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Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Will take the house as compensation


Doctor Lu handed the IOU letter to the Officer and said: “The words can be forged, but how can you forge this fingerprint? Besides, when she pressed her fingerprint, the villagers who saw it are more than two or three people . Everyone can testify for me . ”

The Officer looked at IOU letter and waved his hand towards the old lady: “Come here . ”

Old Lady Bai was very worried inside her heart . She didn’t dare to come closer, she just stood in the same place .

Seeing this, the middle-aged Officer stepped forward and grabbed the old lady’s hand, then pressed and compared her fingerprint .

The result of this comparison was naturally clear and undeniable .

The middle-aged Officer quickly pushed the old lady’s hand and shouted: “What else do you have to say?”

Old Lady Bai shook her head . She kept shaking her head while saying: “Impossible, this is impossible! This letter is clearly torn by me, I tear it into pieces!”

Doctor Lu sneered: “What is impossible? Do you think you can just forget about your debt?”

Old Lady Bai’s heart was filled with anger, she couldn’t afford to lose . This old man, Lu Zhangchun, has been playing with her . The IOU letter he took out last time turned out to be a fake . She was so happy for days, believing that he could no longer take out evidence and could only give up the issue .

The middle-aged Officer angrily said: “Do you still have the law in your eyes?”

With a *plop* sound, Old Lady Bai knelt in front of the Officer and said: “I do, Of course, I do . I am very old now, I got a little confused . Please don’t arrest me, I will pay him back, I will definitely pay back this debt . ”

The Officer swept his eyes at Doctor Lu and gave him a meaningful look .

Doctor Lu nodded his head and said: “Then, I will give her another chance . ”

The middle-aged Officer then turned his head to look at Old Lady Bai and Mrs . Liu, who was kneeling on the ground . Then, said: “I will give you another 3 days, if after 3 days you didn’t return the 6 silver coins you owed to Lu Dafu, I will take your house as compensation to your debt . ”

What? Will take our house as compensation?

Old Lady Bai almost faint, she didn’t even notice when Doctor Lu and the two officers left .

“Niang, what are we going to do? They want to take our house as payment of our debt . If they really take our house, then where are we going to live?” Mrs, Liu was completely in panicked . The two Officers doesn’t look only joking .

Mrs . Zhang’s face also sank . The Bai family’s life was not so good, but at least they have a place to live . They haven’t died from starvation . If their house was taken away, what should they do?

Mrs . Zhang’s eyes fell to the red ribbon on the old lady’s neck . Bai Erzhu told her that there was a piece of jade hanging on it . It was found in a wooden frame that Bai Sanzhu bought in a second-hand shop when he was still alive . After he died, the old lady took the frame and brought it to the main house . That jade pendant must be hidden by the former owner of the wooden frame .

According to this old lady’s character, this piece of jade will be pass as an heirloom to Bai Dazhu’s family sooner or later . She doesn’t think about the Bai Erzhu’s family at all .

Since our family has nothing to do with this jade, it’s better to— —-

Mrs . Zhang made up her mind and went close to the old lady, then said: “Our house is so big if you added the lot, how can it only cost 6 silver coins?”

Mrs . Liu replied: “What nonsense are you talking about? Such a big house will definitely not only cost 6 silver coins . ”

Mrs . Zhang said: “So, let’s just pay back the debt . Otherwise, we will lose our house, and then our family can only beg for foods . ”


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