Godly Thief Incarnation - Chapter 111

Published at 3rd of December 2016 03:50:41 AM

Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Getaway (Part 2) 第111章 血路(下) Available at littlenovel . com . Reproduction not permitted .   ”You ……” Howard slowly turned his head . His eyes seemed sluggish . He would like to keep his eyes open to look at the spy attacking them but he only had some hazy field of vision . The blur seemed to be a juvenile, like a shadow rolling in the sky . And in his hand was a short black blade, leaving blood where it passed, just like a poisonous snake .   This was Howard’s last vision . The carotid artery in his throat was cut and his tall body softly fell down .   Who knew…… during this era of peace, yet he could still die in the army, Howard was mocking himself .   Losing his stealth protection, Zhou Jian was completely exposed to the American soldiers’ line of sight . The special forces on the scene are well-trained sharpshooters, but under the confusion of the crowd and the narrow space, their M4 was almost useless .   A special force pulled out a military dagger from his waist, but before he had the time to use it, he just felt like there was something of a black arc in front of him, as if swallowing up the light . Then he felt that he flew, and his body has become increasingly distant in his line of sight . Then softly dropping down ……   The dagger as like a scythe of death . Its speed was approaching the extreme . There was a constant burst of blood . When death struck, a soldier instinctively used the M4 barrel to block it, but he only felt a light pressure, and then incredibly, looked as the M4 automatic rifle broke into two parts . A line of dark red blood appeared from his neck and slanted down to the chest . His vision growing dim . Before he was dead, he reached out to grab but eventually it was all futile ……   —————————–   Zhou Jian was like a Shura . His body was covered with blood . Those of the enemies, and also his own . This time, his mind was extremely dazed . He subconsciously turned over, used the knife, backstabbed, dodged, as if all these movements were instinctive .   His actions were not pretty, not like the ethereal feelings of those the legendary rogue killers of fables . But if you must use one word to describe his actions – it was savage .   Stabbed the heart, cut the throat, slice the abdomen, broke the keel, beheading …… These actions were those that he repeatedly used in “Gods and Demons” . In reality, there was not even anything out of sort with them .   At that moment, he seemed to be facing a “Gods and Demons” monster .   The soldiers in the central chamber were falling down like wheat . A crazy American soldier ran to the far corner . And facing the bloody Zhou Jian and his fellow soldiers, he frenziedly pulled the trigger .   The M4 sparks flashed across his eyes . His target seemed to be gone . His two companions flew out like straws because of his shots .   He was hesitant to stop shooting when he clearly felt the cool dagger cut into his heart . Skill – Blink Strike ……   —————————–   Half a minute later, Zhou Jian was covered in blood while standing in the center of the room, looking at the floor full of blood and dead bodies . He was a little sick, but not feeling nausea to want to vomit . It may have been due to him having previously experienced several killings . Looking at the blood on the scene, he had begun to get used to it . Just that he didn’t realize it .   However, there still a kind of indescribable hostility around his chest, making him feel extremely depressed . This indefinable feeling, seemed to be a voice asking, is this really what I did? If today, he shot out against some vicious people, Zhou Jian may not have such a depressed feeling .   This depressed feeling was not good . Even though at this moment, he knew if it wasn’t your death, then it was his death .   Perhaps today, he had walked out in a new trail . In the coming days, he will be exposed to more and more killing, and his path ahead will be covered with blood .   Thinking of this, his heart was far from loathing . Of course, he was not enjoying it . If you really want to use a word to describe . It was an extremely unreal feeling .   Just like between the skyscrapers of Hong Kong and the quiet little village he used to live in, that same kind of unreal feeling . The easy bustling life of the big city and the bloody killing world similarly also had the same unreal feeling .   Zhou Jian took a deep breath . The air also had faint remnants smell of blood . He looked at his own wounds . Altogether, there are two and both are gunshot wounds but fortunately, not in the vital areas . One is in the lower abdomen that’s left by Howard and there is one in the shoulder that’s left by the soldier’s desperate shot .   His health dropped by a third . Zhou Jian drank a little health potion . Although the health restored by the health potion is few, but it’s better than nothing . Returning to full health still needed to depend on the Ghost Killer self-recovery .   He turned over the Brown’s corpse, the director of the laboratory and felt the door card from his blood-stained white coat . It seemed that he had bad luck and died in under a stray bullet .   The moment he pulled the door card, Zhou Jian found his outstretched hand trembling .   His mouth formed a trace of an ironic smile . Originally, his hands had been shaking ah, not because of fear, but because the tension and excitement being on the brink of life and death . The fact that death may come caused the nerves in his whole body under an extreme state of tension . He was not afraid of knife or daggers, but he feared the guns . If the two shots before it did not hit the nonvitals but hit his heart or head instead, would he still had it good?   Taking a deep breath to calm down his mood, Zhou Jian put away the door card . This time, he realized that there is a living person in the room – Sam .   Since being knocked out by him, Sam had been lying on the ground motionlessly until now . Zhou Jian hesitated at that moment . Was he going to silence him?   Ghost Killer stealth secrets could be discovered by Howard . Zhou Jian’s stealth was not the only card in his hand, but it clearly indicated supernatural ability . Zhou Jian had no way if this secret was revealed out .   Was this old guy faking his faint?   Turning over Sam’s body, Zhou Jian poked open Sam’s eyelids . The pupils do not lie . If he was in a deep coma, his pupil will not have any reaction to the light stimulation . And if someone was pretending, once the eyes opened, the pupil’s circle will sharply narrow because of the light stimulation .   There’s no trace of change in Sam’s pupil . Zhou Jian was relieved . He did not want to do such a choice . He did not like killing innocent people, but if it came to his own safety, he might only have to do it .   He hit the back of Sam’s head again . He did not want this guy to coincidentally wake up when he leave .   Zhou Jian examined the carotid arteries of each corpse one by one . The breath could be held, but the pulse could not be faked . In addition to the unconscious Sam, no one else survived . After that, Zhou Jian head toward the central chamber door and was about to swipe the card under stealth when Zhou Jian thought of something .

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