God Of Slaughter - Chapter 215

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Chapter 215

chapter 215 . Three choices

When Shi Yan was riding from the valley to the Yang palace, he was quite surprised .

Those palaces were full of Yang warriors, looking from top, it was like an army of ants, roughly, maybe there were nearly ten thousand people

Those people were gathered on a huge square .

In the middle of that square, there was an ancient array, which was surrounded by shining best quality crystals, a surge of natural spirit qi was flowing out from those crystals and injected into that ancient array, which made it look like that ancient array had a rainbow light curled up on it

Many Yang warriors were separated into small team and surrounded the ancient array

Yang Luo and Mo Duanhun looked respectful, and constantly fiddle with the strange compass on that ancient array .

The Yang warriors, under the command from those two, entered into the ancient array by order and stood on it, then a group of dazzling light flashed and those warriors who stood on the ancient array disappeared .

Transmission array .

Just by a glance, Shi yan realized that the ancient array was a magical array that connected two places .

Only the blacksmith with Royalty rank can make this complex transmission array, in the Kyara sea, only the powerful family like Yang family can afford to hire those Royalty rank blacksmiths and spend an unimaginable amount of materials to build this thing .

One after one, the warriors from Yang family entered into the transmission array under the command from Yang Luo and Mo Duanhun, spending one best quality crystal to teleported them into an unknown area .

When Shi Yan arrived there with the Demon Ghost, there was a huge fuss among the people .

Under the pressure from the Ghost Beast, those demon beasts on their own groveled no the ground and didn't dare to look into Ghost Beast eyes, their body were shivering as if they saw their natural enemy .

Yang Lao looked up on the sky and startled .

Mo Duanhun also gently nodded toward Shi Yan and seemed like he was surprised with Shi Yan’s ability .

"Brat, good, very good" Yang Lao smiled, "This Ghost beast really has an affinity with you, It already stayed in the Immortal island for a long time, and there was never anyone who can go near it and you can tame this unusual demon beast, which means the heaven still care about us, the Yang family"

Many Yang warriors showed excitement in their face when they heard Yang Lao’s word, seems like they grasped something from it

"What is the situation now?" Shi Yan came down from the Ghost Beast and gently patted Ghost Beast, suddenly the Ghost Beast which keeps releasing ferocious and evil atmosphere quited down, lazily lying on the ground and didn't continue to show its ferocious side .

"The warriors from the other families are moving towards Kyara sea, and soon, those people will appear here" Yang Lao face became gloomy," The news about your great grandfather, who is trapped under the ‘Demon Seal Formation’ has already spread throughout the endless sea, after Bo Xun spoke up, no one thinks that your great grandfather can escape from that Demon Seal Formation, so, those who have been afraid of us, the Yang family, caught this golden opportunity to exterminate our Yang family . "

Yang Lao explained the situation in brief .

The Demon King Bo Xun’s bone shadow which appeared in different areas already indicated that this time Yang Qingdi will definitely die, many demon dwellers who have entered from the unstable points in space long time ago already frequently contacted the heads from the major families, and explained to them the goodwill from Bo Xun and Chi Yan .

And they even showed their sincerity by sending many rare goods and materials, that only exist in the Demon Area, to those major families .

Chi Yan and Bo Xun already spoke up to get along with the endless sea, by connecting the two worlds and exchanging materials .

The proposal from the two demon king made many people restless and those magical materials from the Demon Area also made so that many people could hardly stay still .

In the past, the gate of heaven that connected the endless sea and the fourth Demon Area was in the hands of the Yang, only the Yang family can go through that door to enter the fourth Demon Area and bring many strange materials that didn't exist in this world .

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And because of this, the resources from Yang family were extremely tremendous in the endless sea, and with this advantage the Yang family can firmly stand proudly in the endless sea .

There was nobody that can coveted the materials from the Demon Area, in the past, the Yang was controlling the gate, and because the powerful Yang family, those people didn't dare to mess and only can exchange that material from the Yang family, which made Yang family acquire many rare treasures .  

And now, Yang Qingdi was imprisoned, Chi Yan and Bo Xun also gave them a treaty that was difficult to refuse by them, in order to obtain the materials from Demon Area and the wealth that has been accumulated by the Yang family for hundreds of years, those people finally teamed up and planned to destroy the Yang family and share with the Demon Area .

After deciding, those major families will no longer hesitated and started sending experts toward Kyara sea .

That force was very powerful, the Evil Wonderland and Xia family who were in alliance with the Yang family in the past also suddenly quited down .

The Xia family was pretty modest, Xia Shenchuan already spoke up to Yang Lao in advance that the Xia family won't face those forces for Yang family, and won't make any move, regardless if their decision was right or wrong .

And the Evil Wonderland, not only didn't help the Yang family, but they also secretly contacted with those forces, seemed like they were determined to help those people, and replace the Yang family in the endless sea .

In just one night, the Yang family was isolated and became the target of many people

Many feracious families started to open their bloody mouth, trying to devour the Yang family after they received the message from Bo Xun that Yang Qingdi will definitely die .

The Yang family’s situation has reached the most dangerous moment .

In desperation, Yang Lao began to start the evacuation plan, by dividing the wealth that has been accumulated by the Yang family and Yang warriors into small groups and quietly transferring it .

"You're just in time" Yang Lao frowned, "This time we need to evacuate, and now we have three evacuation area, the first one is the Demon Area, the second one is the Underwater Desolate City, and the last is the Chasm Battlefield, you can choose where you want to go . "

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"Demon Area?" Shi Yan was shocked, "How would you guys want to evacuate to Demon Area? If we enter the Demon Area this time, then wouldn't we be killed by Bo Xun and Chi Yan?"

"The situation in the Demon Area is different from what you think" Yang Luo smiled, during the critical time of the family, he still remained calm, "In the fourth Demon Area, there are many regions, even Bo Xun and Chi Yan can't sense the situation inside it, the Demon Area is extremely vast, so this kind of magical field is countless, the Yang family has been operating in the Demon Area for a long time, so we understand some regions even better than the demon dwellers, this time, the Yang family members that entered the Demon Area number up to eighty percent! A long time ago, we build a masking array with the help of the environment in there, so it would be difficult for Bo Xun and Chi Yan to find us"

Shi Yan was surprised .

At first, he thought that in the fourth Demon Area, the demon king Bo Xun and Chi Yan who had the cultivation of the third sky of Spirit realm can easily find out the situation in the Demon Area, and now, after listening to Yang Lao’s explanation, he knew that the magical field in the Demon Area are so powerful that even the demon king Bo Xun and Chi Yan can do nothing about it

"The Underwater Desolate City is a magical place in the endless sea, the sea warriors are the inhabitants in there and the sea is their world, if there is large number of endless sea people entered there, it would cause a huge fuss and maybe there would be a war with them, but we have some contact with some families in there, so there shouldn't be any problem if we enter into the city .

"What about the Chasm Battlefield? What kind of place is that?"

"The Chasm Battlefield is in the sky sea, it's said it originally belonged to this world, but don't know why it was split out from this world . The Chasm Battlefield is very strange, the heaven gate that connects the Chasm Battlefield is always changing, every hundred years, it would change once"

"What do you mean ?"

"Three hundred years ago, only the warriors from elementary realm to spirit realm can enter the door, two hundred years ago, the heaven gate changed, the spirit realm warriors already can't enter it, a hundred years ago, that heaven gate changed again, even the sky realm warriors can't enter it . And now, even nirvana realm warriors can't enter that heaven gate, this time, only earth realm warriors and below earth realm warriors can enter it"

"What? So there is a limit in that gate every hundred years ?"

"That's right" Yang Lao nodded, "This time, we would divide into three groups, one would go into the Demon Area, next one would go into the Underwater Desolate City, and the last one will go to the Chasm Battlefield, with that, we can prevent some damage, after all, if we focus on one area, there is a chance that we could be exterminated, so by dividing into three groups, we can increase the chance of blood retention "

"I will go to the Chasm Battlefield" Yang Mu sneered, "I won't only enter the Chasm Battlefield, but also I will spread out the information, telling those people that I am inside it . Hehe, this time, the nirvana realm warriors can't enter it, and for those major families who want to exterminate us, they would have to send their warriors below nirvana realm to kill me, hmph, I will wait inside the Chasm Battlefield, and those who dare to come to kill me, I will kill them all"

"I also will go to the Chasm Battlefield" Shi Yan nodded lightly, "I think it will be more interesting there"

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The warriors above earth realm can't enter the Chasm Battlefield, this means that the experts that will be sent by those families at most would only be in the third sky of earth realm .

Shi Yan believes that with his power, he can face the earth realm warriors .

Which means, the Chasm Battlefield is the most suitable place for him, which may also be the most secure place, and it can also increase his strength by killing those warriors from other families .

"Hahaha, good one, Xiao Yanzi" Yang mu laughed, "After we arrive there, I would want to see how many people dare to come to kill us, the more they are, the better it will be, so I can kill as many as I want"

"The Chasm Battlefield is very mysterious, it's said that it was the battlefield of the mighty warriors from the ancient times, inside it, there are many barriers and forbidden area, and also there are some magical treasures and martial skills that are left from the ancient times, if you guys want to enter it, not only you to be careful of those guys who want to kill you but also the forbidden area and dangerous array inside the Chasm Battlefield . " Yang Luo frowned, said .

"Inside it, there is a legendary magical treasure that can release master from the Demon Seal Formation" Mo Duanhun who has been silent suddenly spoke up, and stared at Shi Yan as if he was thinking about something .

Yang Lao looked startled and quite weird, and was also staring at Shi Yan .

"What? Is there a connection between it and Xiao Yanzi?" Yang Mu also exclaimed .

Yang Luo and Mo Duanhun nodded .

Translated by: Wiyi
Edited by: Vick 
Translated by XianXiaWorld