Golden Fox with System - Chapter 94

Published at 30th of August 2019 06:00:04 PM

Chapter 94: 94

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The Orphanage Shina used to live in was very close to the southern exit of Ravena, and so they soon arrived in front of it.

The Orphanage was located nearby the commercial area where they were before. It was a lilac mansion on two floors, with a large beautiful garden with green grass and some flower beds. There they could see some Demi-Human children playing in the garden.

{NT: Orphanage Reference}

"Shina!" A little Demi-Human Tiger girl of about ten years old noticed Shina's arrival started running toward her.

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The other kids also heard it and looked towards Shina when they saw her. They immediately broke out into a run, delighted to see her.

Embracing Shina, the little Demi-Human Tiger girl said, "It's great that you came back!" She smiled.

"Mm!" Shina nodded and smiled, hugging the girl back.

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It didn't take long for Shina to be surrounded by children. They were curious to know where she was and why it took so long for her to return.

After she managed to calm them down, Shina introduced to the children: Yuki, Theo, Zaika, Zaira and Little Yui, who were all soon surrounded by the children.

And since they don't usually get many visitors, they were full of curiosity for them, asking all kinds of questions.

They mostly asked about adventures while they lived outside of Ravena since they had never left the city before.

Not seeing Aine and Nanda, Shina asked, "Where are Aine and Nanda? And the older girls?"

Demi-Human Tiger replied, "They went to the market to shop!" She then pointed to the porch of the house, where there was a dark-haired cat-eared Demi-Human lying down sleeping soundly. "You see, Big Sister Kelly, who was taking care of us, is sleeping as usual!" She sighed cutely.

A dark-haired Demi-Human girl with dog ears came in front of Theo, a little shy, she asked, "Uhh… are you the Prince of this book?" She showed a drawing of a young man with long golden hair and golden eyes.

Another 8-year-old Demi-Human wolf-eared boy exclaimed, "Ohh! Is it really him? They both have golden hair and golden eyes!"

Theo smiled, wryly. Even if they have golden hair and eyes, they are not much alike… well, in the eyes of a child, maybe just because they are a bit alike, is enough to make them believe it was really him, and let their imaginations run wild.

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It also caught the attention of the other kids, now looking at Theo with their star-struck eyes. Yeah, they all liked this comic.

Theo didn't know what to do, but he couldn't deny it… because he didn't want to make them sad.

A light-skinned, red-haired little Demi-Human Fox, who was apparently the youngest of children 5 to 6 years old, tugged at Theo's sleeve and with her finger to her mouth, she asked, "Umm… in history you can make candy with magic… can you really make candy that way?"

Smiling slightly, Little Yui coughed, clearing her throat and said, "Ahem! Of course, Daddy can make candy with magic! He always does it for Yui!" Little Yui answered proudly instead of Theo.

"Yes, he really can do it!" Shina smiled, stoking the fires.

Now Theo couldn't escape it anymore, the kids were already convinced that he was the "Prince" of their comic book…

Without much choice, Theo made several chocolate bars appear in his hands. He had bought them with his System.

Smiling kindly at the children, he says, "Okay, line up, I'll give you these sweets."

"Hurray!" The kids were happy and lined up in front of Theo, with lovely, cute smiles on their faces.

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But not only they were in line… Little Yui joined in too. But that's not what really surprised Theo. Even the Lobas sisters, Zaika and Zaira, also queued up…

With great interest, Shina and Yuki also joined the line.

Theo frowned at that, but then shook his head and smiled, not minding to give them chocolate either.

He then gave chocolate to all the children. He also gave some to Shina, Yuki, Zaika and Zaira.

* Conversations ~

Soon Little Yui became very popular with children because she was the daughter of the "Prince."

The dark-haired Demi-Human girl with the dog ear that had the comic book said, "Huh… Yui? Are you a princess? Since you are the Prince's daughter, you must be!"

"I don't know… wait a minute! Yui will ask Daddy!" Little Yui headed toward Theo, who was talking to Yuki, Shina, Zaika and Zaira about their experiences with the Spiritual Sense technique.

Getting close to them, Little Yui asked, "Daddy, Daddy, is Yui a Princess?"

Theo smiled as he said, "Huh? Haha! Of course, you are! You're the cutest and most adorable princess ever!"

"Ohh! Hehee ~" Little Yui put both hands on her rosy cheeks as she grinned, "Daddy, you are also the most handsome Prince of all!" Then she hugged him tight.


Some hours later, sisters, Aine and Nanda returned, along with other Demi-Humans between twelve and fifteen years old. They were surprised and grateful for Shina's return.

"We're glad you're fine, Shina! We were very worried about you!" Nanda, a Demi-Human purple-haired cat, said as she hugged Shina affectionately.

Aine, who was also a Demi-Human cat and Nanda's twin sister, hugged Shina and said, "Welcome back!"

Shina couldn't stand it and shed a few tears and said, "I'm back!"

The other Demi-Humans were excited about Shina's return and also hugged her gently.

And after noting Theo and their presence, they were introduced to Theo, Yuki, Zaika, Zaira and Little Yui.

Nanda, the demi-human cat with short purple hair, asked, "Theo, are you really the Golden Fox who met us back then?"