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Published at 14th of April 2016 08:47:39 PM

Chapter 42

Hotel  Vienna

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He was momentarily in disbelief . The fantasies appeared one by one in his mind, causing many expressions on Zhou Jian’s face . These words, in his opinion, are equivalent to the girl telling him: “I want to sleep with you . ”

Be good during winter (tl: no idea what this mean) . It’s already said that Western girls are open . But this was too open .

During high school time, when Zhou Jian heard about any girl going out for a one night stand, he would snort contemptuously . But today, once he heard what Linda said, he found that he was shamefully hard . In his mind, he couldn’t help but fantasized about Linda’s wild scene, shaking her hot body . Such a spring scene, the temptation was too deadly .

Before, Zhou Jian used to YY himself with beautiful women’s sex scenes . He even fantasized that in a dark and stormy night, a hungry and thirsty beautiful woman would suddenly jump out, and greedily seized him and threw him onto the ground . And then performed it on the spot, forcefully XXOO .

What should I do? Pretend that I don’t know what she wanted to do, and yield to her with a reluctant appearance?

But he remembered that he was still a virgin . Such a precious first time, to so muddleheadedly lost it in a one night stand was probably a little… . .

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Linda saw Zhou Jian’s awkward expression and was very depressed . She ill-humoredly said: “Hello, did you ate expired caviar? There’re many rooms in the Hotel Vienna’s luxury suite . Do you think that I must stay together with you?”

So, it’s like this . Zhou Jian sighed . His own fragile virgin’s heart was unable to withstand this stimulation . Although being together with a beauty in the same room was a good thing, but Zhou Jian didn’t want to sleep at night with his helmet . He had to switch his body, and with Linda around, it wouldn’t be convenient . Furthermore, he was a little hungry . his main body still hadn’t had lunch in the hotel room . He needed to withdraw his consciousness from the Ghost Killer avatar to eat . Although if he ate his meal with his helmet, the Ghost Killer avatar wouldn’t vanish, but would lose the ability to act . And with Linda following so closely behind . He naturally didn’t have the means to do so . He said: “Excuse me . I have a habit of sleepwalking . I think it will be safer if I live alone . ”

“You… . . hum! Little Chinese boy who couldn’t differentiate good from the bad . ” Linda was angered till she stamped her foot . But she immediately looked at Zhou Jian with a strange gaze . “Are you gay?”

“F**k . Your father is gay!” Zhou Jian cursed back immediately . But once the words left, he regretted doing so . He cursed at others and even dragged her parent into it, which was not sincere .

But, Zhou Jian didn’t think Linda would roll her eyes . She said something that hit him like lightning, turning him crisp on the outside and tender on the inside: “I wished he was gay!”

Zhou Jian looked at Linda like he was watching a Martian . Are gay men popular in the US? She didn’t need to curse her own father, right? Or, did he remembered the meaning of the word incorrectly? Zhou Jian blinked for a long time before he coughed and asked: “What’s the meaning of …… . gay in English?”

Linda let out a hum . She didn’t even want to bother with Zhou Jian . She took off her sunglasses and stretched out her arm . And in a sweet crisp voice, called out: “Taxi~~~”

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It’s only after he’d been to the hotel that Zhou Jian understood what was luxury . This luxury suite was named the Blue Diamond Palace, located on the top floor of Hotel Vienna . The suite area was 560 meters squared . Furthermore, outside was an exclusive rooftop swimming pool . Let alone two, if opened up to a party in the suite, there’s still more than enough space to spare .

From the first floor, there’s an exclusive elevator to go directly to the Blue Diamond Palace . In the carefully designed room layout, there’s a romantic rotating round bed . A three meter in diameter large floor type bathtub . A well-equipped gym and office room . Even inside the suite, there’s a beautiful maid… .

This maid had on a very sexy outfit . Zhou Jian had to doubt what was exactly her service content… . . ”

Linda still came along . Although she’d not staying here, but Zhou Jian couldn’t reject her from playing around .

When the maid saw Linda and Zhou Jian coming in, she slightly bent her knees and at the same time with both her hands, lifted the sides of her skirt . Like a standard greeting when meeting the medieval British aristocrats .

“How are you, mister . I’m the full-time maid of the Blue Diamond Palace . If you have any needs, feel free to tell me . Of course, if you don’t want me to disturb your private life, I can go out and wait . ”

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The private life that the maid mentioned was naturally indicating about Zhou Jian and Linda’s life . This made Zhou Jian unsure whether he wanted to laugh or cry . Although with today’s technology, in a luxurious residential, to put the bath water, to bake the bread, to clean the dust could all be done with the intelligent system . But there’s a lot of people with some status who liked to have this done by the person as doing so would give them a superior feeling .

Zhou Jian naturally didn’t need any maid . So, he let the maid to withdrew back . After that, he lied on top of the circle bed . Ah, these rich men could really enjoy .

But Linda had an enormous interest in those fitness equipment . “Hey, Chinese hero . Can you be my master, okay? Teach me some Chinese kung fu . ”

Since she experienced Zhou Jian’s skill, she’s eyeing on Zhou Jian’s “Chinese kung fu” . Linda’s a martial art enthusiast . She’s extremely keen on the martial arts and had begun learning combat skills since she was ten . Now, her leg effort was barely sufficient to show, at least enough to copy with sexual harasser without issue .

Zhou Jian’s “kung fu” had no way to be taught . So, he sprouted out some nonsense: “Our Chinese martial arts needed to pay attention to the bone . Your bone is very general . Even if I want to teach you, you also can’t learn it . ”

“Bone? Are you saying genius (talent)? (tl: it’s a wordplay) You actually said that my talent is not good?” Linda pouted and refused to accept it . “The coaches that I invited all said that I was a rare martial arts genius!”

“Do they have the vision to see? I’m using an expert evaluation to appraise . ” Zhou Jian continued to make up wild stories .

“You didn’t try, how would you know?” Linda discontentedly said .

“I want to go swimming . ” Zhou Jian found an excuse and directly head to the rooftop swimming pool .

Linda followed like a sticky candy . She’s not like those Chinese girls, who because must show to act with restraint, would be more subtle . (tl: this is bs) She would throw everything to the wind and fight for what she wanted .

“Hey, at least you must teach me some to try me out . ”

Zhou Jian pulled out a swimming trunk from the wardrobe next to the pool . Certainly, to use the hotel’s swimming trunk would need to pay money . But, Zhou Jian couldn’t even register this bill in this mind . “Hey . I want to change my swimming trunk . ”

Linda angrily went down the stairs . After five minutes, she came up again and saw Zhou Jian’s clumsy strokes . She couldn’t help but chuckle . “So, you can’t swim . ”

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