God Of Slaughter - Chapter 1182

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Chapter 1182
Chapter 1182: Crazy Harson!

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Harson's sudden appearance had caught people's attention . Harson's motive would determine the trend of the coming battle .

The God warriors cheered up . Even Haig, Phelps, and Mia could ease their minds now . As they all knew how tremendous Harson was, they knew that Harson was strong enough to deal with Audrey or Cang Yun . With Harson's participation, the God Clan would definitely have the chance to harvest the Genesis Fruit, which would make them strong for the next ten thousand years .

However, Haig didn't see Harson's strange bearings . . .

After Harson appeared, he didn't look at Audrey or Cang Yun . His eyes were glued to Haig .

Harson's eyes became dark as if the white part of his eyes slowly turned black . Looking at him at this moment, everybody thought that they were watching something incredibly terrible .


Mia called, her face tense and restless . "What's wrong with you?"

She was the first person to notice Harson's abnormality .

Many years ago in the deathtrap of the God Clan, Mia had seen this appearance of Harson: his eyes were completely dark and they had no sclera . Mia thought that Harson was dead and a Demogorgon had possessed him . . .

However, right after that moment, Harson had transformed from a wimpy kid to a bloodthirsty madman . He had killed everybody else except Mia . Harson could hardly recover later . But then, he had turned into a completely different person that Mia couldn't recognize .

After so many years, seeing Harson like that one more time, Mia felt her hair rising on the back of her head .

And only Mia could see Harson's abnormality .

Haig, Phelps, Audrey, and Cang Yun didn't see anything strange . They just frowned, looking at Harson and waiting for his next move .

"Watch Harson! Everybody be aware of him!" Mia shouted hoarsely all of a sudden .

Haig's pupils shrank .

Audrey and Cang Yun changed their faces in fear .

A terrifyingly evil energy surged like a rising tide . It grumblingly burst out like an erupting volcano from Harson's body .

Rumble! Rumble!

Eighteen viscous blood light columns shot up to the air from his body . Each of them was as big as a towering tree that surrounded Harson .

A kind of energy that could distort the whole world diffused from Harson and affected the entire space inside the mountain .

"White Bone Blood Refining Ghost Grave!"

Haig, Mia, and the others couldn't help but shout . The group of the God Clan's warriors was scared and perplexed .

"Harson, what the heck are you doing?" Haig thundered as he was outraged . "I know you don't like me, but it's related to our entire clan . Even if you hate me more, just wait until we eliminate the opponents . We will put an end to our story . What are you going to do now?"

Attracting the geniuses of the significant star areas to the ancient continent so the God Clan could kill them at once was the plan that Haig had proposed . It was an important event to prove his leadership to the Elders of the God Clan . As long as his plan was successful, he could be sure about his Chief position of the God Clan in the near future .

For this purpose, Haig had been calmly planning everything . He could endure Harson's bad behaviors and he could even take a step back when he saw Harson in the ancient continent .

All was for his big goal .

However, as Harson was using the White Bone Blood Refining Ghost Grave at this moment, he was definitely out of his mind . This evil formation was going to collapse people's minds and make them kill each other .

Even the God warriors would kill each other because of this evil formation . Once it was activated, they couldn't stop .

Haig didn't know why Harson had to do that . Although Harson was insane and bloodthirsty, it was just to deal with others . He had never attacked warriors from the same clan .

However, today Harson looked utterly crazy . It seemed like he had lost his mind completely so he wasn't going to even spare his own people .

But the thing that made them more dumbstruck was that Harson didn't have any subordinate here with him and he still could use the White Bone Blood Refining Ghost Grave . Moreover, his power seemed to increase tremendously .

All the warriors of the God Clan became restlessly insecure .

They all knew how dangerous the evil formation of the Charteris family was . They knew that this family was the bloody lance of the God Clan who had destroyed the enemies of the God Clan everywhere . Today, Harson used his most dangerous evil formation to drag them to death . This thought had struck them out of their wits .

After Harson had emerged, he said nothing but directly used the White Bone Blood Refining Ghost Grave . Instantaneously, the tombstone appeared above his head and activated the evil formation .

Everybody felt their souls sinking deep into that bloody gravestone and no matter how hard they wiggled, they couldn't get out . Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey weren't exceptions . Feeling the strange commotion of their soul altars, they couldn't hide their great fear .

It wasn't the first time that they were trapped in this evil formation .

Cang Yun had experienced it before . Audrey had also sunk in it when she neglected Shi Yan's advice and tried to get through the barrier . At that time, all of Harson's troopers were still alive and strong . However, the power of their formation at that time wasn't as strong as what he had now!

What did it mean?

It meant that after Harson had fought Shi Yan in the desert, his power had increased furthermore . He was incredibly strong!

Cang Yun and Audrey discolored in fright . They thought that this madman Harson was much tougher than Haig . His insanity and unpredictable movement were unidentified factors .

Harson sat cross-legged under the bloody stone grave . The towering blood columns stood by him, released viscous blood light, and created the blood sea where there was a lot of sinister energy that could twist minds, wear out people's wills, and erode their souls .

The other warriors began to lose their minds . Mo Fou and Wu Feng were panic-stricken . Gradually, they started to show their fangs .

Mia, Phelps and the warriors of the God Clan couldn't escape this trap . Shortly after, their eyes showed their madness . They started to attack the people standing next to them . They didn't recognize whether they were their clansmen or the best buddies .

Inside the formation, Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey, the warriors with the Origin, shouldn't have been affected . However, it was unknown why their soul altars, souls, and even God powers became restless while they were shrouded in the blood sea .

Although they were still sane, Harson's world had affected them . Their powers were restrained . They couldn't urge or use any ability .

Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey discolored in fright when they recognized the situation .

The warriors who had fused with the Origin could swagger in this world as their powers Upanishads weren't often bound to natural principles . They had proven this in the ancient continent .

However, Harson's evil formation had affected them right now and retrained their abilities and energy . What was going on?

They all grimaced and tried to figure out how Harson did it .

"Desolate! It's the special magnetic field of Desolate! Oh Gosh, Harson has gotten the approval of Desolate!"

Cang Yun shouted . His clothes were torn and then turned into ashes when he transformed into a massive, majestic white tiger . His murderous, imposing aura diffused from his body . This tiger had the imperial mark of the Heavenly Monster Tribe with an astonishing dignity .

Cang Yun had transformed into his true form .

Cang Yun's words had made Audrey and Haig baffled before waking them up . Only Desolate's power could affect them . If Harson could do that, he must have received Desolate's approval or something magical . That was how he could use the evil formation to bind them .

Haig roared and turned into his Undying God Bod with fish-scale armor and spikes all over his body .

Different from Cang Yun's and Haig's transformation, Audrey's soul altar spun and her graceful body faded out . Amazingly, she had become something magically unreal . She looked like a departed spirit or a reflection, which didn't seem tangible .

Making the God Body become nothingness was a strange but marvelous ability that only the purest Imperial Dark warriors could do . After their bodies had turned into oblivion, physical attacks couldn't touch them . Only soul attacks could affect them . And when speaking about soul attacks, the Imperial Dark Tribe didn't have a rival in this vast universe .

The body of nothingness was an exclusive power of the Imperial Dark Tribe . It was as strong as the Undying God Body, the Immortal Demon Body, and the true form of the Heavenly Monster Tribe .

After they realized that Harson was recognized by Desolate and that he had received something good from Desolate, Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey had become stern . They all transformed to prepare their best to counter .

At the same time, Mia, Phelps, Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, and the others were attacking each other unconsciously .

Their souls had fallen into the hands of the enemy .

While the other experts of different star areas were surrounding the World Tree, Harson interfered and sank them into madness .

Right now, Shang Ying Yue and Shi Yan were stilling dashing through the rock passage . Shi Yan had followed the magical life magnetic field to reach the World Tree . He wanted to know what was going on there .

The Ring Spirit of the Blood Vein Ring on his finger had sent him a simple advice: the World Tree bore the Genesis Fruit . Take it and absorb it into your co-soul .

However, the Ring Spirit didn't describe the World Tree or the Genesis Fruit . It just told him what to do and what his goal was . It didn't tell him what benefits his goal could bring him .

Afterward, Shi Yan had tried to contact the Ring Spirit, but he got nothing in the end . He immediately noticed that it was in its critical time of fusing memories . It wasn't easy for the Ring Spirit to spare him a second and give him new instructions . He believed that the Ring Spirit wouldn't harm him so he had his new target .

Get the Genesis Fruit and fuse it with the co-soul!

He took Shang Ying Yue and moved wildly through the rock passages . While his soul felt that tremendous life energy fluctuation, the God power in his body surged like a flooding current .

Eventually, Shi Yan and Shang Ying Yue had almost reached the world inside the mountain where the World Tree grew .

He suddenly stopped and said sternly, "It doesn't feel right . You should stay here . Don't go with me . "

"What? Why?" Shang Ying Yue frowned .

"White Bone Blood Refining Ghost Grave! It's Harson's White Bone Blood Refining Ghost Grave! It is much stronger than the time we'd encountered him!" Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan hissed, "Once you get there, your soul will collapse . You will become a wild beast that only knows how to kill until you die . "

Shang Ying Yue's soft body shivered . She halted and remembered the situation that they had experienced . She felt a chill deep in her heart .

"You should be careful," she advised .

"Don't worry," Shi Yan darkened his face and entered the thick blood mist .