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Godly Level Up - Chapter 1

Published at 4th of September 2019 10:10:27 AM

Chapter 1

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Today is my birthday .

So as to say as a reward for myself, I bought king size bed .

After all I love to sleep .

There is a connection with bedding .

It's my dream to roll around in my bed .

Now then let's sleep .

goro goro (rolling rolling) .

Aa, However .

Tomorrow morning, I still need to go to work .

Because today is my birthday, I took 2 weeks of vacation . . . when will I get vacation next time?

Iyadayo (I don't want it) .

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I don't want to go to the company anymore .

Working from the first train to the last train isn't something humans do .

Why do I who is still 23 years old need to work like a slave in the company .

goro goro .

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 Anyway there's no point in thinking like that .

The more I stay up to not sleep, the harder it will make tomorrow .

Let's sleep quickly .

Fortunately sleeping is my forte .

While turning off the breaker my consciousness dropping .

This is my specialty! . (T/N: wait . . . did he get shock? . . . )

Suya(sleep) . . . .

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When I awoke, the place is forest .

E, no, wait a minute .

O~kay . It's confirmed .

Firstly I'm asleep atop of my newly bought bed .

Fluffy mattress and futon is alive and well .

Pillow and pajama still in one piece .

Still, there's no ceiling . There's no wall .

Instead of that the area itself became a forest .

From the angle of shadow of the leaf, now is morning?

aa, I don't need to go to company!

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tte! It's not that kind of situation .

Umu, what kind of situation is it?

When I think it normally it's impossible . . . .

Aaa, so that's it .

It's a dream! . (T/N: yep . . . he's not shocked . . . his brain already crispy fried)

While thinking like that all the explanation connected .

Because I don't want to go to company, I got this kind of dream .

I see .

Then, let's enjoy the dream for a while .

After all this is a dream . Let's enjoy this time suitably .

Fortunately I, when the clock starts ringing will woke up .

The possibility to oversleeping is . . . well, I don't think there are .

Allright .

It should be going just like I want because this is a dream .

Fly Bed!

Fly while carrying me!

Tte, even if I say it is a dream it will not go that convenience huh . . . so, I though .

The bed that I was lying in, emerged casually .

Awesome .

This dream is awesome .

Lucid Dream, the best!

Let's stay like this and adventure through forest!

And go flying bed .

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