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Published at 26th of March 2020 10:19:53 AM

Chapter 487

Bai Zhi drove the carriage out of the medical camp . When she passed by the kitchen camp, Zhu Si, who was busy with his work, saw Bai Zhi sitting in front of the carriage . Zhu Si’s face changed and immediately pulled Hu Feng then pointed his finger towards Bai Zhi: “Look at that boy, he looks so much like Bai Zhi . ”

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Hu Feng gave Zhu Si a bad look and coldly said: “You know that he is a boy? Where does she resemble him? I don’t think they look the same . Just get back to work!”

When Zhu Si was scolded, he scratched his head in confusion: What’s wrong with this guy? Did he eat gunpowder in the morning?

Hu Feng took a glance at the carriage again . His frowned eyebrows knitted even more . Marshal Wang Jinghai will arrive in 2 days . In these 3 years, did he changed?

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He and Wang Jinghai were not familiar . At that time, when he entered the battlefield at the age of 13 . He served as a vice general under Wang Jinghai . Wang Jinghai was a very strict old man . Under him, he never felt that he was an imperial prince . He felt like he was not any different from the ordinary soldier .

Later on, he gradually understood his intentions and respected him, but he was still not close to him . He was a marshal, he only gave orders . As his vice general, it was his responsibility to execute his orders . Their relationship has always been between the superiors and subordinates .


Years passed by, when he turned 15 years old, he had been killing their enemies for two years straight, so he had established his own prestige in the army . At that time, when the Xiye Army invaded and the war broke out . To boost the morale of the soldiers, Marshal Wang dragged his sick body and fought with the generals to kill the enemy .

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In the end, because he was old and seriously ill at that time, he couldn’t persist for too long . When he retreated, he fell off his horse . At that time, there was an enemy general nearby .

It was him, Chu Yan, who rushed to save him and cut the enemy general under his sword . He also suffered at that time, that’s why he had a sword scar on his back .

But even though he saved Marshal Wang’s life, he still didn’t say a word of gratitude to him, nor did he get close to him because of this .

He didn’t understand why the relationship between people was so complicated and elusive .

Later, when Marshal Wang returned to the capital . He became in-charged of all his 150,000 troops at the northwestern border . He was promoted from vice general to general . All the soldiers were satisfied with him, and so his reputation became much higher than Marshal Wang .

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Looking at the respect and admiration of the vice generals and soldiers to him, he gradually realized the reason why Marshal Wang was so strict with him . He hoped that he could stand firm in the army and get the real support of the soldiers . In this way, his future path in the army will be easier .

Since then, he had never seen Marshal Wang again, nor heard if he get better .


After Bai Zhi and Duan Cheng left the military camp, they went straight to the forest that Hu Feng mentioned . The 12 hours effect of the medicine now passed by, so she was wondering if Zhou Gang and Fu Zheng had woke up .

When the carriage could no longer enter the forest, Bai Zhi tied the horse to the nearby tree .

When Duan Cheng saw Bai Zhi carried his cloth bag on his body, he couldn’t help but laugh: “Don’t you find it heavy? Who do you think will steal your things in the middle of nowhere?”

Bai Zhi smiled and answered: “All the things here are important . I cannot let it leave my body . ”

Duan Cheng shrugged his shoulders, took a few steps forward, looked around, and then said to Bai Zhi: “It’s going to be winter soon, so the leaves on the tree have all fallen out . Where can we find herbs in here?”

Bai Zhi replied: “There are many types of herbs . Some like to grow in spring, some like to grow in summer, and so of course, some also like to grow in autumn and winter . ”

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