God Of Slaughter - Chapter 500

Published at 30th of November 2017 10:56:00 PM
Chapter 500

To warriors cultivating cold technique, the Ice Cold Flame was one of the most precious treasures in the world .  

If the warriors cultivating this method could integrate the Ice Cold Flame into their bodies, the marvelous benefit could hardly be described with words . No matter it was their realm or the powers of their techniques, all were enhanced significantly .  

In the same way, the warriors cultivating cold technique were more sensitive to the cold Qi released by the Ice Cold Flame .  

The Spirit Realm warriors had an extremely delicate sense of changes in the heaven and earth, and the cold class warriors understood deeply about the cold energies .  

Therefore, after the Ice Cold Flame revealed itself in the Ice Emperor City, some Spirit Realm warriors almost caught its aura right away .  

These warriors couldn’t restrain the excitement in their hearts for the magic spirit living beings in the legends like the Ice Cold Flame, as they put forth everything to get to the place first .  

The Master of the Ice Emperor City had four adopted daughters . She used ‘Ice (Bing), Chill (Han), Cold (Leng), and Frost (Shuang)' to name them . After she failed to enter the True God Realm, she handed the ruling role to Bing Qing Tong (lit . clear red ice – TL) . So now, Bing Qing Tong was the current Master of the Ice Emperor City .  

Han Cui (lit . cold green jade –TL), Leng Dan Qing (lit . cold painting – LT), and Shuang Yu Zhu (lit . frost and raindrop on a bamboo tree – TL) became the three grand elders of the Ice Emperor City . Together with Bing Qing Tong, they ruled the Ice Emperor City as the most powerful trinity of the Ice Emperor City .  

Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, Leng Dan Qing, and Shuang Yu Zhu followed the tradition of the Ice Emperor City to adopt some daughters with the innate endowment . Bing Qiang and Bing Wei were the adoptive daughters of Bing Qing Tong . When the ruling position of the city was to be handed over to the next generation, they would have to compete with daughters of Han Cui, Leng Dan Qing and Shuang Yu Zhu .  

Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, Leng Dan Qing, and Shuang Yu Zhu all had the Spirit Realm cultivation base, in which, Bing Qing Tong and Han Cui were at the Second Sky while Leng Dan Qing and Shuang Yu Zhu were one level lower, at the First Sky of Spirit Realm .  

After they sensed the Ice Cold Flame’s aura in the Ice Emperor City, the four most powerful women of the Ice Emperor City didn’t hesitate at all, flying in Shi Yan's direction with their max speed .


Shortly, Bing Qing Tong appeared in the training court .  

Warriors of the Ice Emperor City watching over the gravitational rooms were leisurely discussing the news of the city in front of the chambers . As they saw Bing Qing Tong, they were startled, bending down to greet her .  

Bing Qing Tong swayed her snow-white hand, didn’t say anything and got into the 20x gravity room where Shi Yan was lying .  

Inside the room, the shattered wounds on Shi Yan’s body had been healed . The magical resiliency of his Immortal Martial Spirit had healed half of his broken tendons and veins . As long as he had time, it would take around ten minutes more to restore all of his raptured tendons and veins, which would leave no side effects to him .  

His simple blue warrior clothing was dyed with red blood . Shi Yan was still unconscious, and not yet awakened .  

The Ice Cold Flame turned into a white flame, floating behind Shi Yan like snowflakes .  

A pair of beautiful eyes that could move people hearts were mounted on Bing Qing Tong’s painting-like face, like a pair of shining stars . She was wearing a white, royal dress, with small jade beads hanging on the hem . The cold and arrogant aura of a ruler expanded from her graceful body .

Her slender willow-leaf eyebrows slightly frowned, raking over Shi Yan . Then, her eyes shifted to the Ice Cold Flame and brightened . Her red lips shivered as she was too excited .  

It was the Ice Cold Flame indeed! 

At first glance, she could confirm that the white flame bobbing next to Shi Yan was the most precious treasure that the cold class warriors always yearned for .  

If she could get this strange treasure, her competence would leap up to another level in just a blink of an eye . The bottleneck she had faced for quite a long time should be broken through too .  

Whizz Whizz Whizz! 

Three strange sounds echoed at the same time as three beams of light appeared . Immediately, in this 20x gravity room, there were three more beautiful women with mesmerizing appearance that could be seen . They all had the cold aura, wearing white or silvery dresses covering their beautiful bodies . Their manners were noble, and their realms weren't low either .

After the three beautiful women appeared, they didn’t bother to give Shi Yan a look as they fixed their eyes on the Ice Cold Flame . Their eyes were sparkling excitedly as if they were beholding the most beautiful gem in the world . Their bodies were fixed, unable to move .  

"It's the Ice Cold Flame! The ice-cold heaven flame in legends!" 

Han Cui’s voice trembled . Her delicate body shook as she couldn’t help but step forward, extending her left arm . A Snow Frost Cold Grass spiritual herb with dense cold attribute emerged in her palm . The Snow Frost Cold Grass released a thick cold air, swaying and overflowing the place with its intoxicating fragrance . Suddenly, it flew toward the Ice Cold Flame .  

The Snow Frost Cold Grass was a kind of spiritual herb with cold attributes . This thing was a luxury item which had a special effect on the Ice Cold Flame, as it could enhance the flame’s intelligence .  

At first move, Han Cui had offered the precious Snow Frost Cold Grass in an attempt to please the Ice Cold Flame and make it consider her as its master . Creatures with intelligence would naturally have the intention to get close to the ones who offered them goodwill . They could even make the ones their masters . However, it didn’t apply to the Ice Cold Flame .

When the Snow Frost Cold Grass approached it, the Ice Cold Flame didn’t react, just floating next to Shi Yan . It didn’t have the intention to take the grass .  


Han Cui let out a slight scream . She beamed a smile that charmed people’s hearts . Her aura was as cold as ice, but this smile appeared to be the acme of her beauty and deportment . "Boy, you don’t like this Snow Frost Cold Grass? Don’t worry, I have some other spiritual herbs and stuff of the cold class which are very suitable for you . If you’re willing to follow me, I’ll give you it all . How does it sound?" 

The Ice Cold Flame was aloof .  

"Sister, don’t waste your mind on it . It has a master already . " Bing Qing Tong said coldly . "Don't you see that it revealed itself because it wanted to protect the unconscious guy over there? This spiritual being has intellect . It won’t get close to you because of your favor . " 

"I know it has a master . " 

Han Cui smiled wickedly, as murderous intention flared up from her eyes . She looked at Shi Yan, "Kill him . It has no master then, right? How simple this option is . Why do you need to calculate more? You came here first . Are you going to wait for its master to wake up and negotiate with him? Da-jie, since when you’ve become that kind?"

Leng Dan Qing was surprised, showing her smiling but not actually smiling face . She mocked, throwing a glance at Bing Qing Tong .  
This woman had a pair of phoenix eyes, with deep, dark, and cold aura . Her appearance was so extraordinary that it could move people's mind, but it gave people a gloomy feeling as well .  

"Da-jie has something worrying her . " Shuang Yu Zhu was closer to Bing Qing Tong, as she spoke up to give way to the other . "Da-jie, this young man has only the Sky Realm cultivation base . He seems to be meeting a bottleneck in this gravitational training court . Do you see anything improper?"

"This is the 20x gravity room," said Bing Qing Tong with a soft voice .  

"What?" Han Cui was shocked, burst out laughing . "A Sky Realm warrior fainted in the 20x gravity room? This is silly, but lovely though . Haha… I don't know what luck he had to cultivate to the Sky Realm . He also has the Ice Cold Flame . Interesting, indeed . " 

"Each heaven flame has its own consciousness . They will choose an extraordinary company . Regarding making the judgment, the heaven flames are more accurate than us . Anyway, a good company with strong potential and innate endowment is crucial for their growth in hundreds or even thousands of years . Every kind of heaven flame’s very cautious with this . " 

Bing Qing Tong’s face was solemn, "The Ice Cold Flame isn’t dumb . The one it has chosen should have something special . This man has the Sky Realm cultivation base, but he chose to cultivate in the twenty times greater gravity . Don't you see it’s weird? Do you really think that he’s stupid or what? "

"Well, whether he’s really stupid or not, he’s just Sky Realm warrior . Is he worth your worry?" Han Cui disdained with a cold smile . "Da-jie, the higher your position is, the more chickened you have become . Why is that? The chance of once in a blue moon is right in front of you . Will you let it slip away like that? 

"I’m not going to take action on him . " Bing Qing Tong mused and then took one step backward, speaking with her cold tone . "If you want to do anything, my advice is to wait for him to wake up . Let’s observe first to see if anything is abnormal . "

"You’re too cautious . " Han Cui chuckled coldly . "You do worry too much . He’s just a Sky Realm warrior . No wonder why our Ice Emperor City is still the lowest ranked city among the seven cities of the Fighting Union . Sigh, don’t blame my mouth . It’s not okay, you know . You failed our adoptive mother’s wishes . "

"Da-jie, you really just want to stand and stare?" worried Shuang Yu Zhu .  

"Fourth Sister, don’t concern yourself with it . We will just watch . " Bing Qing Tong said softly, as a strange flight sparkled in her beautiful eyes .  

Shuang Yu Zhu was stunned . Later on, she quieted down and nodded, not saying anything further .  

She knew Bing Qing Tong wasn’t an unwise leader . Whenever her pretty eyes sparkled with this strange light, it meant she had found something, and had other perfect plans for the matter .  

"Third Sister, you join hands with me . We're going to tame the Ice Cold Flame together . " Han Cui looked at Leng Dan Qing .  

"I’ll follow you," Leng Dan Qing smiled .  The two pretty women exchanged looks and then stepped towards the Ice Cold Flame with caution . The powers of their bodies started to gather .

However, at this moment, Shi Yan’s brows convulsed . This meant he was about to wake up .  

The Ice Cold Flame suddenly released a pure cold air, pouring into Shi Yan and directly entering deep inside his Sea of Consciousness .  

Shi Yan was still unconscious . With the urge of this cold current, he jolted up, looking at the beautiful ladies walking towards him with a cold, brutish face .