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Godly Stay-Home Dad - Chapter 142

Published at 30th of June 2019 08:49:38 PM

Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Causing Public Indignation

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“No!” Yu Qingqing cried out, stood up and gave Pearson an angry stare, saying, “You should be grateful that you can have a meal for members . How can you push your luck? Boss, leave him alone and just do your own things . You can’t take the spiced goose away!”

Yu Qingqing, who liked meat best, could not accept the spiced goose slipping past her eyes .

“Uh…” Pearson looked at Zhang Han painfully and said, “Boss, can I try a little, just a little . ”

“Boss, in fact… in fact, I also want to have a try . ” Liang Mengqi whispered .

“Boss, ah… I don’t have to eat, but I want to give my dad a piece of goose liver . ” Sun Dongheng said shyly .

He was aware of the value of the goose liver from what Pearson said just now . It was Pearson’s tone that revealed that the goose liver was not inferior to French goose liver and was of best quality .

Sun Dongheng, therefore, wanted his father to have a try . He did not know how long his father could live, so he naturally wanted his father to taste more delicious food .

Zhang Han glanced at the crowd . After seeing their eyes filled with eagerness, he smiled and said, “I’ll leave you a piece of goose liver per person . ”

These members were respectful to Zhang Han, and among them, Sun Ming, Liang Mengqi got along well with Mengmeng . Sun Ming would bring small gifts every time he came, while Liang Mengqi would take each opportunity to play with Mengmeng . So Zhang Han had to show due respect for them .

However, given that there was not much goose liver, Zhang Han gave each of them one piece, which was enough for people like Liang Mengqi to take a few mouthfuls .

“Thank you, boss . ”

“Thank you, boss . ”

They repeatedly thanked Zhang Han .

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But this scene became the envy of the normal eaters on the other side .

Although the price of a membership card was ridiculously high, they could ask the boss for delicacies once they became members . Simultaneously, they unavoidably sighed for the reality that guests unexpectedly begged for food in this restaurant which should have offered service!

If this got out now, it would cause a big stir . It was estimated that countless people would say that the boss of this restaurant was too arrogant .

However… was he arrogant? Looking at the happy faces of those members, it was obvious that they were grateful to the boss from the bottom of their hearts .

As Zhang Han left goose liver for them, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei also came in . Zi Yan still wore a cap and a pair of sunglasses . She smelled the fragrance of the spiced goose after she stepped in .

“Dishes are ready . Ha, ha, brother-in-law is so great! Be quick!” Zhou Fei went upstairs in a hurry .

But when Zi Yan went upstairs and saw Li Anna sitting with Zhang Li, she became a little confused and hostile .

“Who’s this woman?”

Li Anna’s smile towards Zhang Han made Zi Yan very uncomfortable, so she said distantly, “Who’s she?”

Only then did Zhang Li take back her eyes from the spiced goose . After hearing Zi Yan’s words, she answered with a smile, “Sister-in-law, let me introduce her . This is my best friend, Li Anna . Anna, this is my beautiful sister-in-law . ”

“Er…” Li Anna quickly stood up and walked to the front of Zi Yan . She smiled, reaching out her hand . She did not know her name and did not want to call her sister-in-law, so she said directly, “Hello . ”

“Well, hello . ” Zi Yan smiled . After shaking hands with her, she took off her cap and sunglasses directly .

“Huh?” Li Anna froze when she saw Zi Yan’s delicate cheeks . She had not expected Mengmeng’s mother to be really good-looking . However, the more she looked at Zi Yan, the more familiar she was with her as if she had seen her somewhere . At last, she remembered that she had seen the news by chance in the past two days . She opened her mouth and said in surprise, “Zi Yan? Are you Zi Yan?”

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“Uh-huh, yeah, my MaMa’s name is Zi Yan . She is the most beautiful woman . ” Sitting on the sofa, Mengmeng swung her legs and arms back and forth and her big limpid eyes were full of seriousness .

“She’s indeed beautiful . ” Li Anna pursed the lips and said with a mixture of feelings . “I’ve wondered who gave birth to such a beautiful and lovely baby . It turns out to be Zi Yan so that I can understand . Hello, Sister Zi Yan . ”

Although her words were polite, Li Anna was somewhat disappointed, not only because of Zi Yan’s goodliness but also because she knew that there was no way for her to be with Zhang Han .

She was a fair beauty, but she was not a patch on Zi Yan in terms of appearance .

“Anna, come on and sit down . Just make yourself at home . ” Zi Yan said with a smile . She acted gently and spoke like the hostess here .

Even Li Anna felt that she and Zhang Han were devoted to each other and were openly affectionate .

In normal times, Zhou Fei might make some funny remarks, but her eyes had fallen into the spiced goose now .

“Sister Zi Yan, please sit down . Brother Zhang Han treats me very well . I’m not stiff at all here . ” Li Anna said with a grin after sitting down .

“Really? He’s a nice person, otherwise, we will not live together . ” Zi Yan said with a smile . The instance she said this, other people froze . Then Zhang Li and Zhou Fei glanced at each other, both finding smiles in each other’s eyes . Zi Yan was adopting a declaration of ownership, which meant she and Zhang Han might become closer!

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei sincerely hoped that they could be together, but Zhang Li was relatively worried . His brother had had girlfriends in the past and was not a rookie in love . Why didn’t he take action confronted with Zi Yan? She was so anxious!

After Zi Yan sat down, she glanced at Zhang Han with beautiful eyes and said, “Sit down, please . You’ve been busy for so long . Let’s start to eat . ”

Zhang Han gave Zi Yan a look with a smile . After he sat down, all the people began to eat . Then praise was heard from time to time on the second floor .

Zhang Han left the people downstairs one and a half large geese which were cut into pieces except wings and legs . Zhang Han cut both swiftly and accurately, easily cutting the three large geese into pieces . Each piece was neither too big nor too small and made people drool .

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Because the lion-head goose was not small in size, so only one spiced goose was enough for them . Zhang Han especially took wings and legs from another goose and left other parts to Mengmeng, but he also left Liang Mengqi and other members a whole goose with wings and legs .

After Liang Mengqi and others all took their own dishes and sat at the table, Pearson first took a bite of the spiced goose and he suddenly became intoxicated .

“Ouch, ouch, ouch…” Pearson looked serious . When he finished eating a mouthful of goose, he could not resist claiming his own evaluation,

“Oh my god, this goose meat is the best food I’ve ever eaten . It not only is in extremely high quality but also has a perfect combination of color, aroma, taste, and appearance . Although the goose’s size is so big, it doesn’t contain much fat . Its skin is soft and tender and its meat is both chewy and tender, fat but not greasy . Good meat, good meat! This is simply the best food in the world!”

“Take another bite of goose liver!”

Pearson picked up a piece of Brine-soaked goose liver and put it into his mouth . He tasted it with his eyes closed . After finishing eating, his eyes became glassy . He praised,

“It’s tender, soft and smooth and its taste is beyond description . Oh, my god . It’s even comparable to the top royal goose liver . It’s just Louis Vuitton and Prada in goose liver . Unbelievable . ”

“Then try the Pan-Fried goose liver . ”

“Ho! This flavor, oh my god, is even better than the French orthodox goose liver . How can it come from a lion-head goose? How can it be the goose liver of a normally bred goose? It tastes so great and was the most delicious goose liver I’ve ever tasted . ”

After tasting the lion-head goose, Pearson did not continue to eat goose meat but tasted other dishes,

“I can finally eat food here . I only had to look at it a few days ago . Ah, let me try it first . ”

“Why is this, this home-cooked stewed potatoes with beans so delicious?”

“The cucumber is pleasantly scented . This is the king of cucumbers!”

“It’s incredible that the tomato and egg soup, such a common soup, has such a pure fragrance . ”

“And this…”

When Liang Mengqi and others heard Pearson’s professional comments, they did not say anything but enjoyed the dinner while the guests at the ordinary table on the other side were a little stunned .

Their speeds of eating gradually slowed down . They stared at the food over there as Pearson said and two of them even attempted to grab food with eager eyes .

Although they did not know exactly what the taste was, they could not stand the fragrance of the spiced goose .

For food aficionados, the most unbearable thing was that they could not eat delicious food in front of them . Therefore, at that time, they were in a bad mood . After hearing Pearson’s words, a man could not help hitting on the table . He was going to cry seemingly and said sadly,

“Elder brother! Please stop mumbling . What are you doing? We’re getting hungry as we eat . Elder brother, please shut up . ”

As soon as he spoke, several other people reacted and echoed with extreme grief,

“That’s right . Brother agent, please stop saying . Don’t comment anymore . ”

“What you said made my saliva flow into the noodle soup . ”

“It’s too cruel of you to comment like this, which badly affects our moods while eating the egg fried rice . Please stop talking about it, or we’ll find the boss to complain about you!”

Hearing this, Pearson was shocked and he said quickly, “Okay, I know . I’m sorry . I’ll stop . ”

He did not dare to let these people complain about him . He took some effort to enjoy the delicious food in this restaurant . If he lost his qualification due to his comments, he would be very depressed!


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