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Chapter 734: 734

Chapter 734: Diabetes (5)

Meng Nan stayed in front of his mother’s bed . When it was about daybreak, he fell asleep on the edge of the bed .

When Mrs . Meng woke up, she felt her mouth dry and her stomach was empty . She felt very hungry .

She opened her mouth, but she couldn’t make a sound . So she sat up on the edge of the bed . She felt her surroundings were circling and there seemed to be countless stars circling on her head . It took her a long time to recover .

When her surroundings became clear, she saw her son lying at the bedside . She felt relieved . Her son still cares about her .

It’s so cold, why did he fall asleep without a thick robe? Glancing into the room, Jin Shiwei was sleeping in the corner of the room, and her two maidservants were asleep at the table .

Did they guard her all night?

The maidservant guarding at night woke up immediately when she heard a little movement . Seeing their madam sitting, looking lovingly at her sleeping son, she called out happily: “Madam is awake, Madam is awake!”

How can she not be excited? Their madam has been sleeping in a drowsy manner for several days and has never been sober again . So naturally, she was overjoyed .

With the maidservant’s cry, Meng Nan, who was sleeping on the edge of the bed, immediately sat up . Then looked up and met his mother’s eyes . Those eyes were no longer the same as before, and she doesn’t look confused like before: “Mother, do you recognize me?”

Madam Meng laughed and said: “You silly boy, what are you talking about? How can your mother not recognize you?”

Meng Nan’s eyes turned red immediately . His nose was sour . His mother seemed to remember nothing . She didn’t remember the nonsense she had said, and that she had gone crazy .

“Mother, it’s fine as long as you woke up . It’s fine as long as you woke up!” He slightly raised his head to push back his tears .

The maidservant brought Madam Meng a hot tea and fed a half .

Madam Meng said: “I’m so hungry, you get me some food . I want to eat sweet-scented osmanthus cakes . I bought some before . I haven’t eaten them yet, right?”

What she said before, it was half a month ago . So even though the cake was still there, they didn’t dare to give it to her .

Meng Nan remembered Bai Zhi’s instructions and hurriedly took out the porcelain bottle and poured out a pill: “Mother, you must take your medicine before you eat . ”

Seeing that her son was so careful, Madam Meng couldn’t help but swallowed the pill with a smile . She didn’t feel bitter, she felt sweet in her heart .

After eating, she asked what medicine it was: “What medicine did you give me?”

Meng Nan said: “I heard that Zhier said it was a sugar-lowering pill . I don’t know what it is, but this medicine is very effective . You took two pills last night and you woke up today . ”

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Madam Meng frowned . Zhi’er? Isn’t that the mountain village girl Meng Nan sending a letter in Qingyuan?

“Who is Zhi’er you’re talking about?” Madam Meng’s face immediately sank and she felt her chest was heavy .

Knowing that he couldn’t hide it from her, Meng Nan simply said: “It’s Bai Zhi . She has come to the capital . She is the one who treated your disease . ”

Madam Meng, who was in a good mood, immediately fell into the abyss . She pushed Meng Nan away in front of her and said angrily: “Why did I get sick? Others may not know, but you don’t know? Why did you bring her here? Is it because I am not sick enough?”

Meng Nan became anxious . He was afraid that something might happen again if she got too angry . So he busily persuaded her: “Mother, don’t think about it . Zhi’er is simply treating your disease, and nothing else . She came because I begged her . You shouldn’t be like this . ”

Madam Meng’s eyes turned red when she heard him say this: “What do you mean by this? I shouldn’t be like this? Could it be you want me to give her a face? And smile at her?”

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