God Of Slaughter - Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

Chapter 83 - Meeting Face to Face

The journey continued .

Shi Yan lost his carriage, so he had to make do with a horse to mediate . But he still found a way to continue practising the [Seal of Life and Death] .

Every night, whenever he had free time, he would make an excuse to leave and put into action the knowledge gained throughout the morning .

However, every time he tried to join the [Life Seal] with the [Death Seal], the result was always a failure .

The merging of the [Seal of Life and Death] was very difficult . Every time he formed the [Life Seal] and [Death Seal], he was unable to project them simultaneously .

Either that the [Life Seal] was executed first, or the [Death Seal] suddenly lashed out .

If one wanted to merge them to form the true [Seal of Life and Death], the very first step would be to execute both types of Seals simultaneously .

Only if this was achieved, could the [Seal of Life and Death] be formed .

This required extreme control . It has to be mentioned that the condensing of his Profound Qi and the negative energies must be synergetic; existence of any flaw was out of question!

Shi Yan was aware of this . However, every time he tried to put his thoughts into action, he found the process to be very difficult, and all his attempts ended in total failure .

Noting that they were getting nearer to the Dead Swamp day by day, Shi Yan stopped his practice . After all, the simultaneous consumption of Profound Qi and negative energy was huge .

Every time he practiced, his body would weaken for a while .

Especially when forming the [Death Seal] .

It required using [Rampage] first, however there would always be some backlash . In order be in top condition while in the Dead Swamp, Shi Yan reluctantly stopped his attempts .

Determined that he wasn’t going to stress out anymore, Shi Yan was more relaxed . As he no longer spent his time in meditation for the upcoming journey, he had plenty of time to interact with the two girls, Wu Yunlian and Zuo Shi .

While travelling together for some time, Shi Yan gained some understanding of Wu Yunlian and Zuo Shi . They didn’t especially get along very well, but they didn’t have any conflicts either .


On this day .

Shi Yan was riding his horse alongside the carriage of Zuo family . His expression was serene, and he was still deep in thought about the [Seal of Life and Death] .

“Young Master, we’re here . ” At this moment, Han Feng pointed forward, and said quietly, “The people from Misty Pavilion are already waiting . ”

Shi Yan stared and gazed into the distance, spotting three black dots .

Wu Yunlian also stuck her head out, looking into the distance . She then whispered, “Everyone be careful . Misty Pavilion is an outsider to us . That woman can reach the Sky Realm, so let’s just watch out . ”

Hearing that, everyone nodded .

Shi Yan, however, furrowed his brows slightly . He didn’t know how Xia Xin Yan would react after seeing him .

On that day, before Xia Xin Yan fainted, she had clearly seen him . Xia Xin Yan definitely knew now why she was at the Misty Rain House .

During this meeting, who knows if Xia Xin Yan would interrogate him or not .

But Shi Yan wasn’t particularly worried . At the Misty Rain House, the only time he really violated Xia Xin Yan was when she was unconscious .

Xia Xin Yan should not know what he had done .


Xia Xin Yan never separated far from Shi Yan and the rest . Although she had nonchalantly tossed out the half-part of the map, inwardly she was still cautious of them . She was constantly on guard towards the Shi and Zuo families in order to prevent them from taking any covert action without her knowledge .

That day, when Shi Yan had commented on her, she had heard it clearly . She was naturally agitated from inside .
But when she saw Shi Yan, she recognised him as the one who had brought her to the brothel . This made her even angrier .

What happened that day was deeply imprinted into her memory .

Many times in the past several nights, whenever Xia Xin Yan woke, she would still feel herself lying in the Misty Rain House . . .

And whenever she thought about it, she would imagine herself lying unconscious on the ground while that guy enjoyed himself with the two prostitutes right in front of her .

She felt unreasonably angry .

Finally, Shi Yan was right in front of her .

Xia Xin Yan only glanced at Shi Yan once, then she pointed at him and said coldly, “You follow me, I have some things to ask you . ”

Wu Yunlian, Zuo Shi, and Han Feng were all shocked . They looked at Xia Xin Yan weirdly, not understanding why she would want to talk with Shi Yan alone, instead of asking for Chi Xiao’s whereabouts .

Shi Yan had already expected her to do that, so he nodded and said calmly, “Okay . ”

Shi Yan’s attitude made Wu Yunlian and the rest even more confused .

Han Feng was stupefied for a second, slightly worried, “Young Master…”

“It’s alright . ” Shi Yan waved his hand, and left along with Xia Xin Yan .

Shortly, the two arrived under an old tree .

“That day, it was you, right?” Xia Xin Yan’s bright eyes looked straight at him, and asked indifferently .

“Mmm hmm . ”

“That day at the brothel, while I was unconscious, you did… that with the two prostitutes?” Xia Xin Yan secretly clenched her teeth .

“Mmm hmm . ”

“You are the most perverted bastard!”

Shi Yan couldn’t help but laugh . He nodded and said calmly, “I’m a man, this is my nature, there’s nothing to be ashamed of . But, I don’t suppose I did anything to you? In fact, I saved your life! That night, if you weren’t at the brothel, the Beiming family might have found you . On that note, you should thank me . ”

Xia Xin Yan was a bit stunned . It seemed she didn’t expect Shi Yan to honestly admit his lechery in front of her .

Xia Xin Yan was in a fix and her expression was changing continuously . It was as if she very much wanted to scold Shi Yan, but didn’t know where to start .

To scold him that he’s perverted? Well, he’s already admitted that . He’s already so shameless, what’s the use in scolding him further?

Xia Xin Yan felt agitated for no apparent reason . After a long while she frustratingly shook her head and said, “You did save me, but I’m not grateful to you! What happened that night, I don’t want anyone to know, do you understand?”

Xia Xin Yan’s beautiful eyes were cold, her intention of a threat was clear .

“Don’t worry, I’m not that stupid . ” Shi Yan’s expression was indifferent .

“That, that night, did you… did you do anything else to me?” Xia Xin Yan’s eyes suddenly showed a little panic .

“Anything else?” Shi Yan was stunned, his face full of confusion, “Like what?”

Listening to this, Xia Xin Yan was raged from inside, and she was continuously repeating the word ‘Calm’ inside her mind . She took some deep breaths and finally said in a cold tone, “I’m saying did you have any ill intentions of me?”

“Of course yeah!” Shi Yan whispered in his mind, but on the surface he looked serious and shook his head, “No, I’m not a reckless person . ”

“You are not a reckless person?!”

Xia Xin Yan was staring at Shi Yan . She suddenly realised that she was very easily getting angry when near this person . Clenching her teeth, she sneered and said again, “A perverted bastard who thought of seeking pleasure in a brothel while his family was in a death battle with their enemies . And you say you are not a reckless person? Isn’t this really the funniest thing!”

“It’s just a normal physiological need . ” Shi Yan said indifferently .

Xia Xin Yan started at him blankly, her eyes repeatedly showing feelings of disgust and anger .

Xia Xin Yan slightly waved her hand as if she wanted to say no more . Finally she said, “I wish you forget everything that happened that night! You saved my life once, and I will remember that . During this exploration of the Gate of Heaven, I will make sure to do whatever I can to keep you safe . After that, we’re even!”

Xia Xin Yan could not bear to stay any longer . She turned around and left straight back along the path she came . She was still filled with anger, but there was nowhere for her to release it .

“Then I will thank you in advance . ” Shi Yan shouted loudly towards her retreating figure . A smile still lingered on his lips, as if he had no idea how annoyed Xia Xin Yan was .


In the mass of dark clouds on the sky .

A ten-meter long, Level 5 demon beast; a Wind Eagle, floated in the clouds . Beiming Shang, Beiming Ce, Yin Kui, Jiu Shan, Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan sat together on the Wind Eagle .

Beiming Shang sat on the head of the Wind Eagle; he reached his head out to look down at Shi Yan and the rest, who looked as small as ants . Then with a deep voice he said, “They should be going to the Dead Swamp . ”

“Grandpa, when should we show up?”

“Wait until they arrive at their destination . ” Beiming Shang furrowed his brows, and said, “Chi Xiao should be appearing soon . Chi Xiao is a true Sky Realm warrior and he might discover us . Let’s go, we should leave in advance . ”

Mu Yu Die clenched her fist, her bright eyes filled with hope .

The Wind Eagle suddenly flew off, and quickly became a black dot as it swiftly flew towards the Dead Swamp, not leaving any trace of its passing .