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Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Secrets


Meng Nan waved his hand: “This matter has no connection me . I can’t manage this . Let them go to Gu Daren . ” He was only a small government official, although he was in charge now, he shouldn’t exceed his original control . The matter regarding refugees was so big, he has no power or rights to manage it .


On the way back to the Huangtou Village, the more Hu Feng think about it, the more he felt wronged . In anger, he suddenly stopped the horse and went down the carriage .

Bai Zhi was leaning on the carriage without care when suddenly, the carriage stopped . She was not prepared at all, due to force, her body flew forward and slammed on the wall . Bai Zhi felt like she could see the stars, as the blood poured down from her nose .

When Hu Feng came in, he was shocked to see Bai Zhi’s nose was bleeding . The anger in his heart disappeared without a trace . He then hurriedly grabbed the handkerchief in her hand and helped her plug her nostrils .

Bai Zhi looked up and squinted her eyes at him: “Hey, look at how you drive? Why did you suddenly stop? If this happened again, I’ll definitely be killed by you . ”

Seeing her shouting in anger, it seemed like her condition is not bad . Hu Feng secretly felt relieved inside his heart . Bu then, he remembered his purpose of stopping the carriage . Hu Feng’s face sank and said: “You said that you will help me cure my amnesia . Is that true or a lie?”

Bai Zhi’s eyes rolled, then said with a bad tone: “Do you think I’m lying to you? When did I ever fool you?”

Hu Feng pointed his finger to the cloth bad and said: “You have so many medicines in there to save lives, why you didn’t use them to me? You’ve only met Meng Nan for a few days, but your willing to use them to him . Why can’t you use them for me?”

When Hu Feng said those words, his heart was full of sour .

It’s just a pity, Bai Zhi didn’t sense it . Well, Hu Feng himself didn’t realize that there was a trace of sourness in his words .

Bai Zhi said: “I’ll tell you two important things . First, to your illness, these things are useless . Secondly, I just got these things . If I had this earlier, do you think me and my Niang need to eat so many suffering?”

So that was the case, she just got these things . Well, she’s always doing things right under his eyes . So, where did she get all these things?

Without waiting for him to ask, Bai Zhi initiated: “You better not ask me another question . I will not answer you even if you ask nicely . Who in this world doesn’t have a secret or two? I don’t want to say anything about it, so it’s useless for you to ask . ”

Hu Feng closed his mouth . Since she refused to say it, asking more about it is useless . But then, he will wait for the day she herself is willing to say it .

Hu Feng didn’t say another word, he turned around and leave, then continued driving .


When Mrs . Liu came back from the outside, she saw Old Lady Bai was sitting in the courtyard while massaging her legs . In these past few days, she almost went outside every day to dig wild vegetables . Her old arms and legs have been idled for many years, so now they got overwhelmed by work .

Mrs . Liu went close to the old lady and said: “Niang, did you know, Bai Zhi and Zhao Lan starting to build their house . ”

Old Lady Bai immediately stopped massaging her leg, then looked up at Mrs . Liu: “Starting to build? Isn’t it too early? Which foreman did they talk too?”

Mrs . Liu shook her head, but then her eyes flashed with anger: “I just went to look . They are not people in our village . They are all foreigners . There is quite a few numbers of them . I think there were a dozen or more people . They brought bricks with them . That dead girl bought so many bricks, she must be planning to build a big house . She must have asked those people in the town to build her a house . ”

Old Lady Bai was so shocked that she stood up immediately in her chair: “What? She wants to build a brick house? And she also hired a dozen or more people?”

Mrs . Liu nodded her head: “Their lot is not big, but they bought a lot of bricks . For sure, they are planning to build a brick house . ”


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