Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1611

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Chapter 1611: 1611

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Chapter 1611: Strange Ideas Recently…

Sefiro stepped out. “Is Lady Tung alright?”

The others also looked at the pearl of the grassland in amazement.

A mild smile flashed across Ranmil’s fair face, and she nodded to the crowd. “She’s fine now.”

“Princess Ranmil really is unparalleled in the world!”

“Didn’t Feng Wu say that Lady Tung was in great danger and would die without immediate treatment?”

“But as soon as Princess Ranmil got to work, she was cured. She didn’t need to take any medicine.”

“That means that Princess Ranmil is a much better doctor than Feng Wu!”

“Feng Wu saved Her Majesty the empress dowager a few times before, so I was impressed. Now it seems that she’s nothing compared with the princess.”

“Let’s see how proud she can be from now on.”

Of the noble ladies who came here this time, Empress Dugu and the empress dowager were the most influential ones. And they had already expressed their preferences.

They didn’t like Feng Wu. They really didn’t…

So, even if the noble ladies were genuinely impressed by Feng Wu, they would still trash her when needed, for the sake of staying “correct.”

Ranmil promptly left after that, taking all the praise with her.

Poor Feng Wu; she was trashed for nothing.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

“That came out of nowhere. I pity you.” Little Phoenix laughed at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu threw a dirty look at it. “This would never have happened if you hadn’t pulled me out of bed early this morning to find Jun Linyuan!”

Little Phoenix smirked. “As long as they still want you dead, trouble like this will keep coming. You can’t just avoid it as you like.”

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes.

Actually, she agreed with Little Phoenix.

“That was indeed a clever trap planned by Sefiro. If she really wants to set me up, there will always be another opportunity.”

Little Phoenix asked, “Are you sure it’s only Sefiro?”

Feng Wu said, “Lady Tung is definitely her accomplice. I don’t know what Sefiro gave her to persuade her to take part in something so dangerous.”

Little Phoenix smirked. “Are you sure they’re the only two?”

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Feng Wu’s eyes flickered. “What do you mean?”

Little Phoenix snorted. “Aren’t you supposed to be very clever? Don’t you know that the ones to benefit most are usually the most likely suspects?”

Feng Wu said, “So —”

Little Phoenix snorted but didn’t say anything else.

After all, its young master was still too kind and was used to seeing the best in someone. She forgot that to achieve a certain purpose, people could make plans over a very long period of time.

“Is it that bad?” Feng Wu glanced at Little Phoenix. “To be honest, this Princess Ranmil strikes me as someone who’s kind, pure, smart, and capable…”

“So, you don’t trust my instincts, then?” Little Phoenix felt humiliated!

It used to ignore beast kings who prostrated at its feet, but this girl… Wait, beast kings?

Little Phoenix patted its own head. It was still too weak to even follow a beast king around. Where did that image of beast kings kneeling around it come from? It had been having quite a lot of strange ideas recently.

At that thought, Little Phoenix patted its own head and felt perplexed.

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