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Chapter 736: 736

Chapter 736: Diabetes (7)

Holding her son’s hand, Madam Meng finally found some sense of security in her heart . She was about to say a few words, when another maidservant’s voice sounded from outside: “Madam, gongzi, Imperial Doctor Zhang from the Imperial Hospital is here . ”

Meng Nan smiled secretly . This doctor came very fast . He came just right after dawn, meaning to say, he went out before dawn .

“Come in, please!” Meng Nan responded loudly .

After a while, there was a rush of footsteps outside, followed by the sound of snow shaking at the door . It seemed that the snow hadn’t stopped .

When the noise of the snow was gone, the closed door was pushed open, and then Imperial Doctor Zhang immediately stepped in, bringing a gust of cold wind into the room .

Meng Nan hurriedly pulled up the quilt for his mother . After the door was closed again, when the cold wind disappeared, he put down the quilt .

Seeing her son so nervous about her body, the anger in Madam Meng’s heart dissipated again at this time .

Imperial Doctor Zhang hurried walked close to the bed and saw Madam Meng sitting . Her complexion was much better than when he saw her yesterday, and there was no confusion in her eyes: “How does Madam feel?”

Imperial Doctor Zhang suppressed all the shock and excitement in his heart . After years of treatment, treating patients with this kind of disease, he finally found a way to cure them .

Madam Meng lightly smiled: “Except for feeling a bit dizzy, and lack of strength, I feel fine . ”

Imperial Doctor Zhang stepped forward to check her pulse . Her pulse’s condition was much smoother than last night . It looked no different from a patient with colds . She was cured in just one night?

Imperial Doctor Zhang asked Meng Nan, “Is Miss Bai still here?”

Meng Nan nodded: “She concocted medicine until late at night and rest . She should still be sleeping . ”

Imperial Doctor Zhang’s face was filled with uncontrollable excitement, “Miss Baireally deserves her reputation . This unknown treatment can be formulated overnight . I have to ask her for advice . ” Not only for advice but also ask her to home with him and check the condition of his brother, who has been in bed for so many years . Maybe there will be a sudden turn of events .

Even after hearing Imperial Doctor Zhang’s words, Madam Meng still doesn’t believe in Bai Zhi’s medical skills . She, a 13-year-old girl, can really cure a disease that even the imperial doctors can’t cure? Did his son deliberately asked Imperial Doctor Zhang to act and praise Bai Zhi?

She thought so inside her heart but didn’t say anything . Her son can tear their relationship because of an irrelevant person . Butt what about it? Just wait for her to see that Bai Zhi .

Madam Meng touched her belly . She was really hungry, and so she said to her maidservant: “Why don’t you bring me sweet-scented osmanthus cakes?”

The maidservant looked at Meng Nan with a look of embarrassment .

Meng Nan busily said: “Mother, Bai Zhi said, you can’t eat any sweets from now because of your disease . Otherwise, your disease will attack again . ”

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She can’t eat sweets? Isn’t this killing her?

“Not at all?” Madam Meng frowned and asked .

Meng Nan shook his head: “You can’t eat anything, at least not now . Whatever you will eat, later on, will be decided by Bai Zhi . ”

Madam Meng sighed and said helplessly to the maidservant: “If I can’t eat, then don’t . You go and get me breakfast . ”

The maidservant didn’t rush to go, she said in a low voice: “Madam, you just took the medicine . Miss Bai said you can eat 30 minutes later after taking this medicine . ”

Madam Meng now became even more suspicious . Is this Bai Zhi deliberately treating her like this? She can’t eat sweets, nor she can’t eat at once? Other than this reason, she can’t think of another . How can anyone treat disease by restricting a patient’s sugar intake? And, isn’t it the more the patient eats, the faster they recover?

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