God Of Slaughter - Chapter 1439

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Chapter 1439: 1439
Neptune spread the news . From this area, his discreet searching expanded .

Not long after he had gone, Forefather Dragon Lizard, Tu Shi Qi, and Ya Yun landed in the middle of ruins on the seabed . They could feel Ling Mei's lingering aura . Finally, they confirmed she was killed .

"I wonder who did that . Not everybody knows the relationship between Ling Mei and Forefather Han Tian . Perhaps the one who murdered her didn't know that, either . " Ya Yun felt her heart was hung up high . She was begrudging and didn't know what to do . "The outstanding experts among Han Tian's sons were killed in the battlefields and their soul altars broke while they were breaking through to the new realm . The living ones are just ordinary warriors . However, he has some excellent grandchildren . Ling Mei was the most prominent . Forefather Han Tian had high expectations of her . He had assigned her to the Sea of Annihilation to train further . She didn't fail him, indeed . She achieved a lot while working in the Sea of Annihilation . Her realm had reached the Peak of Immortal Realm, which surprised and delighted Forefather Han Tian a lot . But now…"

Ya Yun couldn't continue .

Tu Shi Qi also wore a heavy countenance . "It's really serious this time . If Forefather Han Tian wasn't cultivating in seclusion, he should know this already . Even if he wasn't there yet, the other elders will do their best to solve this . We're in the Sea of Annihilation; we can't avoid the responsibility!"

"If we don't give Forefather Han Tian an explanation, he will boil the entire Sea of Annihilation when he figures this out . We must do our best in this!" said Ya Yun .

They quickly came to a conclusion . They ordered all members of the Mysterious Sky Clan in the Sea of Annihilation to take action and search everything related to the Absolute Beginning vestige .


On the base of the Devouring Clan in the Sea of Annihilation, a haggard old man of the Devouring Clan was chanting Gan Fu's name with dull and watery eyes . He was struggling in grief .

He was Gan Fu's husband, Qi Mo who cultivated Chaos power Upanishad . Just like Gan Fu, he had touched Dark Energy and was just one step away from the Territory Ancestor Realm .

He had just returned from the Devouring Clan's headquarters with an enormous amount of materials . He had planned to build the territory with Gan Fu . As soon as he arrived, his heart beat frantically . He realized he had lost the connection with Gan Fu's soul .

He immediately recognized that Gan Fu was in danger .

He chanted Gan Fu's name and sent soul energy with his calling to the seabed .

Gradually, he had located where Gan Fu died . Then, he did what Neptune and Tu Shi Qi did; he called for all members of the clan to take action!


At the same time, the elders of the Black Demon Clan, Ancient Monster Clan also sent their orders to ask their members in the Sea of Annihilation to take action and find the murderers .

The Soul Clan, the Devouring Clan, the Mysterious Sky Clan, the Black Demon Clan, and the Ancient Monster Clan all had the young talents of their clan die unknowingly . They had announced that they were searching for the murderers . This incident was really rare in the long history of the Sea of Annihilation .

The five clans also stated their big rewards for anyone who could provide precise information . As soon as the clans confirmed the information, those who gave the information would receive generous rewards .

The Mysterious Sky Clan offered an Immortal Pellet and a bottle of Spirit Congealing Pellet as the rewards .

The Soul Clan used five Heavenly Soul Beads as rewards . The Heavenly Soul Beads were suitable for every expert at the Immortal Realm . It could mend the soul altar magically . Territory Ancestor Neptune had refined those beads .

Qi Mo's spouse of the Devouring Clan was killed . In his rage, he had offered many materials to refine the territory when he broke through to the Territory Ancestor Realm to award anyone with the correct information .

The Black Demon Clan promised three kinds of pellets to refine the body . Those pellets could produce flesh and Blood Qi . They were a great help to transform the body and to understand Dark Energy .

The Ancient Demon Clan offered a set of armor made of broken pieces of Absolute Beginning divine weapons as a reward . Rumors said that the said armor could resist a Territory Ancestor Realm expert's attack three times . It was a precious treasure to protect one's life!

The five clans had promised generous rewards that had shaken the entire Sea of Annihilation . So many warriors were stimulated . The Immortal Pellet, the Spirit Congealing Pellet, the Heavenly Soul Beads, the pellets that boosted the chance to understand Dark Energy, the armor that could resist the Territory Ancestor's attack three times… all of them were rare and extremely precious items!

The onlookers were stirred!

Whether they knew the truth or not, they were attracted by the big rewards the five clans had offered . They worked themselves into a frenzy to search the surface and the seabed .

For the time being, so many powerful experts and even the hermits stopped secluding to join the crowd to search .

Information related to the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol quickly spread out . This was even a bigger bomb to the other domineering clans in the Sea of Annihilation . They were all moved!

The real characters who knew how precious the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was finally knew why the five clans had offered their fundamental treasures to find someone . Also, it wasn't because of their dead members; they wanted the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower!

The entire Sea of Annihilation was boiling!


Deep under the sea .

Ming Hao had turned into a brutal soul that looked like a monster dragon, pulling Audrey's soul lotus throne and heading in a direction .

The God Lord and Ming Hao followed them close behind .

Shi Yan and Mei Ji shared the same light cage protection . They moved behind, but didn't go close to the others .

Inside the light protection, a water drop-shaped pendant that lay on her milky chest suddenly murmured like running water . Mei Ji frowned and her slender finger poked the jade pendant, dipping it into her soft flesh, which emphasized her ample breasts even more .

Mei Ji's attractive face gradually filled with black clouds as she listened to the report sent through the jade pendant, her eyes downcast .

"What happened?" asked Shi Yan .

Mei Ji's face was abnormal . She took a deep breath and frowned, "Move close to them . They should know something too…"

"Are you serious?" Shi Yan recognized that something was wrong and pulled a solemn face .

Mei Ji nodded with a bitter smile .

Shi Yan didn't say more . The light cage accelerated like a shooting star and stopped Audrey, Ming Hao, and the God Lord . "Hold on for a while . There's trouble . "

Audrey, Ming Hao, and the God Lord slowed down and looked at them in surprise as they didn't know what had happened .

"The Mysterious Sky Clan, Devouring Clan, Soul Clan, Black Demon Clan, and Ancient Monster Clan have promised big rewards for any warrior in the Sea of Annihilation who could provide the information about us . Neptune even has Shi Yan's portrait . I don't know how he did that," Mei Ji knitted her brows . "Also, I don't know why they know about the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol . Right now, the entire Sea of Annihilation is seething . Every clan on the surface and undersea was notified . The warriors of the entire Sea of Annihilation are searching for us . "

Hearing her, the others discolored in fear . They knew how fatal this was .

"How many warriors are in this Sea of Annihilation? How many experts do they have?" The God Lord didn't know much about this place . He hadn't recognized the seriousness of this news .

"Probably tens of millions . Of course, most of them are low-realm warriors at King God Realm and below . There are around dozens of thousands of Original God Realm and Incipient God Realm experts . Hmm, I guess we have several thousand warriors at the Immortal Realm . As far as I know, in addition to Neptune, we have four Territory Ancestor Realm experts here . "

The God Lord smacked his lips and said nothing .

"Well, it isn't just about the number of experts . After the things about the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower spread out, more and more experts will come here . The ones working around here will come and rob the place if they have confidence," Mei Ji forced a smile .

"Is the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower really that precious?" Ming Hao turned to Ming Hong .

Ming Hao arranged his thoughts and then said, "Among the Seven Great Clan, no clan has ever had a complete Power Upanishad Symbol Tower . The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol refined by the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is a great help to the Territory Ancestors . Sometimes, the Territory Ancestors find it hard to perceive the Ultimate power Upanishad . It could take up to dozens of thousands of years without discovering a clue . However, the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol can solve this problem to increase the power of the Territory Ancestor . Although it costs an enormous amount of material like as much as an entire territory's worth, it will be much more worthy and practical than searching for dozens of thousands of years without a result .

"In this vast sea of stars, we can't count the number of the territories . Each of the Seven Great Clans controls dozens of territories . To them, the territories aren't really precious . They can sacrifice territory when they need to . "

Listening to Ming Hong, the God Lord and Ming Hao turned to Shi Yan with desire .

At this moment, they were so regretful that they hadn't taken action to let Shi Yan take the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol and the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower .

"If you guys can collect enough materials to refine the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol by killing an entire territory to gather the slaves cultivating the same power Upanishad, I will consider fulfilling your wish of having an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol . " Shi Yan had to comfort them when he saw their eyes . He was afraid that they would make rash decisions now .

"It's not a burden to me to kill creatures in a territory . You have to remember what you've promised today!" said the God Lord .

Ming Hao pondered for a while and then smiled at Shi Yan for the first time . He bowed to Shi Yan . "Master, please help and fulfill my wish . "

Shi Yan sneered inwardly . He thought, When I get strong enough, who will care if you are alive or dead? Even if I help you, I will make you pay a bloody price!

With that thought, he said quietly, "We need to dodge this kalpa and then we will discuss this . "

"How long is it from our location to Desolate Territory?" asked Audrey .

Ming Hong didn't answer . He considered the distance and then said, "At our speed, it will take two or three more years . The water pressure in the Sea of Annihilation is really terrifying . If we teleport, we will break our souls . Thus, Ming Hao can't help us with this . If we move on the surface, we'll encounter a lot of enemies . It will be more troublesome . Once the Territory Ancestors get us, we won't be far from death . "

Shi Yan knew that he was right . The water pressure in the Sea of Annihilation was very horrible . He didn't dare to tear the space slit undersea . If he did that, the pressure and the turbulent space current would crush him and break him .

"Then we still have to move undersea . Since the seabed is much wider than the surface and the water pressure is terrible, using the Soul Consciousness to survey and explore is also a problem . It's good for us, though," said Mei Ji .

"From now on, we must unify and go in the same direction . " Shi Yan's voice was strangely calm . "From now on, we will kill everyone in our way . It doesn't matter who they are! Otherwise, when the experts find out location, trouble will come unceasingly until we die . "

"Agreed!" said the God Lord with an icy cold face .

"Agreed!" Ming Hao nodded indifferently .

"Understood," nodded Audrey .

People then turned to Mei Ji .

Mei Ji's face was ashen . "If we encounter the member of our Phantom Clan or my good friends…"

"You'll die now or you'll watch them die later . Choose yourself," Ming Hao told Mei Ji but his eyes were gazing at Shi Yan .

The God Lord, Audrey, and Ming Hong also looked at Shi Yan .

Because Shi Yan had suggested killing all the warriors in their way and Mei Ji was also the one he wanted to protect…

Shi Yan nodded and said to Mei Ji, "Make up your mind please; I have to be heartless now . I will kill you now, right here if you disagree with this . "

"Okay, I agree," Mei Ji felt so chilled . When she got a hold of herself, she hurried to agree .

She saw thick, murderous intentions in his eyes…