God of Music - Chapter 21

Published at 7th of August 2016 06:00:38 AM

Chapter 21

‘Sedy, who has a comeback stage after 2 years, splendidly ruins the comeback and disappears . ’

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KangYoon, who came back to the office, opened the envelope and fell into thought . Sedy, who made women’s heart flutter with his mellow voice and the emotional songs that matched it after his debut, went well for 2 year before disappearing suddenly . He came back after 2 years, but he received bad criticisms such as his voice changed or he lost the feeling, etc… and ruined every single album he released .

‘The first concert is unlucky, eh . ’

This season was definitely the season when he recovers after 2 years of blanks . Meaning that his time was over . However, as he thought that it wasn’t good to reject the work without even meeting in person, KangYoon decided that he would decide after he gathered some materials .
He searched the internet and requested the reference room about the materials related to Sedy . Soon, materials about Sedy piled up on KangYoon’s desk .

‘This is enough for him to get doomed . ’

After having a look at the materials, KangYoon sighed . Sedy earned too much money within a short period of time . He made a hit as soon as he debuted and the money and popularity raised his arrogance . In other words, he had star complex . The star complex made him sink rapidly and eventually, he played around too much without managing himself well and he got sick .

‘His throat was hurt . That’s why he rested for 2 years . ’

While looking at the documents categorized as important, KangYoon shook his head . In any case, aftereffects of throat injuries are very serious . The possibility to recover to the former voice was very faint . Even if he could sing, there was no way he could know that the people would accept the change in the voice .
KangYoon closed the documents . The priority was to meet the singer himself . Although he knew the future of the singer known as Sedy, he had never met him .
KangYoon contacted Duka entertainment right away .

“Greetings . I’m Lee KangYoon from MG Entertainment . ”

As if they had already received a call, the work progressed smoothly . Sedy’s manager, called Yu SeungCheol, was very kind and he lowered himself, saying that he would attend to KangYoon . KangYoon didn’t delay and set a schedule and set off right away . Although he could tell them to come, KangYoon set off thinking that he need to have a look at the situation himself .

‘Was Duka Entertainment so small?’

KangYoon arrived in front of Duka Entertainment . Duka Entertainment was on the second floor of a small 3 level building . He heard that they were doing well once, and they had enough money to rent the whole building, but now they only had one floor . KangYoon felt strange and went inside .

‘Geh, what is this? Smell of smoke?’

As soon as KangYoon entered, the stuffy smell of smoke stung his nose . KangYoon, who never expected to smell smoke in an entertainment company, creased his face .

“Gosh, smoke . ”
“Excuse me…”

The man seemed surprised at KangYoon’s creased face as he took back his offered hand . KangYoon only looked at the man then and he became awkward .

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“I’m sorry . It was a bit awkward . ”
“No, It should be me who’s sorry . This is why I said to meet outside… Let me introduce myself . I’m called Yu SeungCheol and I’m in a position of a manager and the secretary of general affairs .
“Lee KangYoon . ”

The person called Yu SeungCheol had a naïve expression and a chubby body . His personality looked good .
After a brief exchange of greetings, the two sat down and went into topic .

“The open broadcast, ‘FM and walking’ with the actress Jung ShinHye . It was at 6 o’clock on Saturday, right?”
“Yes . It’s in 3 weeks . ”
“Did the TV station give you permission too?”
“We only received a time from the radio station . Sedy-hyung wants a lot of stage devices . Of course we know that it’s difficult, but … *Sigh*…”

Manager Yu SeungCheol also seemed fed up with Sedy as he sighed . If one used too much stage devices on an open radio broadcast, then it would be a nuisance to other singers . But Sedy was stubbornly requesting it so he was fed up . KangYoon had a look at the demands slowly and spoke .

“Then it’s better to have a showcase . ”
“To do that the money…”

…And they don’t have enough budget for it . KangYoon sighed .

“Since we’re using the same stage as other singers, we need to be considerate towards them . It’s a bit of a stretch to think that it is our own stage and mobilize so many devices and boast material superiority . Then you need to go with a showcase . ”
“That’s why we requested of you . It’s because we can’t think up of a good method . ”

KangYoon felt his head ache . What do they want to do… This – not enough money . That – it’s difficult . He was fed up .

“Then first, let’s meet Sedy . Where is he?”
“Uh, that… . ”
“Where is he?”

KangYoon looked around when a door opened with squealing sounds coming out from behind the door . Then a handsome man with short hair and a woman wearing tight clothes walked out while stuck together . It was the singer Sedy, Lee JunYeol .

“Hohoho, Oppa . So cool . So? What did you do then?”
“What do you mean? With a sledgehammer, I just…”
“Whoa, darling’s so manly . ”

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A low quality conversation, that was uncomfortable for even men to hear, went past . KangYoon was dumbfounded . Someone was here to work for him, and that same someone was playing around with woman…

“…I’ll take my leave . ”

KangYoon didn’t have anything more to say . He had a look at the reason why Sedy failed in the ‘past’ he knew . He came to discuss the plan but the singer in question didn’t even show interest and had a woman beside him . It was obvious that such a singer would fail .

“Sorry? No, team leader . Wait, please hear…”
“If it’s such a person, he would fail in whatever he does . There’s nothing more to speak about . ”

Manager Yu SeungCheol grabbed KangYoon in panic, but KangYoon returned . In his ‘past’ life, he had seen singers in his 10 years of continuous failure . No, he rolled around at the bottom of the industry in his 7 years as a manager before he went into planning . The people he saw from then failed, not from effort, but from talent . However, that man called Sedy had the talent but no effort and he was rotting his own time . The thought that he should waste time on such a man didn’t exist .

“Y, you’re the concert planner that said you’ll come today? Nice to meet you . I’m Sedy . ”

However, as if ignoring KangYoon’s words, Lee JunYeol offered a handshake as if nothing had happened . The smirk on the corner of his lips said ‘That’s cute, do some more’ .

“Hyung!! This person is…”

Manager Yu SeungCheol was shocked and blocked Sedy . However, KangYoon’s anger was already at the limit . He stiffened his face and took a deep breath and met his eyes and spoke with a low voice .

“You’re pathetic . ”
“You should be in the middle of practicing to warm up your voice now, but with a woman… I can estimate why this company became like this . ”
“Team Leader!!”

When KangYoon provoked Sedy, Manager Yu SeungCheol was shocked and tried to hold KangYoon back . However, KangYoon, who was now angry, didn’t intend to stop there .

“If it’s the current Sedy, he will fail no matter what he does . I can declare that . I don’t want to see him again . ”

KangYoon then turned back . Fire was raging inside his heart . He didn’t even want to think about that singer who smoked and played around with a woman,

“Team Leader . Please listen to my story . ”
“I don’t think there is a need to listen anymore . I’m sorry . ”

Manager Yu SeungCheol clung desperately, but KangYoon left the place just like that .

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However, even when KangYoon went back like that after insulting him, Sedy only smirked .

“What the hell is that guy? Ah, my luck must be bad . Isn’t it right, oppa”?
“…Hey . ”
“What is it, oppa?”
“You go too . ”

However, Lee JunYeol pushed away the woman he was playing around with for a long time . The woman complained as she didn’t know the reason before swearing at Sedy and leaving .

“Ah, hyung!! Do you even know who that person is!!? Ah, f*ck!!”

Manager Yu SeungCheol felt like he was about to go crazy . They had persuaded MG Entertainment after a long time . President Kim TaeHoon begged until his knees gave out to move the concert team . Of course, the distribution contract was also important . Now that they kicked away the hope they just begged for, he wanted to XX that problem child .

“That person just now, it’s that person, right?”

Manager Yu SeungCheol was on his edge . However, Lee JunYeol ignored that and continued speaking .

“The one who said that he will make my comeback stage . ”
“Yes . And you chased him away . Ah, really . That’s the guy who put JooAh on top of Japan . The one you talked about last time . ”
“Oh, really?”

However, he didn’t seem to care . But then he thought again for a moment before speaking .

“Hey, SeungCheol . ”
“Ah really . Why do you keep calling me?”
“Was there anyone who insulted me right in my face like that until now?”
“I don’t know, You went well before . ”
“But he directly rejected, eh? That’s interesting . ”


“What? Rejected?”

The next day .
President Lee HyunJi widened her eyes after she heard that KangYoon rejected the work with Sedy .

“What’s the reason for your rejection?”
“We don’t have anything to profit from this . Even though it’s the first work, it isn’t that good…”
“And what is your reason for your judgement?”

First work was very important . This was the first work that the concert team of MG Entertainment had received . They could only receive other work if this work went well . KangYoon wanted to say that Sedy’s ‘mentality is completely rotten’, but he held back since it wasn’t an objective material .
And so, KangYoon prepared a document and held it out towards President Lee HyunJi .

“His voice changed too much in his 2 years of rest . Even if we plan a stage for them and pull out, if words that the planned comeback singer failed comes out, then it may negatively affect us . ”
“Sedy contains a risk – this is what you want to say, right?”
“That is so . ”
“But a risk contains a return . Didn’t you succeed with JooAh last time even with a risk?”

At that time, KangYoon had a clear proof . However, there was no proof of success now . Most of all, Sedy’s mentality was done for . KangYoon could still see the Sedy who came out with a woman in his arms .

“JooAh had the ability to take on the risks . Ability and support – both of these were in place . However, Sedy’s different . The company’s small, and his personal ability is also doubtful . I judged liked that . ”
“I understand . If Team Leader Lee judged like that then…”

President Lee HyunJi nodded her head . She had trust in KangYoon . She knew that he had good eyes for people .
KangYoon headed to his office after reporting to the president’s office . The concert work ended without him even trying, but the rookie work was still underway . He turned on the computer to work on that .
However, the phone in his office started ringing . It was a call from the lobby .

“What is it?”
-Singer, Sedy, says he’s looking for you .
“Sedy is? I don’t have anything to speak to him so turn him back . ”
-He says he will wait until you finish work .

Suddenly Lee JunYeol invaded and said he would wait . KangYoon was dumbfounded at the unpredicted incident, but he snorted .