God of Money - Chapter 34

Published at 26th of March 2019 11:45:30 PM

Chapter 34

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She felt confused . When she saw him a few times recently, she didn't think much of it .

He was only a salaryman at a small company .

That was how she saw him at first . However, that was because Cha Yeoreum was unaware of all the facts .

He fixed major server problems .

He also now worked as a consultant .

At the time, she had no idea how much Woosung had accomplished . Now she knew .

Presenter .

Speaker .

He was a big deal . Cha Yeoreum shook her head . Yang Jungsuk thought .

'So they used to date?' It was obvious . They used to date . He had a competition . 'Is she just playing me?'

Yang Jungsuk's imagination ran wild as Woosung continued .

&#;GTT is a plugin for Visual Studio . The program is designed as a screen test tool . It's currently being used by Nuri Finances' HTS project and has shown to be effective . It's easy to use . The code is available for free at Github and Source Forge . &#;

Woosung continued comfortably . Park Jonghyun, Yoon Chanjong, and Cha Yeoreum still couldn't believe it . They all stared at Woosung in silence .

&#;If you want to become a contributor, please provide additional codes at Github . Microsoft is also interested in this project, so it would be beneficial for all of you to take interest as well . Now, let's get to the practical side and some examples . Next please . &#;

The screen changed to the next slide . Woosung looked like he was in control of the entire conference .

&#;10:5 . Before we applied the agile method, it used to take 10 days to develop a new function . now, it only takes 5 days . &#;

Cha Yeoreum's heart continued to pound hard . She looked around to see if anyone noticed her state, thankfully no one was paying attention to her . She looked again at Woosung as she bit her nails .

&#;If you aren't sure about this plugin, just try it . &#;

Woosung continued . Cha Yeoreum gripped her hands tight .

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After lunch, Woosung left the hotel for a walk . He planned to stay to listen to Hong Soobum's presentation on &#;The future of the mobile world . &#;

Since his presentation, his phone was ringing nonstop .

&#;They must've been really shocked . &#;

Park Jonghyun and Yoon Chanjong kept calling him, but he didn't answer . Then, a text message arrived .

&#;Where are you?&#;

Three words .

It was from Cha Yeoreum .

&#;Cha Yeoreum…why?&#;

They haven't contacted each other since they broke up .

&#;Maybe she saw my presentation?&#;

His phone rang again . He sat on a bench and, alas, he answered . Park Jonghyun asked to meet him and they all ended up at the hotel lobby . Park Jonghyun along with Cha Yeroeum, Yoon Chanjong, and Yang Jungsuk asked .

&#;This is crazy . You were awesome . Did you ask Microsoft to participate? Come on! Tell me . How did this happen?&#;

Woosung took a sip of his coffee and answered . &#;I developed a program needed at work . When I uploaded it, I got an email from Microsoft . They asked me to speak at the conference . &#;

Park Jonghyun couldn't believe it . &#;You developed this?&#;

&#;Yes . &#;


&#;Yes . &#;

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&#;That's impossible . Don't you remember what you told me when we were still at school? You said you hated developing programs . &#;

Woosung remembered the conversation . It was true, but he needed to earn a living, and he ended up becoming a developer .

&#;That's right . I remember . &#; He said with a laugh .

&#;Now you made a program and Microsoft calls you? How could I believe that?&#;

&#;I guess it sounds impossible . &#;

&#;Hey!&#; Park Jonghyun yelled at Woosung's mocking tone .

They have known each other for many years . Woosung continued to laugh .

&#;So you're saying you studied really hard after you landed on your job, and your skills improved this fast?&#; Yoon Chanjong asked this time .

He was asking seriously . Woosung tried to give an earnest answer . He knew this day would come when he needed to have a logical explanation .

&#;Something like that . Before graduation, I realized how lacking I was . I could see other classmates getting jobs, but not me . Since then, I studied nonstop . All day, every day . &#;

&#;You are lying . I remember drinking with you all the time around that time . &#; Park Jonghyun glared at him .

Woosung didn't realize he would ask this . He was now sweating .

&#;Oh…well, I studied when we weren't drinking . &#;

&#;Was there ever a day when we didn't go out for a drink? We went out every single day . &#;

Woosung laughed awkwardly .

&#;R…really? Haha . Hahaha . . . &#;

He wanted to get out of this situation as fast as possible . Cha Yeoreum just stared at him with her lips shut . Thankfully, someone came up to Woosung .

&#;Oh! Wow! This is a pleasant surprise . I was just about to call you . &#;

&#;Oh…hello, sir . &#;

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Jang Gwanchul greeted him . &#;Sir? Come on! Call me brother . &#;

He was covered in gold . Gold necklace and rings…His hair was spiked . He looked like a typical gang member .

&#;Alright, big brother . What are you doing here?&#;

Checking the time on his Rolex, Jang Gwangchul grabbed Woosung .

&#;Hahaha, I'm here for the seminar . It's time to go now . Come with me . I have someone I want you to meet . &#;

Woosung checked his watch too . It was time for 'The future of the mobile world' .

&#;Um…I need to go to a seminar . &#;

&#;Are you talking about 'The future of the mobile world?'&#;

&#;How . . . &#;

&#;Right? I knew it . Let's go . I will explain on the way . &#;

He wanted to leave his friends anyway, so Woosung followed . However, everyone else also stood up .

&#;Great . We were going to attend that same seminar anyway . &#;

&#;Oh! Are these your friends?&#;

Woosung nodded and Jang Gwangchul laughed .

&#;Hahaha . That would make you my friends too then . Let's all go together . &#;

&#;The next seminar will start in 10 minutes . &#;

&#;The next seminar will start in 10 minutes . &#;

The loud announcement hurried them .


Hong Soobum's presentation was genius . He talked as if he could see the future . Everything he predicted all came true . Woosung knew this and couldn't hide his shock .

&#;In the future, you'll be able to do everything in your hand . Mobile! We'll be able to connect to the internet, monitor our health, and control the entire house in our hands . &#;

He was right .

&#;iPhone . It isn't a popular thing yet, but Apple made a statement when it released it . They promised to change how people saw and used phones . iPhone will become a portable computer for everyone . PDA? That's garbage . &#;

It was incredible . Woosung didn't want to miss a thing . Jang Gwangchul asked .

&#;What do you think?&#;

&#;It's amazing . &#;

&#;Haha, you think so too?&#;

The idea clearly took Jang Gwangchul's interest, which meant one thing: It was going to generate a lot of money .

&#;Are you thinking about investing?&#;

&#;No, I'm already an investor of it . &#;


&#;He told me he wanted to make something, so I told him I will give him the money to do whatever he wanted to do . &#;

&#;Just like you did for me . &#;

Jang Gwangchul smiled . &#;Exactly . I told him to consider me his older brother . &#;

&#;You must have a lot of little brothers . &#;

&#;Hahaha . You need to diversify your portfolio . &#;

Woosung looked at Hong Soobum again . He was most likely working on Coconut now . He wasn't aware Jang Gwangchul was an investor .

&#;We have already entered the mobile world . The only thing left to decide is whether to become part of it or become left behind . You need to choose now . &#;

That was the end of the presentation .