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God of Money - Chapter 74

Published at 26th of March 2019 11:44:44 PM

Chapter 74
This was the power of being the President's son . Lee Sunghyun only needed to make a few calls to make things happen . The government messenger was to be selected in 4 months, while the algorithm for the National Pension was to be decided after the provincial election . Woosung felt the power of political authority . He may be a rich businessman, but compared to Lee Sunghyun, his power was very limited . If he did something illegal, could he get away with it with money? Woosung shook his head . Maybe, but not for sure . Those with power could . Someone like Lee Sunghyun and Daeyang's CEO could order around the police and the prosecutors easily . They owned the justice system . Lee Sunghyun turned to Woosung . "The team leaders of each division will be asked to meet starting next month to start preparing for the election . As the chief of digital media division, you will need to attend as well . " "I understand . " "Then I will call you later . " Lee Sunghyun left the office . Woosung sat down on a chair and sighed . It has been a long day, but unfortunately, there was still more work to do . His phone hasn't stopped vibrating for a while now . The caller ID indicated that it was Jung Jinsup . It was time to meet him . *** He met with Jung Jinsup in Gangnam . Jung Jinsup was the future CTO of Bitmain and Woosung's boss . There was a distinct possibility he was involved in Woosung's death . Jung Jinsup knew about it and didn't do anything to stop it . Woosung had to restrain himself from punching him in the face . Jung Jinsup took him to a bar . "There are some nice ladies working here . If you ever need a place to do business, bring your clients here . " He turned around to the woman standing nearby . "The madam will take good care of you . Right, sweetheart?" Jung Jinsup was the same . He was a creepy lecher . The madam smiled and answered . "Of course . We always welcome young handsome CEOs . We have a lot of pretty girls here so let me know your type . " Woosung tried to calm down his anger and replied . "Thank you . I will call you if I need you . " Woosung and Jung Jinsup entered a private room . "So Woosung, I am impressed with you . What statistics package did you use? R or Python? How many equations did you use?" Jung Jinsup clearly knew a lot about analysis . He graduated from a computer science program after all . In his previous life, Woosung never doubted Jung Jinsup's skills or ability as a programmer . Woosung replied using technical words to further earn his trust . "I used both . I started with the Python . R isn't adequate for working with a large amount of data . After sorting with Python, I used NumPy, SciPy, and other libraries with my own personal equations . " Jung Jinsup understood it immediately . "NumPy and SciPy…That's brilliant . I would love to learn your equations but…I guess you won't tell me?" "Haha, as I said before, it's a trade secret . " "So you're telling me you discovered the exchange rate trend based on your analysis, and you can figure other things out as well?" "Exactly . " "Now, would you be able to predict a specific person's behavior pattern too? Like what that person likes? How to make that person like you? Do you understand what I'm saying?" Woosung did understand, but he couldn't understand Jung Jinsup's intention . When Woosung looked confused, Jung Jinsup lowered his voice and continued . "There is a woman I'm interested in, but I can't figure out what she likes . She is not a nobody, so I can't do anything rash . She can't be bought with money either . " Woosung finally understood . Problems with women . He wanted Woosung to apply data analysis on psychology . In 2018, it was a commonly used practice . Companies analyzed customers' browsing histories and placed intentional ad banners in strategic places . However, in 2009, this was not common, and Woosung wasn't sure if he could develop a system for it . When Woosung hesitated, Jung Jinsup added . "As you must already know, Lee Ari is the biggest star now . I found out her phone number somehow, but she barely responds to me . She is from a powerful family, so I can't just push her around . I don't know how I can get her…" Woosung couldn't believe what he was hearing . Jung Jinsup didn't notice Woosung's disgust and continued . "Hahaha, you know what I mean, right? You're interested in Semi, right? She is not going to be easy . I tried a few times but gave up . She plays hard to get . " Woosung grabbed the glass and drank it in a single gulp . He calmed himself down and replied slowly . "I see . Lee Ari is such a big star that it may be possible to do it . " Lee Ari was going to be an even bigger star in 10 years . Woosung was also her big fan and knew a lot about her career . He felt like he could use this information to his advantage . Jung Jinsup's face shone with a smile . "Really? Hahaha . You can figure out what a person likes? You really are a big brother!" "You flatter me . But as you must know, I can't guarantee anything . Most likely I will be able to figure out vague and limited information . " "Anything you can find out, I would appreciate it! And if you help me out, I will set up a meeting for you with Taewon . " Jung Jinsup exclaimed . Jun Taewon . Son of TK Telecom's CEO . He was rumored to be the next CEO of the company . If Woosung wanted to release Blue S in Korea, Jun Taewon was someone he had to meet . Jung Jinsup continued . "However, just like you, I can't guarantee how successful the meeting will be . It will depend on you . " It was a good opportunity, but Woosung shook his head . Woosung already had a connection with Lee Sunghyun, who most likely could introduce Woosung to Jun Taewon as well . "That's a good offer, but I need something else from you . Meeting Jun Taewon is something I think I can figure out myself . " Jung Jinsup frowned . Woosung added quickly . "What I need is…Do you by chance know Choi Gichul very well? I need Daeyang for my smartphone manufacturing parts . " Jung Jinsup grinned . "Haha, of course . He is like a big brother to me . He is currently finishing an MBA program at Dartmouth . " "When he returns to Korea, please introduce us . " "That's easy . " "Great . I really need him . " Jung Jinsup shook Woosung's hand . "Now it's time to drink!" Jung Jinsup buzzed the madam again .
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