God Of Slaughter - Chapter 1422

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Chapter 1422
Chapter 1422: Penetrate!

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Shi Yan and Mei Ji continued to sink deeper .

"This light dome looks really vast . This ruin is really colossal . It's so amazing . " Mei Ji frowned and observed the area beneath through her light cage . She turned to Shi Yan, "Do you feel better now?"

Shi Yan smiled, "The water pressure is so formidable . You've been in this Sea of Annihilation for many years . You must have gone down here severaltimes . Why didn't you find this vestige?"

"I've explained it to you . The Sea of Annihilation can be as vast as an entire territory . I can't endure the pressure at the deepest area . It's true that I often move around undersea and I found some strange areas . But it's the first time I saw such colossal ruins that are like this . " Mei Ji pulled herself together and glanced at Ling Mei . "I don't get along with that woman . We have competed many times in this Sea of Annihilation . I hope you don't establish any relationship with her . "

"What kind of relationship can I establish with her?" Shi Yan felt funny .

"You better not . Ling Mei is the expert in charge of the Sea of Annihilation of the Mysterious Sky Clan . We've been competing for a long time, but I can hardly defeat her . This time, I have to defeat her once!" Mei Ji was resolute . While talking, her milky breasts shook and made enchanting, seducing waves .

Shi Yan's eyes became hot as he grinned . His line of sight fell on the cleavage between her breasts . "I'm some kind of key point in the battle between you guys?"

"Yes," Mei Ji didn't deny . She admitted naturally . "Since we were in Dragon Lizard Star, Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun have tried to create a good relationship with you . I think they know you have Dark Energy too, right?"

Shi Yan nodded .

"I knew it . If you didn't have Dark Energy, which ensures your breakthrough to the Territory Ancestor Realm later, how could they appreciate you that much? Ling Mei is the same . She expects to recruit you to be the Nonnative Officer of the Mysterious Sky Clan . That's how they will try to get one more Territory Ancestor Realm expert . "

Mei Ji sighed sadly . "To the Seven Great Clans, competing for experts is crucial! And recruiting the Territory Ancestor Realm experts is the fiercest competition! A Territory Ancestor Realm expert can even change the general competence of one of the seven clans . My clan didn't care about Batum's bad reputation and they are willing to sacrifice me to recruit him . It's because he'll definitely enter the Territory Ancestor Realm . "

"Then why don't you sacrifice yourself and marry Batum to increase your Phantom Clan's competencies?" Shi Yan didn't smile and looked at her nonchalantly . "You're so dedicated to the Phantom Clan . For the clan's welfare, it is logical for you to give yourself up to it, right?"

"You want me to marry Batum?" Mei Ji suddenly quieted down . After a long moment, she asked with a cold face .

"It has nothing to do with me . My feelings can't affect you . I'm just curious," Shi Yan said calmly . "You don't want it . It's obvious . Why don't you dare to violate your clan's rule?"

Mei Ji's face was bitter . She shook her head and said in agony . "I can't turn my back to my clan . Also, I don't dare to lose my clan's protection…"

"Why?" asked Shi Yan .

"What I got today is all because of my clan . My family is there . Also, I've done many things for my clan lately . I've killed many people . They want my life . As I'm with my clan, they don't dare to attack me . If I leave the Phantom Clan, I can't live in peace," sighed Mei Ji .

"If Batum breaks through to the Territory Ancestor Realm fast, what will you do when he asks your clan to fulfill the promise?" asked Shi Yan .

"I don't know . I really don't know and I don't dare to think too much about it . " Mei Ji's charming face was filled with puzzlement . She herself didn't have an answer .

Shi Yan didn't ask further .

They had landed above the light curtain .

The light curtain was like an arch of a sky covering the ruins beneath and preventing the sea water from getting through . This light curtain had a lot of magical Absolute Beginning tadpole symbols, which were moving and wiggling as if they had a life and consciousness . The blood streaks scattered here and there on the light curtain . Shi Yan focused and found that he couldn't see where the light curtain ended .

Five-colors waves rippled from the light curtain and expanded toward Shi Yan . He was a little shocked .

So many waves swarmed toward him and made him restless . He couldn't help but get out of Mei Ji's light protection . While Mei Ji was still frightened, he smiled comfortably as the water pressure seemed to vanish into thin air .

He quietly watched here and there .

Except for him, the others were all acting gingerly . They looked as if they were facing great enemies . Still, they hovered far away from those ripples .

Seeing the waves hit Shi Yan but still be comfortable, he even smiled and the others relaxed their tense nerves .

A man in black armor from the Mysterious Sky Clan standing by Ling Mei deliberately reached out and caught a coming, purple wave .

He screeched painfully!

Everybody looked at him in fear . They saw the flesh on his arm melt and leave only a piece of white bone . The light purple wave swarmed over and covered him entirely .

Shortly after, he was no longer breathing because he was now a white skeleton falling into the bright light curtain .

His frame became bone dust and blended with the sea water, washing away .

Ling Mei couldn't help but scream ear-piercingly, "Move! All of you! Get away!"

Except for Shi Yan, the others didn't need her to remind them . All retreated away as if they saw a ghost in daylight . They were all pale as they looked at those colorful waves . All of them looked aghast .

Now, only Shi Yan stood there inside the ripples . He didn't even look a bit troubled .

Farlow, Telika, Ling Mei, Yerburgh, and Mei Ji stiffened . They looked at him as if they were watching a monster . Mei Ji was bewildered for a while and then said, "Shi Yan, why are you still okay?"

Shi Yan had seen the brutal accident happen to that member of the Mysterious Sky Clan . He knew why people were skeptical, but he didn't explain . Grinning, he immediately plunged through the light curtain .

Magically, the light curtain seemed to make a slit for Shi Yan to go through .

On the light curtain, the waves rippled and expanded . Ling Mei and Mei Ji were so wary of them . They couldn't help but retreat, trying to use their power Upanishad to break and prevent the terrible attack from the colorful waves .

"Mei Ji, you know him well . Do you know what he did to get through the danger?" Yerburgh screamed .

Mei Ji frowned . "I just asked but he didn't answer . I'm like you guys . I don't know anything . "

"What makes him different from the rest of us?" asked Farlow of the Black Demon Clan .

"I heard that this man has a wisp of the soul of an Absolute Beginning creature . It's what I got," Yerburgh initially told the others what he knew .

"He understands the powers of the Dark Energy," hesitating for a while, Ling Mei told the piece of information she had . As everybody wanted to intrude the ruins beneath, they had to find a solution to deal with those ripples . Thus, Ling Mei didn't want to conceal anything . She also wanted to find a solution .

Fused with a wisp of the Absolute Beginning creature's soul? A warrior with Dark Energy?"

Farlow looked shocked . "He's at just First Sky of Immortal Realm!"

"Mind-blowing, right?" Mei Ji parted her lips into a smile . "It's true . When I found that out, I was shaken too . Anyway, there are more shocking things . He got Dark Energy when he was at Incipient God Realm, anyway . Have you ever heard about anyone at Incipient God Realm get Dark Energy?"

Listening to her, Ling Mei shivered . Finally, she knew why Tu Shi Qi had sent her such a strange message .

Tu Shi Qi had told her to try her best to recruit Shi Yan . Even if she couldn't make Shi Yan the Nonnative Officer of the Mysterious Sky Clan, she had to be able to create a good relationship with him . She should not offend him and she should offer help whenever she could .

After receiving the news, Ling Mei was bewildered . She thought that Tu Shi Qi and his wife just made a fuss over something trivial . Today, she knew how Tu Shi Qi and his wife could stand tall and see far .

Mei Ji and the others were bound outside .

Under the light curtain, Shi Yan slowly descended . It was like he had gotten through a layer of clouds to enter a whole new world .

Everywhere in this world was a ruin . Even though they were ruins, they stood as tall and grand as a mountain . They were conical buildings made of an unknown stone material . Everything in his vision was the broken ancient buildings .

A strange energy wandered around his body and got into his Sea of Consciousness .

That energy came from the ripples . The reason why he wasn't hurt was because those ripples were actually Dark Energy . As his body was tamed with Dark Energy, he could absorb it . Dark Energy was a sort of negative energy . It was very different from other kinds of common energy . However, Shi Yan's body wasn't affected .

He lifted his head to see Ling Mei, Mei Ji and the others fluttered as he grinned .

Concentrating, he released his co-soul and sensed the aura or something that was calling him . Shortly after, he got his direction . Shi Yan didn't mind the others who were very astounded on the other side of the light curtain, heading toward an area . He was slow at first . Gradually, he accelerated .


Deep undersea, Audrey was heading toward the vestige . Innumerable souls covered her like a big black cloak .

"Why do you suddenly want to go deep undersea?" Ming Hong turned into a ghostly shadow and floated on her should . He was using power to make departed spirits and brutal souls cover her, saving her from the formidable water pressure .

"A voice is calling me constantly," said Audrey .

"A voice?" Ming Hong was panicked .

"Perhaps it's related to some Absolute Beginning creature," Audrey didn't conceal it . "You know, I've fused with the Origin of the God-blessed Mainland . Yeah, it's like fusing with a part of Desolate . "

Ming Hong was excited when he heard Audrey said that . "It should be something mysterious from the Absolute Beginning era!"

"I think so," Audrey chuckled .

Shortly after, Audrey had reached the light curtain with countless radiant ripples . With a strange light flaring in her eyes, she released her Soul Consciousness to check around .

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Her Soul Consciousness melted when it touched the waves .

"What a powerful defense!" Ming Hong screamed in surprise .


All of a sudden, a voice call from afar . A silhouette dashed rapidly and reached Audrey in almost a blink of an eye .

"Oh, you!"

"It's you!"

Audrey and Mei Ji screamed in astonishment .

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