, not gambling . Then what would be the biggest difference between the two? Gambling depends on your luck but investing depends on mathematical chance, the difference between luck and chance is whether you can or cannot improve it . "

This is the biggest and most important difference . Mathematical chance is something you can improve if you put your mind to it .

Kim Yonggun couldn't stop reading this relevant info 'God of money' has posted . Everything he said made sense . He wanted to absorb everything .

"One of the best hedge fund managers was Edward Thorp .

-"He was a brilliant mathematician who turned the game of blackjack into a probability game . He even wrote a book about it . While you depended your victories on your luck when gambling, he calculated the odds and made profits . "

. . . .

The post even included a useful example .

"Edward Thorp?"

It was the first time Kim Yonggun heard this name . The only people he knew were Warren Buffett or George Soros . Reading quickly, Kim Yonggun hit the last paragraph .

"Therefore, the basis of algorithm trading is 'mathematical probability' . As you increase the probability, you will improve your earning . "

Kim Yonggun clicked the "Like" button for the post made by 'God of money', which already had 3,108 likes .

Woosung's post was the most viewed and most liked post in the history of this website .

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