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Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Selling the jade


They will not just beg for foods, but also sleep in the wild .

Mrs . Liu swept her eyes towards the old lady and asked in a muttering tone: “But, do our family have 6 silver coins?”

Old Lady Bai looked at Mrs . Liu and said with a bad tone: “Do I look like someone who has 6 silver coins right now?”

Inside her heart, Old Lady Bai doesn’t know how many times she cursed Doctor Lu . She clearly said that she will only return 4 silver coins to him . But now, it became 6 silver coins . Seriously, since when did their Bai Family lose money as fast as a gust of wind?

Mrs . Liu’s eyes reddened, but she no longer opens her mouth . She was starving every day . And now their house will become someone else’s home . How will they live day by day? How will they survive?

Old Lady Bai opened her mouth and said with full of hate: “This is all that dead girl’s fault . Why she didn’t just die? Why did she have to survive? Since she came back to life, we suffered so many hardships . This is all her fault . ”

First, she took out 2 silver coins to treat that bitch Zhao Lan . Later on, she was forced to agree to write an IOU letter . Not only that, because their things were smashed by the people in Baiyang Village and they were beaten by government officials . And now, their house will be taken away . These things all happened because of her .

Mrs . Liu cried and yelled: “That dead girl, it’s best not to let herself fall into my hands . Otherwise, she will see how I’m going to kill her . ”

These two women, even up until now, they blamed other people for their shortcomings . They never think that it was all because of their own actions, that’s why their family faced many troubles .

“Now is not the time to say these things, we should think of a way, how to get through this difficulty . ” Mrs . Zhang sighed inside her heart, she was feeling helpless .

Mrs . Liu asked: “Think of a way? With that 6 silver coins, we can find someone to marry my son . But now, where are we going to get so much money?”

Mrs . Zhang swept her eyes towards the old lady, then said with a smile: “I heard from Erzhu, that you found a jade pendant before at home . I think it’s better to sell it to get some silver coins . With that, not only we can pay the debt, but we can also buy rice . Look at our family, we only eat wild vegetables everyday, sooner or later your cheeks will become hollow . ”

Mrs . Liu’s eyes lit up and immediately thought of the quality of the jade . That jade pendant’s quality is good . It was definitely worth a lot of money .

Old Lady Bai pressed tightly her hand on the jade pendant hidden under her clothes . This piece of jade is really good . It always cool down her body, it never gets warm . It was definitely a fine quality of jade . She had never seen such a good thing before, so how can she let it go?

“No, no, it’s mine, no one can’t take it . ” Old Lady Bai turned her back and pressed her right hand tightly against her chest .

Mrs . Zhang opened her mouth and said: “Mother-in-law, then just let those people take away our house . Keep wearing that jade pendant of yours while we beg for foods and sleep in the wilds . Let’s see how long can you keep that jade . ”

Who knows how many robbers are outside? No need to mention the jade, because they even robbed a copper coin .

Seeing Old Lady Bai’s tight face slightly loose, Mrs . Zhang continued to say: “I heard there are a lot of refugees from the south that come to our place . With their home and land all gone, what else can’t they do?”

Mrs . Liu also opened her mouth and gave follow-up words: “Yes, if we lose our house, what is our difference to all those refugees? At that time, we can’t guarantee that they will only rob this piece of jade, they might also rob our clothes . ”

Old Lady Bai is not stupid . Although she knew that her two daughter-in-laws were just scaring her, its not completely a lie . If their house is gone, anything can happen .

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