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Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Procaine


He wanted to stay and see what she was up to .

How is she going to repair a broken tendon?

Bai Zhi looked at Hu Feng and released a deep sigh . She was left with no other choice . Hu Feng, this guy, was very hard to persuade .

And now that they are all together, even if she wanted to hide something, she’s afraid that it is no longer possible . Since she can’t do anything about it, its better to be calm .

“Well, you can stay, but during the process of treatment, you are not allowed to interrupt me . No matter what you see, you have to stay silent, okay?”

Hu Feng sat down in the chair and didn’t look at her . He said indiscriminately: “I’m staying, but also want some peace . What do you think I want to do?”

Want to do? Doesn’t he want to see her medical skills to make sure if she can cure his amnesia? Does he think she can’t read his heart?

But of course, she didn’t say those things: “That’s good then . ” Bai Zhi went to the table and picked up her cloth bag . Then, went close to Meng Nan and said: “Meng Dage, today, I will treat your hand . I hope you can keep this event confidential . I don’t want to be famous for having outstanding medical skills . I just want to live an ordinary life . I am not a doctor, I’m just an ordinary person that knows some medicine . Do you understand?”

Meng Nan smiled and said: “The words up front are not particularly clear, but I understand the meaning behind it . You don’t want to be famous for having outstanding medical skills . Because you only want to live leisurely and without struggles, right?”

Bai Zhi nodded her head: “Yes, that’s what I mean . I don’t want to be branded a divine medical doctor . I don’t want to become the center of attention . I just want to live quietly with my niang . ”

Meng Nan has some doubts . The girl in front of him was not even 13 years old yet, aren’t girls in this age wanted to be the focus of attention? Doesn’t she think that would be exciting? Why her mindset was so different? As if she had already experienced the life of being famous and now got already bored with it .

However, how Meng Nan will never have a  chance to know that in the modern time, Bai Zhi is the top doctor in the Star Hospital . The patient waiting in line to get a schedule for her surgery needs to wait for at least 3 months . She was almost in the hospital 24 hours a day . Most of her working hours were spent in front of the operating table . She even has a record of not returning at home for three months .

Other people choose to go outside and travel . They want their eyes to see different scenery of the world . While her, she only choose to sleep and travel the world in her dreams, which result in this accident .

Her soul traveled in this world . In this life, she wanted to start anew, she doesn’t want to tire herself .

Meng Nan solemnly nodded his head: “I promise you . ”

Bai Zhi smiled, and when she smiled her eyes looked so dazzling . Meng Nan was fascinated .

“I believe in you . ” Bai Zhi said, then added: “Lie down now your bed and get ready . ”

Meng Nan suddenly got a little nervous . He just lies down, but sat up again: “Will it hurt?”

Bai Zhi looked at him and said: “Did you feel in pain when the tiger bites you? Did you got scared?”

Meng Nan shook his head: “I don’t remember . I don’t know where my courage came from at that time . I don’t remember if it hurts . ”

Bai Zhi took out the procaine on her bag, a small glass bottle with transparent liquid . She held it and shook it in front of Meng Nan: “With this, it won’t hurt . ”


* Procaine – a local anesthetic drug .

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