God Of Slaughter - Chapter 983

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Chapter 983
Chapter 983: The Information that is Worth Ten Million

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Energy fluctuated around Devil Hall quieted down . There was no rolling earth and heaven energy pouring into the palace anymore . The rippling energy around Shi Yan gradually faded . He was sitting still on the round platform in the center of Devil Hall .

After a while, he opened his eyes and beamed a strange smile .

Thousand Fold Lotus was truly an incredible treasure . It had doubled Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness . When his soul altar comprehended powers Upanishad, his understanding of his realms became more profound .

He suddenly had a premonition that he could break to Third Sky of Original God Realm at any time . Now, he just needed to grow his Essence Qi Ancient Tree to accumulate energy .

Most of the energy from the divine crystals inside Devil Hall, earth and heaven energy, and star energy from the sky had filled his bones and flesh to quench his body another time . However, his Essence Qi Ancient Tree didn't have much energy this time . The energy accumulated was enough to reach the limit to have the next breakthrough .

After the time breaking to Second Sky of Original God Realm, he didn't have a good chance to absorb torrential energy . He didn't have an opportunity to take in Essence Qi of dead warriors .

However, it was a little different this time .

Previously, he had never been in a shortage of energy when he got to his breakthrough . He had just had an advancement in his realm .

But today, his realm had progressed while his energy hadn't met the required amount yet . Thus, he couldn't enter Third Sky of Original God Realm yet .

" . . . Energy . Haha, seems like I have to find a chaotic place of fighting and killing . " Shi Yan smiled, slowly got up, and walked out of the place .

It was clear . As long as he could kill some warriors at his realm, the Essence Qi he could take when they were killed could change his Essence Qi Ancient Tree, which would be enough to enter Third Sky of Original God Realm . Shi Yan didn't need to worry about energy .

Wu Lan, Leona, Long Zhu, Fel Lan, and Na Xin had been waiting for him outside the palace . Seeing him, their eyes brightened .

"How do you feel?" Wu Lan was all smiles . "Our Master's Devil Hall is the best place to cultivate . You absorbed the Thousand Fold Lotus . You should have a big harvest, right?"

Leona and the others also looked at him expectantly .

"I'm now one step away from Third Sky of Original God Realm . What I need to do now is to accumulate energy to transform my Essence Qi Ancient Tree," explained Shi Yan with a smile .

Wu Lan appraised sincerely, "Your harvest was big, indeed . "

Leona, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo exchanged looks . They couldn't help but grin inwardly . They knew Shi Yan's secrets . People would need time to accumulate the required amount of energy . However, it wasn't a big deal for Shi Yan .

They had even thought that Shi Yan had already broken through to Third Sky of Original God Realm since accumulating energy was just a piece of cake for him .

"Where are the people from Potion and Tool Pavilion?" asked Shi Yan .

"They've arrived," Wu Lan looked in the distance . "Oh right . They'll be here immediately . "

Indeed, shortly after, war chariots loaded with piles of materials roared in the sky and flew towards them . Fu Wei and An Yun stood on the leading war chariot .

"I'm sorry, but we have a problem . " As soon as Fu Wei arrived, she exhaled reluctantly, speaking to Shi Yan . "The Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance you've ordered has been sold before that . I'm afraid that we can't deliver it within a short time . "

Wu Lan frowned .

Shi Yan was bewildered .

Long Zhu and Yang Zhuo came here with excitement and the most important thing they cared about was the Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance . Hearing her, their excitement was cooled down cruelly . They stood there baffled .

The materials they had bought from Potion and Tool Pavilion cost two million divine crystals, but only the Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance had accounted for one million divine crystals . Potion and Tool Pavilion was generous to give them a discount for the Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance . This was also the item that they thought they had taken the greatest advantage of .

The Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance was what they needed the most . They all felt discontent when Fu Wei said that they couldn't deliver it within a short time .

Wu Lan studied Fu Wei, her bold brows knitting together . She didn't have her usual smile on her face anymore . "Fu Wei mei-mei, what do you mean? When we negotiated, you said that it wasn't a problem to order Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance . You said it would be shipped together with the other materials . You said that, didn't you?"

"I did say that," Fu Wei nodded . She didn't deny it . "But I didn't expect that our Pavilion would sell the nearest Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance to someone else . You guys have ordered a high-grade Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance . Currently, the nearest storage that keeps this kind of Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance is a distance that would take several years to travel . I didn't expect this . I'm so sorry . "

Shi Yan darkened his face . "When will you be able to deliver the new Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance?"

"Well, it's hard to say," Fu Wei sighed, "If everything goes smoothly, I estimate that it will take around three years . But if something unexpected happens, I'm not sure then . "

Wu Lan frowned, looking at Fu Wei deep in the eye . "Mei-mei, you don't want to bear the loss, so you're trying to delay the item, aren't you? It's true that you can't earn profit from selling Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance at one million divine crystals . But you agreed to this price . Do you think it's not quite appropriate when you rethink your loss?"

"No, it's not like that," Fu Wei said naturally . "Our business has a contract, but it doesn't regulate the arrival time of Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance . You can't say we've violated the contract . We just need to wait for a period . I only said that you have to wait for it for a little longer . "

Yang Zhuo sighed, talking to Shi Yan, "We have many members who don't have a power Upanishad to enter their right cultivating track . They are all waiting hopefully . They hoped that they could use Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance to find a power Upanishad suitable for them . Three years isn't long, but if we miss one more day, we can't take it back . Especially when they all want to make some progress . . . "

Shi Yan looked at Fu Wei for a while . He suddenly said, "Could you come up with some solutions?"

Fu Wei dropped her arms, talking begrudgingly . "I'm thinking . Give me more time . Before I leave Devil Blood Star, I will tell you . "

Shi Yan's face became darker .

He vaguely felt that Fu Wei was making excuses . She was trying to trouble them . However, he had no way to quarrel with her . He felt a little worried .

When did I offend this woman? Shi Yan asked himself, being skeptical .

Leona looked at Fu Wei . She seemed to have a dark green halo slowly expanding on her body . A magical energy fluctuated uncontrollably . The light around her body disappeared, making her area pitch black .

She instantly sensed the change her anger had called . She hurried to retrieve her power .

An Yun was waiting on the war chariot . Seeing that, her eyes had an unclear halo . She looked at Leona and said, "Ma'am, are you cultivating Dark power Upanishad?"

Leona was baffled .

Shi Yan frowned and couldn't help but look at An Yun . "You know Dark power Upanishad?"

Wu Lan was also astounded, looking at An Yun .

An Yun flew out of the war chariot, landing in front of Shi Yan and Leona . Her face was severe . "I saw a man who cultivated this power Upanishad . It's rare, indeed . Our Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance can't carve it . This isn't some kinds of power Upanishad Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance can contain . "

"You . . . You met someone who used it?" Leona's dark green eyes brightened as she stared at the woman . "Who did you see?"

"That person seems to not be from our Agate Star Area . I don't know where he's from . But he used this power Upanishad . " An Yun pondered for a while, "He has a brother . That man also has a special power Upanishad, which could erode everything . "

Fei Lan was numb .

"Our Potion and Tool Pavilion always collects special powers Upanishads to carve in our Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance . Since their powers Upanishad are peculiar, we used to try to carve them in the source, but we failed . " An Yun explained as she thought that it wasn't something she could conceal .

Leona and Fei Lan were stimulated . They shouted in unison, "Where are they?"

Leona's father and Fei Lan's man used to be inexplicably mighty in Raging Flame Star Area . They cultivated Dark power and Corrosion power respectively . Many years ago, they disappeared mysteriously . No one had seen them ever since .

The star map led to Agate Star Area . The two of them knew the direction . Leona and Fei Lan used to think that they had entered Agate Star Area . However, since it was a vast star area, they didn't know where to find them .

Listening to An Yun, they were moved to tears . An Yun could see their emotions . She thought and exchanged looks with Fu Wei . Fu Wei nodded, her eyes smiling weakly .

An Yun knew what to do . Her face changed immediately . She said arrogantly . "Besides cultivating materials, our Potion and Tool Pavilion does sell intelligence . This information is precious anyway . I think it's not realistic . . . to tell you for free, right?

Leona and Fei Lan were stiff . They couldn't help but look at Shi Yan, their eyes begging .

Shi Yan nodded and said to An Yun and Fu Wei, "How many divine crystals are needed for that information?"

"Ten million," Fu Wei considered for a while and then said indifferently .

Everybody discolored . Wu Lan couldn't hold it anymore, hissing . "Fu Wei mei-mei, do you think you've gone too far? What kind of information is worth ten million divine crystals?"

Fu Wei didn't change her face . She didn't look at the woman but explained to Shi Yan . "The most expensive intelligence was sold at one hundred million . This one needs only ten million . I deem it appropriate . Do you want it or not?"

Leona and Fei Lan didn't say much . They just looked at Shi Yan with begging eyes . This was the first time they asked Shi Yan for something .

Leona's father and Fei Lan's man were the overlords of the Dark Sky that year . Since they cultivated Dark power Upanishad and Corrosion Upanishad, they were somehow related to Shi Yan . Whichever the purpose was, he needed to know their general direction .

Shi Yan took a deep breath . He was about to agree with that price .

Right at this moment, Fu Wei smiled tenderly . "Of course, we can exchange intelligence . You have the information I want . We can exchange . "

Shi Yan was astounded .

Fu Wei spoke to Wu Lan, making an excuse . "I want to talk to him in private . "

"Talking in private again?" Wu Lan was surprised, talking instinctively . "You trouble them on purpose just to have a chance to talk to him in private? You . . . aren't you being too obvious?"

Fu Wei blushed like she got pink clouds on her cheeks . She glanced at the woman and then said to Shi Yan, "We need to talk . "

"Shi Yan!" Fei Lan called, "I also want to hear!" Leona agreed with her .

"Okay," Shi Yan nodded, "seems like I can't talk to you alone . Would you mind?"

"No problem," Fu Wei also exhaled in relief discreetly . She felt a bit excited . She was happy as she found Shi Yan's weakness . She spoke to An Yun and then left with Shi Yan's team to the palace they were staying .